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Monday, 14 May 2012

Nouveau World Wines + Finbow Fine Wines: update on pending trial

 As a result of the hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court on Friday 11th May concerning the directors / staff charged in respect of Finbow and Nouveau World Wine, the case has progressed and the next (preliminary) hearing has been scheduled for 13/07/12 at Southwark Crown Court. It is customary for the initial hearing to be held at a magistrates court with serious cases being transferred to a convenient crown court for trial. Due to the nature of the charges the actual trial is understandably still some way off. 

Southwark Crown Court is by the Thames and is a short walk from London Bridge. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Worldwide Wine Investments Ltd

Message from a concerned client with Worldwide Wine Investments Ltd of Milton Keynes:  

'I was wondering if you have any information on Worldwide Wine Investments Ltd?

I invested £2300 with this company back in November, for a case of en primeur wine, which was due to be delivered to the London City Bond in Spring 2012. I had a phone call from my bank 2 weeks ago asking about the transaction, as the companies account was under investigation by the bank.

I have tried to contact World Wide Wines last Friday and also yesterday with no answer. And today I have spoken to the Offices where they were based (Business Environment, 500 Avebury Boulevard) and they have ceased trading at the office block as of yesterday evening. So it is looking very much like they have done a runner with mine and other peoples money and not delivered the product.

I have spoken to the London City Bond, and they have said they have stock there but not a lot. And obviously don't have any information on the wine I have purchased.

I was just wondering if you could assist with any information and if I stand any chance of getting my money back. Or if there is any chance these people will get caught?'

I suggest that one possibility that concerned clients of Worldwide Wine Investments Ltd should consider is to explore the fraud recovery service offered by Grant Thornton – see here.  In relation to possible wine investment fraud enquiries, you can also telephone James Kehoe at Grant Thornton on 020-7865 2165. The other avenue is to make a complaint to the Companies Investigation branch of the Insolvenecy Service – see here.