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Saturday 23 March 2013

Andrew Dunne looking for a Russian bride

My attention has been drawn to an advert featuring Andrew Dunne on the Russian brides match site. Mr Dunne describes himself as a 'very successful 'retired' Personal development and sales trainer. My success came from self discipline, self confidence and self reliance I gained from 25 years as a practicing martial artist'. Clicking on the photo brings up a selection of nine photos of the putative bridegroom.

Assuming that it is the same Andrew Dunne, who was company secretary of Liquid Acquisitions Ltd and was involved with a number of other dubious wine investment companies including Bordeaux UK Ltd, I'm a little surprised that there is no mention here of this aspect of his career. The birth dates don't quite match as records at Companies House show that Andrew Dunne was born on 18th May 1959 whereas on his Russian bride profile he has lost 10 years being born on 18th May 1969. As Mr Dunne is looking for a bride between 18-30, this would assist in making the age difference less marked.   

Details of fraud investigations carried out by the Mirror, some involving Andrew Dunne:

Friday 22 March 2013

Good news: Action Fraud is working

I had a meeting last Friday with a couple of members of the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. They reported on how well Action Fraud is working. They were very pleased with the leads and sometimes unexpected links this new system is now providing.

So it is very important that if you have concerns about your wine investments or about a wine investment company you should submit a complaint through Action Fraud.

Thursday 14 March 2013

Stephen Williams (The Antique Wine Company) – a clarification

I have recently received several messages from worried clients of the Premier Bordeaux Wine Company. One of the sales people at the Premier Bordeaux Wine Company uses the name Stephen Williams, which may well not be his real name. Unfortunately people have wrongly jumped to the conclusion that this Stephen Williams is the Stephen Williams of the long established Antique Wine Company that was founded and has been run by Stephen Williams for best part of 20 years. 

I contacted Stephen Williams at The Antique Wine Company today to alert him to the confusion and am very happy to make it clear that there is no connection between the two Stephen Williams and no connection between the two companies.

Stephen Williams (The Antique Wine Company):

'As you suspected, this is nothing to do with me and I am naturally concerned that our clients and others could wrongly associate me with Premier Bordeaux Wine Company.

For the past twenty years and more, I have run The Antique Wine Company, we are a properly constituted wine merchant supplying fine wine mainly for consumption rather than investment, to satisfied clients in the UK and around the world.' 

investdrinks comments:
I trust that Mr Sypros Constantinos of the Premier Bordeaux Wine Company will immediately advise his saleman to chose another name. Better still would be to put the sales force on gardening leave while the Premier Bordeaux Wine Company ensures that they have sourced all the wine that their clients have purchased.