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Saturday 12 November 2011

Vin Bordelais Ltd – changes logo and phone but has it changed its spots?

Vin Bordelais Ltd: website as of Tuesday 8th November 2011

Compare and contrast:
On Tuesday I posted about the Bordeaux UK trio – the three interlinked companies. Anyone visiting the Vin Bordelais site will find that there have been a few rapid changes: the logo, which was identical to that of Bordeaux UK has gone, and the phone number has changed from 0800-085448 (same as Bordeaux UK Ltd) to 01737-735290. '01737' is the area code for Reigate and Castle Court, 41 London Road, Reigate. This is a Regus serviced office building. 
Despite these cosmetic changes, this is surely a wine investment company to avoid.  

Vin Bordelais Ltd: website as of Saturday 12th November 2011


  1. Jim, so what happens next?
    Do they still get to rip people off, whilst nothing happens.

  2. Anon. An excellent question. One which you could put to the proposed liquidator. Also you and creditors could file reports on the ActionFraud site.

  3. Dear Jim

    that is supposing they use the internet!!!! I understand many of Bordeaux clients have not been told or know how to use the internet, you presume too much