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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Vin Bordelais Ltd – one to avoid

 Bordeaux UK Ltd
Vin Bordelais Ltd (7.11.2011) with logo and identical phone number

Yesterday I asked Ian Vanderhook about Vin Bordelais Ltd and its relationship with Bordeaux UK Ltd. Vanderhook maintains that Vin Bordelais Ltd is a separate company but that he has a 3/4 person office there in Reigate. He said Vin Bordelais Ltd's sole director – Lawrence Douglas Adams – wants to buy Bordeaux UK Ltd. A brief phone call with Lawrence Adams (Douglas Company Services Ltd and sole director of Vin Bordelais Ltd) this morning confirmed that some discussions had taken place.

As already noted in a previous post Vin Bordelais Ltd initially used on its website the logo of Bordeaux UK Ltd and its phone number. The logo has now been removed and the phone number changed on Vin Bordelais' site. investdrinks is also aware that staff who previously worked for Bordeaux UK Ltd are now contacting customers of Bordeaux UK on behalf of Vin Bordelais Ltd.

Anyone contacted by Vin Bordelais Ltd is strongly urged to have nothing to do with this company until it can properly established that it is not a phoenix version of Bordeaux UK Ltd – now in liquidation. 

Furthermore any company claiming that they can assist Bordeaux UK Ltd clients to sort out the mess created by the company going bust should be treated with great suspicion as the affairs of Bordeaux UK Ltd are now in the hands of the liquidator.   

 Vin Bordelais Ltd – amended version 12.11.2011 – logo removed and phone number changed


  1. it appears 1855 claret are not answering there telephones have they done a runner?????

  2. Anon. It looks possible. I have been contacted by a couple of concerned clients. Like you I tried the phone – no response. I have sent an email asking if they are still trading – so far no response.

    1. The man behind all the wine company scams is Andrew Dunne. Bordeaux Uk, Liquid Acquisitions, Vin Bordelais, James Hewitt Associates to mention a few. Although nothing is registered in his name (far to cleaver for that) he is the person behind it all. I mean everything, the lot. He is The Mr Big. He has made millions. You wont hear him on the phone and his name is not on any company paper work but he controls and runs the lot. The others simply work for him. When the heat catches up with them and each company is caught and goes into liquidation they simply set up a new company and start trading again. They avoid being found by trading from a different address to the one posted on there web site or there fancy brochure. Normally the address that the company is registered at is just a postal address so anyone that goes looking for them will never find them as they are trading from a completely different address under another company name. They have been doing it for years. Ian Vanderhook is just the tip of the ice berg.

  3. Vin Bordelais is finished. They don't have any wine in stock at Octavian and their account has been closed. They don't answer the phone or reply to correspondence.

    1. Thanks anon. Not a surprise although I trust not too many people got taken in – ideally no one.

  4. Vin Bordelais Ltd entered Liquidation on 18 February 2013. Contact Abbott Fielding on 0208 302 4344 if you believe you have wine stock held with Vin Bordelais Ltd.

  5. Interested to see just how many companies can be traced back to those Bromley fraudsters who got banged up last week... Bordeaux UK, Vin Bordelais, Seale Wines, Vine Capital/ Investments... and that's just the wine investment companies, before you even get on to the land banking, diamonds and carbon credits...

    Anyone involved, and that means ANYONE, no matter how small fry you are, no matter how you've fooled yourself that you are a small cog in this machine, no matter how blind you pretend you are to the actions of your husband or father of your child who is going out and taking money in this way, you should really have a word with yourselves. Karma is a real bitch and it will catch up with you.