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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Finbow Wines: SIFMA warning

I understand that Michael Adams and Frank Benson are continuing to contact previous clients of Finbow Wines and offering them deals to assist them recover money invested in Finbow. Apparently one elderly Finbow investor has been stung for a further £15,000 by people claiming to act for SIFMA.  It is clear that Adams, Benson etc. have full details of Finbow's clients. I understand that SIFMA (The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association) are not involved in any way. 

If contacted by Michael Adams, Frank Benson or anyone else purporting to represent SIFMA do not agree to their proposals, which are likely to involve further payments to recover Finbow monies. Instead report full details to both your local police, informing them that Finbow Wines is under investigation by the Metropolitan Police and also to file a report on Action Fraud (