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Friday 3 March 2017

Spirited Ventures Ltd (Montevino Partners): Insolvency Service investigating undeclared creditors

Breaking news: 
Today I have been contacted by Mark Ireson, senior examiner and deputy official receiver for the Public Interest Unit of the Insolvency Service. He is looking into the incomplete list of creditors submitted by Tom White, the sole director, in his Statement of Affairs when Spirited Ventures Ltd (trading as Montevino Partners) went into liquidation on 26th July 2016. 

Mark Ireson is very keen to hear from from any creditor of Spirited Ventures Ltd, who was not listed in White's Statement of Affairs for Spirited Ventures Ltd when it went into liquidation. If you bought wine through Spirited Ventures Ltd trading as Monetvino Partners and didn't receive your wine do get in touch with Mark Ireson.

It is known that there was at least one private investor client (DL), who was  owed £46,362. This debt was well known to Tom White as DL sent White an email on 15th March 2015 detailing the outstanding wines and their cost.

White replied the following day: 

'Tom White Wed 16/03/2016 14:39

To: DL

Hello Mr L

Thank you for your comments, sorry to hear you feel this way, And I assure you not our intention to provide our services this way. Just picked up your email, Please let me look into what has happened and why no progress has been made with your sale request.

Ok understood regarding the deliveries, Let me review the items you are awaiting for and I will provide an update of the landing time frames soon as I can.

Kind regards, Speak soon. Tom'

DL did not hear from White again.  

Please note that Ireson is only looking at Spirited Ventures Ltd at present and not at any wines owed to investors by White's follow on company – Montevino Partners Ltd.        

Mark Ireson can be contacted on 020-7637 6230 or 

If you send an email please put Mark Ireson and Spirited Ventures in the heading.

Two Extracts from Tom White's Statement of Affairs: 26.7.2016

26.7.16: Tom White's director's list of debts owed by Spirited Ventures Ltd:
No private investors listed
26.7.2016: Tom White declares Stock of Wine as 'uncertain'!! 


12 X 75 ltd
investdrinks has received further reports that 12 x 75 Ltd has been cold calling Montevino Partners clients and offering to sell their portfolios. The callers are reported to be pushy and the valuations offered have not impressed.

It is not known how 12 x 75 Ltd acquired contact details of clients of Montevino nor details of the portfolios they hold. 

I suggest anyone contacting Mark Ireson regarding not being listed as a creditor of Spirited Ventures Ltd and who has been cold called should also report these calls from 12 x 75 Ltd. 

My advice to anyone cold called by 12 x 75 Ltd is to put the phone down.