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Friday 11 November 2011

Blue Chip Fine Wines (Axetrader Ltd) dissolved

Following the news that Bordeaux UK is going into voluntary liquidation, there is news that another wine investment company, Blue Chip Fine Wines (the trading name of Axetrader Ltd) has been dissolved. A first gazette was issued in early August 2011 and the company has now been struck off and dissolved. It  was struck off for non-compliance – failure to file the annual return which was due on 29th April 2011.  Axetrader's director was Dhugal Robertson of Sevenoaks, Kent, who set up Axetrader Ltd was working for European Fine Wines, which is based in Bromley.

I have been contacted by one client of the company, who has been waiting for several months for his wine to be transferred into his account at Locke-King Vaults (part of EHD Bond). Apart from providing secure storage under bond EHD has no connection with Axetrader. At present it not known whether the non-appearance of this customer's wine is an isolated example or whether there are other clients of Blue Chip Fine Wines who have not received their wines. Earlier on this year it took several months to transfer a case of Lafite-Rothschild into a customer's account.     


  1. What do you mean EHD has connection with Axetrader??

  2. Anon. Thank you for pointing out the typo. It should be no connection. Now corrected.