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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Eighteen55 Clarets still trading?

I have been contacted by several clients of Eighteen55 Clarets Ltd who have been unable to contact the company. I have had no success either. The company was founded on 23rd June 2008 and is currently registered at 55 Denmark Hill, Camberwell, London SE5 8RS. In its short life proceedings by Companies House to strike off and dissolved the company have been started and suspended twice. Until 29th August 2011 Altaur Rahman was the director. On the 29th he resigned and was replaced by Stephen Paul Bradshaw.  

I would be grateful if Mr Bradshaw would let me know what is the current possition, so that I can inform his concerned clients.

See previous post on this company here.


  1. "Rahman is a Muslim, its against his religion to even sell or deal in wine"

    That's just silly, its like saying that i'm Christian so i shouldn't wear lyrca shorts with cotton thread in when i ride my bike. (

    Seriously, there's nothing like ignorance, bigotry and a perception of monolithic Islam to brighten up my morning. The guy runs a spank shop, that's enough enough to condemn him isn't it? Why do you feel the need to bring his faith into it?

  2. Edited comment from anon – first posted yesterday.

    Anonymous said...
    Altur Rahman more than meets the eye!

    it is obvious that Altur Rahman is the responsible party, you would have to be a complete idiot not to! it is also obvious that who says Stephen Paul Bradshaw actually even exists and its a slight of hand trick by Altur Rahman

    Countrywide Land Holdings The company's orginal director was Altaur Rahman, of 67 Woodham Road, Catford, London SE6 2SB, born April 16 1973. He resigned on June 24 2005. He is still a director of a separate company called Infinite Property Services Limited.

    created: 26-Apr-2008
    last-changed: 27-Apr-2011
    registration-expiration: 26-Apr-2012



    registrant-firstname: Altaur
    registrant-lastname: Rahman
    registrant-street1: 136 Stanstead Road
    registrant-street2: Forest Hill
    registrant-pcode: SE23 1BX
    registrant-city: London
    registrant-ccode: GB
    registrant-phone: +44.7725000688

    admin-c-firstname: Altaur
    admin-c-lastname: Rahman
    admin-c-street1: 136 Stanstead Road
    admin-c-street2: Forest Hill
    admin-c-pcode: SE23 1BX
    admin-c-city: London
    admin-c-ccode: GB
    admin-c-phone: +44.7725000688

    tech-c-firstname: Altaur
    tech-c-lastname: Rahman
    tech-c-street1: 136 Stanstead Road
    tech-c-street2: Forest Hill
    tech-c-pcode: SE23 1BX
    tech-c-city: London
    tech-c-ccode: GB
    tech-c-phone: +44.7725000688

    bill-c-firstname: Altaur
    bill-c-lastname: Rahman
    bill-c-street1: 136 Stanstead Road
    bill-c-street2: Forest Hill
    bill-c-pcode: SE23 1BX
    bill-c-city: London
    bill-c-ccode: GB
    bill-c-phone: +44.7725000688
    19 November 2011 23:44

  3. Anon. You are quite right. It is a popular misconception that all Muslims do not drink alcohol. Many do not but a number of the North African countries produce wine in particular Tunisia and Morocco.

  4. I disagree its in the koran that they are not allowed to drink anything that has been fermented, so......
    the person above in my opinion is an idiot

  5. Anon. I don't claim to be an expert on the Koran but I believe that this passage may be open to a number of interpretations.

    Anyway the important thing is that the company isn't contactable.