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I wouldn't buy wine from these companies

For a variety of reasons I would not consider buying investment wine from the following companies. This would apply in particular to ordering wines en primeur.  I would not buy for a variety of reasons: the lack of an established track record, adverts for telesales staff able to cope with a high pressure environment, claims that wine investment is free of capital gains tax, the use of cold calls especially when persistent, charging an upfront commission, selling well above the price these wines can be bought from other companies, lack of hard information about the company – its officers, history etc on websites and brochures, past history of the directors, exaggerated and unlikely claims made by recently formed companies etc.. The reasons for not wishing to buy from one of these companies will obviously vary from company to company.

With the growth of interest in whisky investment, I wouldn't buy casks or bottles of whisky from these companies.
A number of these companies have links to companies offering 'land banking' opportunities as well as 'investments' in carbon credits, bio-fuel, diamonds, graphene, gold, natural rubber, rare metals, twin headed snakes etc. 

Watch out also for the newly fashionable asset exchange companies, eg Mayfair Worldwide Trading Limited (established 14th August 2013 – one sole director with no previous directorship experience, serviced address in Mayfair)  – thanks but no thanks!

From the FCA Financial Crime Conference (1st July 2013)
'The FCA receives over 4,500 reports a year relating to fraud, with the average consumer detriment reported to the FCA in excess of £1 million a month. Proactively tackling such scams as boiler rooms together with consumers becoming more savvy about new kinds of fraud has, however, led to a significant reduction in those who have contacted the FCA who have actually invested in such scams from 768 in 2011 to 97 so far this year. Current investment fraud concerns for the team include: pension liberation fraud; inheritance fraud; rare earth metals; diamonds; carbon credits and fraud relating to overseas land and property.' 

Update: July 2015: apparently charitable fine wine buyers
Watch out for over-generous offers to buy your wines from cold calling companies ('magic circle vintners'. Particular targets have been clients/investors of now bust EFW (European Fine Wines) and APW. A quick check on wine-searcher will show how 'generous' and unrealistic these quotes often are. Targets tend to be told that the company has a special client in China, Dubai or elsewhere who needs the wine very quickly hence the generous price. Unfortunately once the wine is transferred out of the investor's account, the deal frequently goes sour and the wine disappears. 

If the deal you are offered looks to good to be true – it's bad news!    

Please note that this list is regularly updated, while the directory on was last updated on 17th October 2008. Although the information was correct at that date, it does not reflect any changes subsequent to that date and there are no plans to update 'the directory' on 

Frightening failure rate for the majority of these alternative investment companies. Many of these firms operated only for a brief period – either going bust, disappearing or being closed down either by High Court order or by Companies House for failing to file accounts etc.

1855 ( considerable delays in supplying en primeur with some clients still waiting for 2002, 2003s and 2005s. Over 398 cases of Bordeaux en primeur outstanding (estimated value: 239,130€) and shocking tales of serial promises broken. 
1855 Fine Wine Investments Ltd: formed 3.11.2011 yet claims 'Generating consistent and long-term investment returns for its clients'. Joe Gene Delvaux (DOB: 3.11.1980) is sole director and sole shareholder (£1 sharecapital) capital
Update (4.12.15): The company's objective is to focus solely on the wine investments of its shareholders. Dissolved through voluntary strike off: 7.11.17 
Alexander Barclay Wines Ltd: follow on company to Beaumont Vintners – Samuel Philips is sole director of both companies. Alexander Barclay Wines Ltd website uses much of text from Beaumont's site. 27.2.2012: voluntary strike off application.  
Update (4.7.14): Proposal for voluntary strike-off 13.5.14 – first gazette, voluntary strike off suspended 18.6.14. 
Update (4.12.15): Annual return (since 31.8.2012) and first accounts overdue (since 3.5.2013). 
22.3.2016: Dissolved through voluntary strike-off. 
Alpha Invest - unclear whether this is in anyway related to Alpha Capital Investments Ltd, a landbanking company, which is in provisional liquidation following a petition to close the company in the public interest. Petition to be heard in High Court on 29th June 2011. 'Andrew Miles is head of our wine department ‘Classic Bordeaux Wines’. Classic Bordeaux Wines website cannot be found (26.6.2011). 
Arlington Wine Portfolios Ltd. Company established on 26.1.2010. Didn't trade in year to 30.11.11. Failed to file annual return on time leading to a complusory strike-off proposal on 5.3.2013, which was withdrawn on 12.3.2013 when return was filed. Director and address links with The London Vines Ltd. Has website but currently a holding page: 
Dissolved 18.2.2014. 
Arrin Solutions (Arrin Solutions UK PVT Ltd): Founded 7.3.2013. Sole director (Miss) Sujatha Vetrivel (DOB: 9.9.1978) No returns (overdue since 4.4.14) and no accounts (overdue since 7.12.14). Appears to hold substantial stocks of clients' wine in bonded warehouses for onward sale. Registered at 46 The Fairway, Banbury, Oxon OX16 0RJ.  
Update (4.12.15): Both first annual return and first accounts are still overdue. 17 Nov 2015 First Gazette notice for compulsory strike-off. Company dissolved 1.3.2016.    
Artemis Bellet Ltd: Company incorporated in April 2010 dissolved 26th July 2011 no return or accounts filed. 
AS Fine Wine  – trading name of As Incorporated Ltd. Although company set up 27.7.2011, claims to be established with a good track record. Website gives no indication of who runs company and contact address is a virtual office on London's Regent Street. 
24.2.2015: Looks like annual return was overdue as First Gazette issued on 3.2.2015 but was withdrawn on following day when return was filed. 
4.12.15: accounts overdue since 31.10.2015. 11.11.2015 Voluntary strike-off action has been suspended
22.11.2018: Dissolved through voluntary strike-off
Aspire Commodities Ltd: Founded 3.9.2013. £1 share capital. Sole director 40-year-old Barry Christian Tomlinson also director of Ativa Capital Ltd. Both at 145-157 St John Street – registered and trading address, which is a well known accommodation address as well as that of a company formation agent. 
Offers: fine wines, diamonds, self-storage and commercial property.
Quotes from website: 'Aspire Commodities is a specialist independent brokerage for Private Investors, Companies, Trusts and SIPPs and SASS's. Offering a comprehensive alternative investment service utilising extensive industry contacts, pre-approved buyers are able to take advantage of our unique opportunities.
Aspire Commodities employs a team of experts with a combined industry experience in excess of 50 years.'
Update (4.12.15): Compulsory liquidation petition 3.3.2015, start of winding up (13.5.15) 
Assets Vin Rouge (See Wine Traders International + Bradshaw & Karr)
3.6.14: Date of Incorporation: 07/07/2006; Status: Dissolved 23/07/2013.
Ativa Capital Ltd: Founded 24.5.2013 £1 share capital. Sole director is  40-year-old Barry Christian Tomlinson also director of Aspire Commodities Ltd.
145-157 St John Street – registered and trading address, which is a well-known accommodation address as well as that of a company formation agent.
Offering: diamonds, wine, and carbon finance  
Quotes from website: 'We are the UK’s largest natural Investment Advisors, making us the number one choice for any investor or potential investor.' – utter nonsense!
'Another very popular investment is Fine Wines, our expert brokers can find you the finest wines for the best rates, there has been a huge increase in fine wine investments since 2008.' – yes but there has been a bear market for the past two years.
'In fine wine, experience is essential. We believe that insightful advice can only be informed by first-hand knowledge. The three founding members, including one Master of Wine, have over 60 years of collective industry experience.' 
'Our team of experts have a solid reputation within the diamond industry with over 60 years combined experience in Diamonds. At Ativa we have professional teams which combine an in-depth knowledge of mining, processing, grading, dealing and setting.'
'Ativa Capital are carbon trading experts based in The City of London. We give investors the insight to make lucrative trades on the carbon market and we help businesses offset their emissions cost-effectively.'
'The carbon market is going stratospheric. We’ll help you invest with confidence.'

But see warning issued by Financial Conduct Authority (13.9.2013):
'A carbon credit is a certificate or permit which represents the right to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) and they can be traded for money.

However, many investors have told us they are not able to sell or trade the carbon credits they have bought. None of these investors reported making a profit.

This supports our view that there is not a viable secondary market for ordinary investors to sell or trade carbon credits, despite claims and promises made by many firms, advisers and brokers promoting and selling them as an investment.

We have also received reports that an increasing number of firms are using dubious, high-pressure sales tactics to sell carbon credits to investors.'
(See also Aspire Commodities Ltd
Update (1.12.15): Compulsory liquidation Petition by Insolvency Service 3rd March 2015 Commencement of winding up 13th May 2015 
Australian Portfolio Wines Ltd – There are relatively few Australian wines that can be considered for investment. Best to have a good knowledge of the wines and markets before investing. 
24.2.2015: Changed name to APW Asset Management and going into liquidation. Ultimate parent Big Wine Company. 
Beaumont Vintners Ltd: founded 18.6.2010. First accounts due 18.3.2012. Serviced offices/accommodation address. From website: 'Beaumont Vintners has the network of contacts throughout the UK and Europe to arrange the re- sale of your wines at a moments notice. Ordinarily, we advise our clients when to take profits or when we believe optimal yields have been achieved.'
Company description: 'With many years of experience in the fine wine market, Beaumont Vintners offers fine wine portfolios and management to customers throughout UK. Founded in 2010, the business is based in West End (London).'(
Compare website with Castlegate Wines. No track record. No accounts filed – first accounts due next year.
1.2.2012: Company uncontactable with a number of customers awaiting wines to be delivered to the bonded warehouse. Follow on company called Alexander Barclay Wines Ltd formed in August 2011. 27.2.2012: voluntary strike off application. 25.6.13: Proposal to strike off – no accounts or returns filed.
5.4.2012: Went into liquidation owing £1.5 million with apparently the only assets £30,000-£40,000 of en primeurs believed to be 2009s. Joint liquidation between Grant Thornton and Abbot Fielding. 
Blakeney Bridge Wines Ltd: founded 10.6.2011 initially as London Wine Traders Ltd, changed name 6.10.2011. No accounts filed. Serviced/virtual offices. Company's wine prices are substantially higher than can be found elsewhere. 
25.6.13: Accounts and returns filed.
Update (12.8.2015): 1st July 2015: BIS petitioning to wind up Blakeney Bridge Wine Ltd in the public interest. Annual return overdue since 26.7.2015. 
Petition was presented 26.5.2015 and will be heard on 18.11.2015 @ Rolls Building, Royal Courts of Justice, 7 Rolls Building, Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1NL on 18 November 2015 at 2.00 pm (or as soon thereafter as the petition can be heard). 
18th November 2015: Blakeney Brdige Wines Ltd and seven other companies (carbon credits) wound up in public interest. Scam targetted the old and vulnerable.    
Blue Chip Fine Wine Company: not registered with Companies House – apparently part of  Axetrader Ltd Co No 05761132. Slow in arranging a transfer of wine to a customer's account. Run by Dhugal Robertson. Dissolved 15.11.2011
Boltons Investments Ltd: founded by Vincenzo Tagliavia in 2006. Has gone into liquidation – early September 2013. Financial figures on Duedil suggest why the company become insolvent. 
Bordeaux Claret Consultancy Ltd set up on 2.9.2013. 25-year-old Chris Vines is sole director. Registered office in Croydon, serviced offices in East London.
Bordeaux Fine Wines Ltd: cold calls, company founded in September 2008, serviced offices in London and Hong Kong. Sole director is Kenneth Gundlach (DOB: 15.12.1983).
From website: 'For the last 25 years, we have been utilising our deep knowledge to structure and tailor strategic portfolios of fine wines within the Bordeaux region, helping both first time investors and long standing wine connoisseurs build their collections.'
Company's tax advice is not in line with current position as set out by HMRC:
'Tax Free
Tax Free Haven For Your Money
You do not usually have to pay income or capital-gains tax (CGT) on any profits. Wine is exempt from CGT because it is regarded by the Inland Revenue as a "wasting asset" with a predicted lifespan of less than 50 years. If you keep the wine in bond, you also avoid paying VAT and Duty.
The wine will form part of your estate for Inheritance Tax (IHT) purposes. The definition of wine given by the Capital Tax Office is that of a 'wasting asset/chattel'. The Revenue practice has been to value wine at acquisition cost, not current value.'
HMRC position: some wines have a predicted lifespan of more than 50 years. For purposes of inheritance tax wine is not regarded as a wasting asset and it will be valued at current value. 
Coverage in Mirror of Bordeaux Fine Wines LtdSee also comments on an investdrinks post. 
Gundlach is a keen race horse owner and Bordeaux Fine Wines Ltd sponsored the 2012 ROA (Racehorse Owners Association) Horseracing Awards on 6th December 2012.

22nd June 2013: company's website is now up for sale*. Gundlach has now set up Bordeaux Merchants Ltd – incorporated on 29.5.2013. Registered office and trading address is given as 52 High Street Pinner Middlesex HA5 5PW.  Is Bordeaux Merchants Ltd about to take over from Bordeaux Fine Wines Ltd?
Gundlach is also a director of Invest in Storage Ltd, Capital Wealth Venture Ltd, Dmlg Ltd (provides leads), Driving Made Simple Ltd and Hunter & Reynolds Ltd:

From the net: 

Hunter & Reynolds is an independent investment brokerage, which specialises in fully managed, high yielding, asset backed investments.

If you are interested in investing through a SIPP call our sales team now on 0203 328 9330

Important Regulatory Statement

Hunter & Reynolds investments does not offer financial advice.

Hunter & Reynolds investments are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority
Hunter & Reynolds investments do not provide any advice on SIPPs direct. We will introduce all interested clients to an authorised FSA firm for this purpose.'
24th June 2013: * Website is now back up and running. However, site is still listed here as available:
15th September 2013:Bordeaux Fine Wines Ltd's registered office and trading address is now the Lansdowne Building, 2 Lansdowne Road, Croydon CR9 2ER. These are serviced offices run by Regus. 

2nd January 2014: Following a petition to the High Court from the Insolvency Service, Bordeaux Fine Wines Ltd was put into provisional liquidation in the public interest on 19th December 2013. The petition will be heard on 26th February 2014. 

Ken Gundlach is closing several of his companies: Bordeaux Merchants, Hunter & Reynolds and Invest in Storage are down for voluntary strike-off with the first gazettes published on 5.11.2013. Dmlg has changed its name to Sales Recruit Ltd  – its website is currently 'undergoing urgent maintenance'.
Bordeaux Merchants Ltd: see Bordeaux Fine Wines Ltd
Bordeaux NZ: one man band (James Colley) based in Auckland, New Zealand with the only contact a cellphone. The website claims a team of consultants. Colley, however, admitted to the New Zealand Herald that this claim is a fantasy. Colley's only previous experience of the fine wine market was a seven month stint with UK based Capital Vintners Ltd – another company from whom I would not buy wine. NZ Herald article here. See here for answers James Colley gave to the New Zealand Herald from Bordeaux NZ's website.  
By his own admission Colley/Bordeaux NZ has yet to sell a single bottle of wine. Despite this admission his website promotes Bordeaux NZ as a wine investment company that has experience and a history of selling fine wine. 
From the Bordeaux NZ website:
'Bordeaux NZ is a fine wine investment brokerage firm based in New Zealand. We provide a simple and cost effective solution to trading investment grade fine wine as a commodity on the open market.

Before now, to invest in Fine Wine, New Zealanders had to spend thousands of dollars just to be able to invest.  This included: setting up their own private cellars, arranging transportation from London, paying import duty tax and excessive margins charged by suppliers. Bordeaux NZ was set up to give you a much safer and easier way to take advantage of the lucrative international Fine Wine trade.

With Bordeaux NZ, you can have access to the world’s rarest and most sort after investment grade wines, you no longer need to spend the large sums of money to import and store the wines and when it comes to trading the wines on, you can benefit from our access to investors, collectors and auction houses throughout the world, which allows us the ability to achieve global market prices instantly for you.' Flying pig territory!!
Perhaps the Commerce Commission New Zealand should take a look at Colley's Bordeaux NZ site. 'Businesses need to make sure all representations they make online are accurate and do not mislead consumers.'

Bordeaux UK Ltd: cold calls, evidence of selling well above the price these wines can be bought from other companies. Proposal to strike of for non-compliance – accounts and return overdue. Director Ian Van Der Hook (Vanderhook) has opted to put company into voluntary liquidation. Associated company Vin Bordelais Ltd. 
Update: Banned as a UK director from 18/10/2013 to 17/10/2022.
Bordeaux Wine Company Ltd. Established in 2002. Run by two shadow directors (Achom and Grant) who are barred form being company directors in UK from 22.7.2002 to 22.7.2013. Cold calls. Added service charge makes wines uncompetitive. Dissolved 19.2.2019 by compulsory strike off by Companies House. Also BWC Management & Consulting Partners apparently established in 2002. Recent emails (July/August 2019) reporting difficulties in contacting this organisation. 
Bordeaux Wine Consultancy Ltd: Founded 26.1.11. Company website is vague about who runs company and their experience. Share capital: £1. Registered office originally in Bromley but registered office and trading address now in Soho Square is a serviced office and meeting rooms. Website claims profits from wine investments invariably free of capital gains and no mention of inheritance tax. Sole director: 32-year-old Paul Ricketts
18.11.2013: A mention of inheritance tax has now been added and CGT amended.  Website claims 'years of expertise'.
Bordeaux Wine Consultants Ltd: Founded 29.10.2013. Dissolved 23.4.2013. No accounts filed. Directors included 34-year-old Dean Doughty and 38 year-old Matthew Hart (both Encarta Fine Wines Ltd)     
Bordeaux Wine Trading Company Ltd (now dissolved) - court case at St Albans. Some directors jailed.
Boss Vintners (based in South Africa)
Bradshaw & Karr (Wine Traders International and Bradshaw & Karr)
Canary Wharf Vintners Ltd. Founded 15.5.2006. From 13.4.2007-6.9.2010 company called Strategic Land Acquisitions Ltd. Currently one sole director: 54 year old Enver Deen (appointed 19.4.2007). Deen was a director of now dissolved Equitable Land Ltd, previously called Land Investment International Limited and Land Development International Limited. Deen may also be:
Enver Jainu - Deen, Kemal Enver Jainu-Deen and Enver Kemal Jainu-Deen – all three aged 54. The photo on the Canary Wharf Vintners site in the 'About us' section is not a photo of the company's staff but is a stock photo from Shutterstock: search on board of directors. 
'Another of the companies, Bull & Bear (forex), based in London, has as one of its directors Enver Kemal Jainu-Deen, who had a High Court injunction brought against him in 1990 by the SIB.' 
14.2.14: accounts overdue since 30.9.13 
4.8.2014: Company files for liquidation. Nedim Aliyan appointed liquidator.
ED Vintners appears in June 2016 with website registered by Tuan Deen – any relation to Enver Deen, I wonder. Letter to potential buyers signed by an E. Deen – an open and shut case perhaps?
Capital Bordeaux Investments Ltd: This company and Capital Bordeaux Vintners share the same address – serviced offices at 68 Lombard Street, London EC3V 9LJ. (68 Lombard Street is a popular address for wine investment companies – also used by European Fine Wines Ltd.) Formed 24.4.2012.
Claims wine investment is tax free. Sole director: 24-year-old Scott Andrews
Cheap and nasty website. 
Update: 5th August 2013: annual return is overdue since 22nd May 2013. 
14.11.2013: annual return still overdue.
28.11.2013: Company appears to have disappeared. Among the wines it sold was 2011 Lafite-Rothschild, whether Scott Andrew and his company bought any is another matter.  
14.2.14: accounts overdue since 24.1.14
19.5.2014: Closed in public interest 14th May 2014 following investigation and petition by Insolvency Service to High Court.       
Capital Bordeaux Vintners Ltd – see Capital Bordeaux Investments  Ltd
Sole director is 26-year-old Dean Page. Proposal to strike off.
Update: Company dissolved 26.11.2013 – no returns or accounts filed.
Capital Bordeaux Investment Corporate Limited: founded 2nd October 2012 with 24-year-old Aaron James Ali as sole director. 19.5.2014: Closed in public interest 14th May 2014 following investigation and petition by Insolvency Service to High Court.      
Capital Fine Wine Ltd: founded in August 2010 Website claims: 'When it comes to selling your wine or realising your funds, let Capital Fine Wine do all the hard work so you can enjoy your hard earned profits without any headaches.
We have built a large network of international buyers, collectors and bidders to ensure the sale of your wine will be processed as quickly and effeciently as possible.'  Also: 'market leading portfolio management group'
Registered office in Orpington (same address as Capital Landholdings (UK) Ltd. Contact address is serviced office in Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1HN. No track record.
Update 9.8.2013: company was dissolved 26.2.2012. Company had three directors.
Capital Fine Wines Ltd: Founded 3.7.2012. Sole director is 36-year-old Douglas Dalglish. Registered office: Dunwoody House, Willow Grove, Chislehurst, Kent BR7 5BU. Duedil list this as the trading address. However, the company's website gives contact details at 37th Floor Canary Wharf – Regus serviced offices. No mention of director on company website and Liv-ex performance graph dates from August 2010. Claim: 'Our extensive list of contacts and the close relationships we have forged with our wholesalers and advisors help us to provide and unrivalled service to our clients. Company's first annual return is now overdue – 31.7.2013.
Dissolved 11.2.2014 – compulsory strike off – no returns or accounts filed.
Capital Fine Wines Ltd –  Company with same name founded 2.12.14 dissolved – compulsory strike off 24.5.16. No returns or accounts filed. 

Capital Vintners Ltd: Founded 1.7.05, dormant company until 31.7.08; unlikely claims on website.Serviced offices/accommodation address.
see Instances of high prices charged.
Castlegate Wines Ltd: This Bromley based company, briefly called Castlegate Ventures Ltd before returning to its former name (31.1.11), founded on 21st October 2010. Uninformative website and lack of any track record, claims a network of trade contacts: 'Castlegate Wines has a well established worldwide network of traders, châteaux and negotiants, merchants and traders.' 'Incredibly, all gains are FREE FROM CAPITAL GAINS TAX...!!!" Certainly incredible as this is incorrect. City of London address listed on website is virtual/service office.
11.10.2012: website appears to have disappeared. No accounts filed – first accounts overdue and should have been filed on 21.7.2012. 
Proposal to strike off. First Gazette published 4.6.2013. Earlier complusory strike off suspended in 2012. 
Company dissolved 17th September 2013.   
Cave Privée: Now part of the 1855 group – now bust
CBV Publishing – apparently related to Classic Bordeaux Vintners
Chelsea Food & Drinks Vintage Ltd. Founded on 20.11.2012 and based at Vicarage House, 58-60 Kensington Church Street, London W8 4DB. Company No. 08299431. Another apparently charitable institution. offering to buy a client's half case of 1996 Haut-Brion for £1970 when Wilkinson Vintners list the same wine for £1425 – this being Wilkinson's sale price not their buy price. 
Further details see blog post here  
15.11.2016 Dissolved compulsory strike off/  
City Wine Traders: founded 21.4.10; serviced/virtual offices. Free of capital gains.
'Our combined experience over many years has provided our clients with consistent capital growth.'
Update: 1st April 2014 Final Gazette dissolved via voluntary strike-off 
Classic Bordeaux Wines Ltd. Dissolved 28.8.2012
Classic Bordeaux Vintners: Linked to Publishing Group Ltd. cold calls, no known track record for en primeur. Claims wine investment free of capital gains tax: 'Profits from wine investment are completely exempt from capital gains tax, providing that they are of a non-commercial nature.'  Promises of a '15% return guaranteed'. Registered in the USA: 3411 Silverside Road, Suite 104, Rodney Building, Wilmington, DE, 19810, County of New Castle, USA. Reg date: 16.11.2009 under name The Premier Bordeaux Wine Company LLC. This is the address of their formation agent – Turner Little 'specialists in Delaware Company Formation'. Appear to be linked to Vintage Wine Investors. Both companies should be avoided.
Claret Enterprise Ltd (proposal to strike off) – dissolved 17.12.10 – no returns or accounts filed.  

Crimson Fine Wines Ltd: Founded 21.2.2011. 
Directors: Jeffery Kinsley Samuel Kushner (DOB: Dec Dec 1980), Appointed 21.2.2011. Craig Cooper (DOB: Jan 1983). Apppointed: 21.2.2011 Resigned: 23.3.2011. 
Upfront commission – 'a static service charge of 15%' + several other incorrect claims: Capital Gains Tax – 'UK tax law considers wine a 'wasting asset' and therefore not subject to Capital Gains Tax' – this only applies to wines considered to have a life expectancy of les than 50 years and also depends upon when the wine was bought. Wine is subject to inheritance tax at current valuation. Information given on Consumer Protection is wrong. Crimson Fine Wines terms and conditions state 'In accordance with The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulation 2000' that the purchaser has the right to cancel up to 'the close of business on the seventh working day after your funds have been received into our bank account'. This is incorrect. Under the law the purchaser has the right of cancellation up to seven working days after taking delivery of the goods. (See Regulation 11 of the act.) Crimson Fine Wines Ltd give themselves up 60 days to purchase the wine after receipt of payment. It may be that as Crimson Fine Wines' terms and conditions do not comply with the law that a purchaser would have the right to cancel up to three months and seven working days following receipt of the wine – (receipt may be by a third party eg a bonded warehouse). Brochure does not reflect recent downturn in prices. (22.6.2012)
22.6.13: Annual return overdue since 21.3.2013. 
3.6.14: Annual return now filed. Registered office moved to SEARS BUSINESS CENTRE, 3-9 STATION STREET, SITTINGBOURNE, KENT ME10 3DU
25.1.15: annual accounts overdue since 30.11.15
17.8.2015: Court order to wind up company on petition from creditor.
26.8.2015: Louise May Brittain of Wilkins Kennedy appointed as liquidator 
Claims totalled £1,035,218.67 – no dividend as any assets realised went to pay liquidator.
Kushner disqualified as director from 15.6.2017 - 14.6.2026. Cooper disqualified from 8.8.2017 - 7.8.2028. The liquidator's final report to creditors 27.11.2019 says that one of the directors has been imprisoned for fraud. No mention of which one and Google searches do not provide an answer. 
Company dissolved 3.6.2020.
Cult and Boutique Wine Ltd: compulsory strike off – company dissolved 25.8.2015. Director: Enzo Giannotta (DOB: 28.8.1978).
Cult and Boutique Wine Management Ltd: Enzo Giannotta (DOB: 28.8.1978) Looks to be same company as above (compulsory strike off) just a slight change of name. Website was registered on 19.10.2006 Details to add. Enzo Giannotta – sole director and shareholder. Annual return overdue since 4.3.2016.  To be updated 
Cult Wines Ltd:  upfront commissions ('CULT WINES LTD levies a charge of 15%, which covers administration, shipping, bond transfers, sale of the Product, analysis and market updates on all portfolio management purchases.'). Free of capital gains. (15.3.10) Oliver Gearing, CEO of company making absurd and bizarre suggestions that I had been stalking his girlfriend – I was totally unaware of her existence:  'spoken to the police today I have informed them of your persistant antics and I'm hoping they will get to the bottom of it.' Doubtless an entire coincidence that I had been asking a series of questions about Cult Wines Ltd also doubtless a coincidence that a smear website appeared in March 2010 making many false allegations including that I have been 'Following and monitoring these family members either directly or indirectly.'
Update (August 2014): Olivier Gearing is no longer a director of Cult Wines Ltd. However, Cult Wines Ltd continues to make unlikely and optimistic projections on wine investments as well as some incautious recommendations to first-time investors. 
The company's latest accounts (31.8.13) show net worth - 434.6K; current liabilities: 796K.
See also posts on blog about deal between collapsing Premier Cru Fine Wine Investments Ltd and Cult Wines Ltd. Clients of Premier Cru, who agree to go with Cult Wines Ltd, being charged a 5% management fee and their shortfall (from Premier Cru) of earlier and better Bordeaux vintages being made up with 2013 Bordeaux en primeur. You couldn't make it up! Largest known shortfall to date (25.8.2014) is £23K. 
DJVintners Ltd: Founded 8.12.2014, £1 share capital (paid), Gerry Anyiam (DOB: 10.10.87) of 12 Belgravia Gardens, Bromley, England, BR1 4TB is sole director. In July 2011 Anyiam was found guilty of conspiring to defraud the NHS. He was 40 weeks’ imprisonment suspended for two years and 160 hours of community payback. Details here. Previous registered office: Kemp House, 152 City Road, London, England, EC1V 2NX – a 'professional virtual office'. Now: Onega House, 112 Main Road Sidcup Kent DA14 6NE since 26 January 2016
Associated company: Dow and Jones Ltd (see next)
Dow and Jones Ltd: founded 15.9.2015, £1 share capital (paid), Simon Martin (DOB: 26.10.1989) was sole director but resigned 9.3.16. Anthony Collins (appointed 8.3.16 – DOB:6.1988) now sole director. £1 share capital transferred from Martin to Collins. Was at Kemp House but since Onega House, 112 Main Road Sidcup Kent DA14 6NE. Cold calls. Claim have have been going 'over three years'. Linked with D J Vintners Ltd (see above).
DSL Fine Wines Ltd: Formed 28.1.2015. Sole director Daniel Southey. Operates from a residential address in West Wickham. False claim to have account at London City Bond. Their cellar plan is a rip-off of Berry Bros & Rudd. Dissolved via voluntary strike-off 26.7.2016. No returns of accounts filed.
DS Vintners & Co Ltd: Founded 11.1.2012. Directors: Michael Doohan (DOB: April 1989), Steven Joseph Sulley (DOB: Dec 1985).  Share capital £2. Repeatedly fails to file on time to Companies House – First Gazette published April 16, April 17, April 18, April 19. Each time action discontinued. Dissolved via voluntary strike-off 25.2.2020. 
Dunbar Fine Wines: well documented problems of delivery and long involvement of local Trading Standards. See posts on investdrinks.
ED Vintners: Not a UK registered company. Website registred on 14.6.2016 by Tuan Deen. Enthusiastic email letter sent to potential buyers and investors on 13.1.2017 signed by an E. Deen. A close relation to Enver Deen of bust Canarf Wharf Vintners Ltd, perhaps? 
Eighteen55 Clarets Ltd accounts overdue from 30.4.2011. 2.8.2011 Companies House moves to strike off company. Strike off cancelled (3.8.2011). 40 year-old Altaur Rahman resigns as director (29.8.2011), Stephen Paul Bradshaw appointed director 29.8.2011). July 12 update: Altaur Rahman has returned as a director, while Stephen Bradshaw has resigned. Change made on 18th June 2012. 
2013: Accounts overdue from 31.3.2013. Annual return overdue since 21.7.2013.
14.2.14: proposal to strike off – first gazette 3.12.13. Dissolved 18.3.2014. 
Electus Wines Ltd: the return of Simon Ford (Morgan Aston Ford and Vinance plc). See post here. Company dissolved via voluntary strike-off 14.6.2016. Accounts: 2014 - £7492 (loss), 2015 - £1024 (loss)
Elite Wine and Whisky Ltd (name change on 4.11.20) - previously Elite Fine Wines Ltd - now called : Kindly white knight contacting clients of failed company – The London Vines Ltd – offering assistance. Company with share capital of £1 was founded on 27th June 2012. Sole director is 33-year-old Steven Bishop. Bishop (DOB: August 1980) is also a director of My Wine Broker Ltd (proposal to strike off) and Your Wine Auction Ltd (dormant company - dissolved 9.9.2014). Cold calling and over-priced wine.
Unlikely claim: 'Elite Fine Wines Ltd is a leading fine wine merchants specialising in the finest and rarest vintage wines. Our team are  passionate about the market and products that we are involved in.'
Nonsense claim: Capital Gains Tax
'The fact that an investment in the wine market remains free from Capital Gains Tax is yet another attraction, this is due to its classification of ‘a wasting asset or chattel’ i.e. we would expect the wine to be consumed within fifty years.'

Update (11th August 2015): Company Check gives its current worth as £2069 – assets £11,496; liabilities £13,172. Your Wine Auction Ltd now dissolved (9.9.2014) as is My Wine Broker Ltd (6.5.2014). Share capital now £100 – 50% held by Karen Ann Bishop 50% by Steven Garry Bishop. 
10.1.2016: Cancellation rights under Terms & Conditions out of date and not in compliance with 2013 Consumer Contracts legislation.  
Accounts to 30.6.15: profit of £278. 
Update (3.5.2017): My Wine Broker Ltd compulsory strike-off – 6.5.2014. Your Wine Auction Ltd compulsory strike-off – 9.9.2014. Dissolved 9.9.2014. 
Update (19th August 2020): In June sold an investor 18 bottles of Gaja 2016 Barbaresco from three different single vineyards for £6756 (net) by the time their 5% management charge (what for exactly?) was added the sale totalled £7163. The same wines can be bought elsewhere for £5901 with no 'management fee' charged. Why pay £1262 more for these 'investment' wines from Elite Fine Wines Ltd? Serious wine companies do not charge a 'management fee' or in this case a 'mismanagement' fee. Elite Fine Wines Ltd made a loss of £1261 – accounts to 30.6.2019 – and a loss of £1023 the year before. 
As a follow up the same investor was offered and invoiced for a portfolio of rather curiously assorted cult wines totalling £75,926 including the 5% 'management' fee plus VAT. Presumably the management fee is in recognition of Elite's skill in overchaging their clients. This portfolio can be bought (19.8.2020) for £52,163 with, of course no 'management fee' – a difference of £23,763. Fortunately the investor started to do his due diligence with some assistance from investdrinks. Very soon it was apparent that Elite Fine Wines Ltd were overcharging him by £1000s and he sensibly vowed never to buy again from Elite Fine Wines Ltd
17.3.2021: Elite Wine and Whisky Ltd now appears to be concentrating on whisky cask investments. The move into whisky appears to be relatively recent. The new wine and whisky website was created on 10.8.20 and the change of company name was on 4th November 2020. As with wine purchased from Elite Wine and Whisky there 5% management charge on price of cask and as with wine an investment through Elite Wine and Whisky does not come cheap.
This month investdrinks was approached by XY for comments on two Hogsheads of Macallan that Elite were offering as an 'investment'.

Details of the two casks:

Macallan 1993 Hogshead

80 Litres

ABV 54%

Cask price - £340,000 (inc 5% management fee)


Macallan 1988 Hogshead

99 Litres 

ABV 53.1%

Cask price - £690,000 (inc 5% management fee)


It is believed that these two casks are Bourbon casks rather than Sherry casks. It is Macallan in Sherry casks that is particularly valuable and sought after. 

As with their wine offers Elite Wine and Whisky's prices for Macallan casks are decidedly 'high end' with poor prospects of the investor making a profit. (Update to be completed – to include details of auction prices and other estimated prices.)  



Elite Wine Portfolio (closed in the public interest: 28.1.2010)
Elliott House Collections Ltd: (Company number: 08352626) Set up on 9th January 2013. Has contacted wine investors offering to sell their wine in exchange for art. Address: Dowgate Hill House, 14-16 Dowgate Hill, London ECR4 2SU is a serviced office. Sole director: 26-year-old Harry James Downer (appointed 29th April 2013). Downer is also a director (property) of Aura Resources Ltd formed 31st March 2014 and has been a director of Adamus  Compendium Ltd and briefly with the now dissolved Home Dynamics Ltd. prior to Downer 30-year-old Nicolas James Elliott was the sole director (appointed: 9.1.2013, resigned 29.4.13). Elliott has been a director of Carbon Energy Resources Ltd since 26.3.2012. The company has not filed any accounts, the last annual return was made up to 14.6.2012 – so accounts overdue since 14.3.2013 and return since 12.7.2013. Surely time Carbon Energy Resources Ltd was closed for non-compliance – yet another carbon credits scam!
(Update: Carbon Energy Resources Ltd was dissolved on 27th February 2015.)
Job ad for Carbon Energy Resources Ltd: 
'Organization Name: Carbon Energy Resources Ltd

Our primary aim is to service our clients within this Carbon Credit financial market by maximising their potential of making good purchases with profit. We cannot stress this enough… we generate large profits for our clients day in day out. That’s our job after all. Carbon Energy Resources Ltd is a great organisation to part of for both clients and staff alike. 
The right candidate must present a fluent well-spoken command of the English language and have excellent time keeping.'

Elliott House Collections Ltd carries a useful declaimer on the information on their website: 'It is based on information from sources believed to be reliable, but the issuer of this document has not taken any steps to verify the adequacy, accuracy or completeness of any information.' I would take Elliott House Collections Ltd at their word and not rely on any information they supply.
Update: February 2016:
Elliott House Collections Ltd went into liquidation on 9.12.2014. Nedim Aliyan of Abbott Fielding the liquidator.    
Claims of £334,673.91 were received by the liquidator. Some investors' artwork was stored in their own names, so didn't form part of the liquidation. Others were less fortunate as there was no dividend for unsecured creditors. Company dissolved on 9.2.2021.
(Embassy Fine Wines Ltd. Dissolved 4.9.2012) 
Embassy Wine UK Ltd: Founded 28.6.2011. 17 Ensign House, Admirals Way, London E14 – accommodation address. Sole director is Jonothan Piper.
Update: 15.8.2013:accounts overdue since 30.6.2013, annual return overdue since 26.7.2013. 
14.11.13: Voluntary strike off suspended (2.10.2013)
3.12.14: Company shut down in the public interest. 
7.1.2016 Winding up complete but dissolution of company deferred until 17.11.2027.
Jonothan Piper, from Wanstead, was sentenced to five and a half years’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to one count of fraudulent trading, two counts of money laundering and one count of cheating HM Revenue and Customs of tax at Snaresbrook Crown Court on 22 August 2016.
Encarta Fine Wines Ltd: First Gazette issued on 10.1.2012 on grounds of non-compliance – failure to file annual return on time. Move to dissolve company suspended on 21.1.2012 when annual return was filed. Two directors 38-year-old Matthew Hart and 34-year-old Dean Doughty.
Update: 9.8.2013 – annual return now again overdue 6.8.2013.
14.11.13: annual return and accounts now filed. 
Current registered office: 3rd Floor, 2007 Regent Street, London W1B 3HE  – mailbox address:
'Welcome to our Regent Street mail address services section.
We provide the opportunity for companies, businesses and individuals to use this prestigious London W1 location for mail forwarding and as a registered office address.'
Trading address: St Georges House, 2 Bromley Road, Beckenham, Kent BR3 5JE
5.7.14: Ceased trading? Company website is now unavailable. 
12.8.14: In liquidation. Liquidator: Nedim Patrick Ailyan. Dissolved 30.4.2020.
En Primeur Vintages Ltd (proposal to strike off: 17.8.2010, no accounts filed) Struck off 30.11.2010
Ethical Elegance Ltd: Company founded 25.10.2006. Dormant accounts to 31.10.2011. Registered office changed 5.3.2013 to 145-157 St John Street, London – a well known accommodation address, mail forwarding and virtual office. 30-year-old Craig Philip O'Driscoll appointed director 5.3.2013. Ethical Elegance Ltd's website claims to have been trading for over seven years, despite accounts being dormant until end of October 2011. Claims expertise in diamonds and exchanging assets – wine, diamonds, art, gold and silver. 'With over 100 years combined experience in the industry' is an unlikely claim from website. 'Here at Ethical Elegance we use a fully regulated FSA company to handle all of client’s money for a smooth efficient transaction.' No mention of the FSA regulated company. Furthermore the FSA no longer exists. Companies are now regulation by the FCA (Finanical Conduct Authority). 
14.11.2013: This briefly active company went into voluntary liquidation on 29.10.2013. Dissolved 15.11.2016 
European Fine Wines Ltd: (in liquidation) Founded 15.8.2005 – cold calls, evidence of selling well above the price these wines can be bought from other companies. Registered address: 68 Lombard Street, London EC3. Trading address: Future House, 11-13 Bromley Common, Bromley BR2 9LS. Also EFWines Ltd. founded 24.8.12. Same registered and trading addresses. Directors included: Jonathan Barr (DOB: July 1981 – appointed 7.7.2008), Gregory Niall Assemakis (DOB: June 1985 – appointed 25.6.2008 resigned 26.2.2014), Scott Assemakis (DOB: January 1980 - appointed 1.9.2010 resigned 15.6.13), David Evans (DOB - May 1953 appointed 1.9.2010 resigned 15.6.13).  
14.7.2013: Two European Fine Wines Ltd directors have been banned from being directors for 11 years each.  They are: David Evans (DOB: 28.5.1953) banned from 10.7.2013 to 9.7.2024 and Scott Assemakis (DOB: 15.1.1980) banned from 8.7.2013 to 7.7.2024. They both resigned as directors of European Fine Wines on 28th June 2013. On the same day Assemakis and Evans also resigned as directors from Sawa Wines Ltd (registered and trading address: 68 Lombard Street) formed 6.6.2012 – original name – European Fine Wines (2012) Ltd. Annual return is now overdue: 4.7.2013.    

European Fine Wines Ltd has been mooted as a possible candidate for membership of the WIA (Wine Investment Association).  

Details see Tony Hetherington Mail on Sunday (14.7.2013)
‘Ten-year ban for land cheat director

The Government-run Insolvency Service has scored half a dozen new victories in its fight to ban dodgy directors from the boardroom.

Terence Christopher Farr, 31, from Romford, Essex, has been disqualified from acting as a company director for ten years for operating illegal land investment schemes.

I talked to Farr in 2010 and warned investors to steer clear. He was marketing investments without a licence from the Financial Services Authority and advertised his business, Claremont Forbes Land & Property Limited, as a leading company even though it was only six months old. It went into liquidation a year later after raking in £944,000 from the public without keeping proper records. Insolvency Service investigator Mark Bruce describes the size of the unexplained deals as ‘highly suspicious.’

Separately, a gang who ran a series of corrupt land investment companies based in Bromley, Kent, has also been disqualified from running any limited company.
Scott Assemakis, David Evans and Gavin Gravesande are banned for 11 years, and James Murphy and Dominic Whatley for ten years. They were behind a string of companies, including The Property Partnership and Burnhill Land Investments. The ban has forced Assemakis and Evans to quit as directors of investment business European Fine Wines Limited.'
Update 22.5.2014: Accounts overdue since 30.11.2013. Registered office moved to 131 Edgware Road, London W2 2AP on 16.4.2014. Rumoured to be closing down.
25.6.2014: Into voluntary liquidation. Liquidator: Nedim Patrick Ailyan. 
21.12.19: Company still in process of liquidation. The detailed annual reports from the liquidator can be found on the Beta Service, Companies House.
Gregory Niall Assemakis (DOB: June 1985) has set up new wine investment vehicle called IWS Management & Consultancy Ltd It was incorporated on 8th October 2018 with £100 share capital by a Colombian woman who resigned the same day. Gregory (or Greg) Assemakis is the sole director.      
FCF Associates Ltd trading as FCF Investments. Founded 10.10.2011. Two directors: 38-year-old Matthew Simon Guy and 34-year-old Steven David Carruthers. £2 share capital. Guy and Carruthers have a share each. Ludicrously optimistic projections on over-priced wines. 15% service charge! 
Update: 15.12.15:Complaints regarding lack of communication and long delays in selling wine. Last accounts (31.3.2020) show company doing minimal business. 
Finbow Fine Wines Ltd (in liquidation): The Metropolitan Police investigation. Arrests made – on police bail
17.5.2013: Trial of four accused started at Southwark Crown Court. The trial covers both Nouveau World Wines Ltd and Finbow. The accused are Daniel Snelling, Dina Snelling, Rebecca McDonald and Simon Dempsey. They face various counts of conspiracy to defraud and money laundering. The trial is expected to last some 10 weeks.  
Update: Daniel Snelling, Dina Snelling and Rebecca McDonald found guilty and jailed. Simon Dempsey found not guilty. 
Dissolved (compulsory liquidation) – Unsecured claims of £1,623,522 – no assets realised.
Fine Wine Solutions Ltd: founded in March 2005 as Coldtech (UK) Ltd on 1.11.10, last accounts dormant (to 31.3.10). Richard Leahy a former director, now Peter Ta (appoint 6.1.11. Website and brochure bears marked similarities to Beaumont Vintners, Castlegate Wines Ltd, Mortimer House Ltd and The Premier Wine Company. Leigh Cramer of the Premier Wine Company alleges that these other companies have used their materials and are in breach of copyright. Website registered by Richard Leahy on 28th October 2010. Cold calls. 
Company dissolved: 17.7.12. Have received several messages from investors saying they haven't received wines they ordered.
The website and phones of Fine Wine Solutions based at Level 18, 40 Bank Street (HQ3), Canary Wharf, E14 5NR – serviced offices – appear to be still in operation even though the company is dissolved. The company's brochure can be downloaded with the company number (05382056) shown.
According to the website:
'Our entire team is extremely experienced and has an exemplary depth of knowledge and performance within the fine wine market - many having formed relationships with clients going back many years. Once purchased our fine wines are either shipped or stored in the clients named account at a renowned bonded warehouse/cellar in perfect homeostatic conditions and insured to the current market value. Rest assured, Fine Wine Solutions will deliver an unequivocal personal service and will provide the conditions for the client to build up a credible portfolio of fine wines.' Long on 'experience' but decidedly short on detail and certainly one I would avoid  
Fine Wine Vintners Ltd (annual return overdue since 2.7.2010). Website says they are no longer trading (9.10.10), went into administration 30th September 2010. See This is money article here. Then voluntary liquidation on 30.11.2011. Final creditors meeting 3.4.2020. Dissolved 3.7.2020.  
First Capital Financial Ltd – trade as First Capital Fine Wine Investments – Company set up 10.10.2011. Using Lix-ex logo without permission. Tax advice wrong especially on Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax. Nonsense claim inside knowledge of what Robert Parker's scores on particular wines will be in the future. 
Name changed to FCF Associates Ltd 30th April 2013.
French Wine Exchange Ltd: Incorporated on 4th April 2012. Directors: Joe Williams (18.6.1986), Amir Nour-Eldin (DOB: 3.7.1985), Share capital: £100 but purely nominal as none paid up. A number of unhappy customers. Reports of not being able to contact the company. Offered 2012 and 2013 Bordeaux en primeur as an investment. Not surprisingly investors are now sitting on a loss.  
Update: 30.11.15: Joe Williams and Amir Nour-Eldin resigned as directors on 19th November 2015. David Howlett (DOB: April 1967) appointed as director on 19.11.2015. Not currently selling wineCompany got into 'some financial difficulty' with 'examples of client funds being used to sustain the business in its growth'. New director may be considering changing the company name.  
5.4.2016: First Gazette notice for compulsory strike-off 
9.4.2016: Compulsory strike-off action has been temporarily suspended following an objection to the strike off.
20.3.2018: Dissolved by compulsory strike-off 
Global Fine Wine Ltd (annual return overdue since 1.9.2010). Dissolved 22.3.2011
Global Wine Exchange Ltd: Founded 17.4.2018 (co no: 11312862). 
Director: Adrian Loftman DOB: April 1975. Share capital £1.  Address:
Kemp House, 152 - 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX. A virtual office.
Website claims 'over 10 years in industry'. 'Our team brings 10 years of experience working in the wine industry and can offer a service that provides in-depth analysis and insight into the wine market.' That may be but no details given. Trainee-Junior Wine Brokers expected to make between 200-300 calls per day. Reports of cold calls – July/August 2019. Offering information on wine sold through Bordeaux Wine Company – dissolved. Offering to sell putative clients wine to an overseas buyers if they buy more wine. Putative client sent invoice for wine they did not order. 
I very much doubt if they have an access to wine sold by BWC and I would ignore any calls from this company.   
Global Wine Investments Ltd: set up 12.4.2011. Directors: Michael Wilson and James Hamilton. Wine list used on Global's site is actually that of Albany Vintners Ltd (a reputable company set up in June 2003) and used without Albany's knowledge and permission. 17.8.2012 – Company has disappeared without supplying customers' wine. Wilson is also linked with Omera Limited (now dissolved) and with Omera Ltd (two versions dissolved).
Dissolved: 7.6.2014 – no return or accounts filed.
Hamilton & Brooks Ltd: formed 2.2.2015. Offering to buy wines from victim of The London Vines Ltd for around the price he paid for them when an independent valuation put them at half this price.   
H&R Vintners Limited Founded 7.12.09. Proposal to strike off. No accounts filed and return overdue since 4.1.11. Struck off and dissolved 26.7.2011
Hawthorne & Hawthorne Fine Wines Ltd, serviced offices.
Founding and current sole director is 33-year-old Leon Hawthorne, whose other directorship was Hawthorne & Hawthorne, which was dissolved 14.12.2010 and based at 228A High Street, Bromley Kent BR1 1PQ 
5.9.2013: Proposal to strike off. Accounts overdue since 30.9.2012 and return since 21.9.2012.
3.6.14: Compulsory strike offs suspended but voluntary strike off gazette 22.4.2014.Dissolved 5.8.2014
Henderson & Forbes Ltd. Founded 23.10 2013. 21-year-old Joseph Jordan sole director. £1 share capital. Address: 29th Floor Canary Wharf, London – well known accommodation office address. 
Quotes from website: 'We bring a fresh approach to a historic market and via our great knowledge, invaluable network and impressive buying power we can safely say you will be impressed with the professional service we have to offer.'
'Our passion for diamonds spans more than 70 years (!! - Jim), drawing on a heritage going back over generations. As a result, we have the expertise required to help you design the perfect piece of diamond jewellery, as well as the contacts and experience to ensure we can realise your personal vision.'

Doubtless diamond geezers but I certainly wouldn't buy from them. 
24.2.2015: in liquidation since 11.8.2014.

Update: 1st December 2016 from Insolvency Service:
An investigation by the Insolvency Service’s Public Interest Unit found Mr Jordan to have caused Henderson & Forbes Limited to misrepresent itself to investors in the sale of fancy coloured diamonds. These misrepresentations led to investments totaling in excess of £1.5 million generating gross profits in excess of £1.3 million.

Henderson & Forbes Ltd went into liquidation on 11 August 2014. The investigation began as a result of a return by the liquidator Darren Edwards of Aspect Plus Limited.' Heritage Vintners Ltd: formed 30.11.2011, cold calls, likely accommodation address at 41 Lothbury. £1 share capital. I received two messages last year about Heritage Vintners Ltd (March and June). In both cases I said I would not buy from this company. Annual return is overdue since 28.12.2012 and accounts since 30.8.2013. 
Update: 17.4.2014 – proposal to strike off for non-compliance.
22.2.2015: new proposal to strike off. No accounts or annual returns filed.
14.4.2015 Dissolved via compulsory strike off by Companies House  
HKIC Group: warning issued against this company by Hong Kong financial authorities. See:
Howard & Web Ltd: founded 21st March 2014 with one director 41-year-old Nigel Ricketts. Registered office is 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX – a virtual office and mail forwarding facility. 
Howard & Webb Ltd: founded 18.12.2013 – originally called W.B.J. Ltd, name changed on 4.3.2014. Registered office at 67 Condell Road, London SW8 4HS. Trading address on their website is 45 Pont Street, London SW1X 0BD – a serviced office in Knightsbridge. Two directors: 25-year-old Jeffrey Owusu (appointed: 27.2.2014 and 32-year-old Kwesi Akwa (appointed: 19.3.2014).
Their website claims:

'About Us
Howard and Webb is a Independent Alternative Investment marketer. Howard & Webb offer alternative investments with a focus on income generation and clear exit strategies. Founded on the principles of providing customers with a consistent, transparent and disciplined approach to service, Howard & Webb strives to deliver superior service resulting in enduring client relationships.

With expertise gained from over 20 years of experience in developing unbiased, sound and perceptive solutions, our core focus is the pursuit of wealth preservation and long-term growth. We believe that the majority of people seek a balance of income and capital appreciation, which is best, achieved by actively managing broadly diversified portfolios across all asset classes.'

'20 years experience' 'wealth preservation' – remarkable achievements for a company that only got going in early March 2014 with its change of name! 
Update – 1.12.15: dissolved by compulsory strike off. Later director: Nigel Ainsley Ricketts (DOB: 2.2.1973)  
Imperial Collectables Ltd: cold calling. Founded: 8.10.14. Directors: Nicola Jane Surin (DOB: 12.1980), Surin is sole shareholder £1. Related to Noel Surin?
Registered office: 40 Station Approach, Hayes, Kent, United Kingdom, BR2 7EJ
14.11.2017: Dissolved voluntary strike off 

Imperial Wines of London Ltd  
Now called: Imperial Wine & Spirit Merchant Ltd  (changed name on 10.1.2017)    
Founded 21.5.08 Benjamin Cazaly now sole director. £1 share capital (Benjamin Cazaly). Trading and registered office address: 60 Gresham Street London EC2V 7BB (serviced office). Net assets (31.5.2014) – £684,733. 
Barry Gamble a previous director from 21.5.2008 to 6.1.2009
11.11.15: job ad
'Successful candidates will be speaking with and introducing the Fine Wine market to high net worth individuals in a phone-based, high energy, broking environment.  This role will suit highly driven, articulate candidates with a positive and professional attitude. We are seeking confident individuals who are willing to continually learn new skills which require them to step out of their comfort zones.  Candidates will need to be self-motivated and focussed as they will be required to make 200 – 300 dial-outs a day.'

'We are happy to hear from all candidates, from ‘blank canvases’ with no previous investment experience to experienced Salesmen/Brokers with a past track history of success. - See more at:'
Ben Cazaly was also the sole director of Imperial Wine Shop Ltd a £1 share company founded on 27th March 2013. Dissolved by compulsory strike-off on 3rd November 2015.
Update (30.9.19): Accounts to 31.5.19 overdue since 28.2.19. Confirmation statement due 21.5.19 overdue since 4.6.19. Imperial Wines' website up for sale. Compulsory strike off by Companies House announced 30.4.19 but suspended on 8.5.19. Looks like the company has ceased to operate.  
IWS Management & Consultancy Ltd: It was incorporated on 8th October 2018 with £100 share capital by a Colombian woman who resigned the same day. Gregory (or Greg) Assemakis is the sole director. Address: 1st Floor Wimpole Close, Bromley, England, BR2 9JF. First accounts for this company are due on 8th July 2020. Website:
Greg Assemakis was a director of bankrupt European Fine Wines, which went bust in 2014. He was appointed on 25th June 2008 and resigned on 26th February 2014 – the day after the company went into voluntary liquidation.

The iwsmc site makes no mention (see below) that Gregory Assemakis was a director of bankrupt European Fine Wines. To be fair I have received no complaints about this company and Gregory Assemakis has his profile on the site. However, I would advise putative customers of iwsmc ltd to read the the liquidator's reports on European Fine Wines Ltd  

From iwsmc website: 
'IWS Mission Satement:
  • To provide the outstanding customer service that clients recommend to friends and family.
  • Working hard every day to make us the best fine wine merchant respected in the industry.
  • To grow the business and in doing so giving back to wider society by supporting ethical charity work.
  • To value our people as our friends and family encouraging their development and rewarding their personal performances.
  • To be personally accountable for delivering company commitments.
  • To create new connoisseurs of fine wine and support customers in meeting their aims to discover products to their taste.
  • To create unique engagement with future collectors and admirers across the world especially in Asia.
  • To uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.
  • To work together across boundaries to meet customer needs and help the Company win.
  • We will assist the protection of our threatened environment by utilising such methods as we can to reduce our carbon footprint.'
'About us 
Fine wine is our team’s passion. 

We would love to share that with you. 
We will not choose for you nor push benefits for our interests but work with you to find wine that you wish to collect and enjoy. 

Your needs are paramount.
Our team are conscientious, friendly, adaptable and keen to deliver a highly personal service to fine wine connoisseurs and collectors. 

We act in strictest confidence charging reasonable and competitive fees and sales commission to deliver for you.  

Our stock is exclusively ours and we are the sole agents for our inventory. We relish being tested by you on how we work. 

Ask any questions and we are happy to respond to them with alacrity and integrity. 

We welcome your crucial feedback to help us develop and improve our very personal service to you. We want you to see that our service is second to none and build long term relationships with you, your friends and family to join us in our mission to share our passion for fine wine.'
'Managing Director
Greg (as he prefers to be called) transferred from engineering sector during times of economic uncertainty realising the opportunities afforded by the burgeoning growth in the fine wine industry in 2008. He studied the mechanics of logistics and storage of fine wine.

He enjoyed a glass of wine but over Christmas in 2008 he was given a glass of Chateau Lafite Rothschild which transformed his appreciation of quality wine. Greg was inspired to start his own wine collection.
He undertook the Wine and Spirit Education Trust Levels 1 and 2 gaining a distinction in the latter. He visited Bordeaux in 2010 to study harvest and vineyard production familiarising himself with the many Chateaux in the region.
Greg became passionate about buying from source and developed strategic participation with Chateaux and suppliers.
A keen family man ambitious and energetic that others enjoy the very best for themselves, he is honoured to receive regularly, fine wine collectors from all over the world.'
Update: registered office changed on 9.7.2020 to 24 Tylney Road Bromley BR1 2RL

Successful candidates will be speaking with and introducing the Fine Wine market to high net worth individuals in a phone-based, high energy, broking environment.  This role will suit highly driven, articulate candidates with a positive and professional attitude. We are seeking confident individuals who are willing to continually learn new skills which require them to step out of their comfort zones.  Candidates will need to be self-motivated and focussed as they will be required to make 200 – 300 dial-outs a day. - See more at: International Wine Commodities Ltd (accounts and return overdue, proposal to strike off): directors found guilty of fraud - December 2010. 
Johnston & Carter Ltd: 'specialists in coloured diamonds'. Reports of cold calling clients of The London Vines Ltd offering to buy their wines. Post with more details here
24.2.2015: proposal to strike off suspended. Accounts overdue since 28.8.14 and annual return since 24.12.2013. No returns or accounts ever filed. No current directors. Dissolved 19.1.2016
Kingsley Judd: Claims to be one of the 'leading Bordeaux wine traders specialising in investment grade French wines'. No indication where the company is registered – certainly not listed at UK Companies House. Addresses given in Hong Kong, France and UK – all serviced or virtual offices. Infers links with leading UK auction houses. 
Le Bordeaux Wines Ltd. Founded 9.10.12. 25-year-old Jonathan Charles Braybrook sole director. Registered office and trading address 88 Wood Street, London EC2V 7RS – serviced office. Annual return overdue since 6.11.13.
14.2.2014 A 25-year-old man in London has been arrested by Staffordshire Police, so far, on suspicion of fraud by false representation and conspiracy to defraud. around £1 million believed to have been invested in wine through the company.
Anyone who has fallen victim to Le Bordeaux Wines Limited, or has had any contact with the company, is urged to contact DC Chris Pope at Staffordshire Police on 101 quoting incident number 258 of 9 December 2013, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
Braybrook is also the sole director of Le Bordeaux Wine Shed Limited founded on 5.10.12, also at 88 Wood Street. He is also a director of Jb Trading & Co Ltd with its registered office and trading address at 11 Burns Road, London, SW11 5AD. Both of these companies are in the process of being dissolved. 
24.2.2015: dissolved 15.7.2014
22.9.2015: Jonathan Charles Braybrook admitted fraud (over £1 million) and sentenced to five years in prison. 
'Detective Sergeant Dave Alcock, of Staffordshire Police, said: “Braybrook’s company was completely fabricated. He deliberately defrauded customers to the tune of over £1m, money which he used to fund a life of drugs and debauchery. Thankfully his activities were disrupted when a company he approached became suspicious and reported him to police.”  
Liquid Exchange London Ltd: incorporated 7.10.2014. Sole director 29-year-old Lee Barry Wright (DOB: 10.1986) of 8 Netherfield Road, London, England, SW17 8AZ sole director and shareholder with £100 share capital. Le Wright was involved with Finite Futures Ltd formed 13.10.2014 with Adam Knowles (DOB: June 1981), an airport driver of Brighton as sole director and shareholder (£100). Finite Futures Ltd proved to be decidedly Finite as it was complusorily dissolved on 29th March 2016 – no returns or accounts filed. 

investdrinks covered Finite Futures Ltd on 6th February 2015. A follow up Google search shows that Andrew Penman covered Lee Wright in an article on Finite Futures Ltd here (27th May 2015). Liquid Exchange London Ltd's registered office is 3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, London, England, W1B 3HH – Regent Street Mailing Address Services. However, Liquid Exchange London Ltd may trade from premises in Richmond. The Liquid Exchange London Ltd website was registered on 2nd July 2015. Wright failed to file the company's first annual return on time and on 5.1.2016 a First Gazette was published to compulsorily strike off Liquid Exchange Ltd. Wright filed the return on 30th January 2016 and the strike off notice was withdrawn. Website appears to have no Terms & Conditions listed. 
London Barrelhouse Ltd: wine and whisky investments. Incorporated 5th February 2019, Registered office: First Floor, 15 The Broadway, Woodford Green, Essex, England, IG8 0HL. Also: Level 39, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 2, 10 Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018983 – address offering serviced and virtual office. Directors: Antony  Ring-Davis Charalambous (DOB: August 1976), Peter Charalambous (DOB: June 1975), Robert Whipple (DOB: February 1983), share capital: £20 – £10 Antony  Ring-Davis Charalambous, £10 Peter Charalambous. A report of a cold call. 
Anyone considering investing through London Barrelhouse should be aware 
Antony  Ring-Davis Charalambous and Peter Charalambous are directors of Direct Marketing Touch Ltd, which is in liquidation and under investigation by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).  
London City Vintners Ltd: Founded on 19.8.19. Sole director Alex John Bond (DOB: Jan 1995) appointed 19.11.19. Share capital £1. Registered office: 71-75 Shelton Street, London WC2 9JQ. Despite the company being in existence for just over two years with much of this period during the Covid pandemic, its website claims to have exclusive agreements with Bordeaux négociants along with its own bonded storage facilities.... remarkable!! London City Vintners Ltd failed to file its first accounts (19.8.19-31.8.20) on time (31.5.2021) so was served with notice by Companies House that the company would be compulsorily wound up. Accounts were filed on 29.7.21. Accounts showed a profit of £32,974. 
London Commodity Exchange Ltd: Incorporated 19.11.2010. Listed as a dormant company with accounts made up to 1.12.2015 (filed 2.12.15). Two directors – East India Company and Harsh Jain (DOB January 1979). Registered at Suite 444, 19-20 Crawford Street, London, England, W1H 1PJ. Claims share capital of £1 million. Harsh Jain is director of 25 companies – many with share capital declared at £1 million, while Adani Power Ltd (dormant company with accounts made up to 1.12.2015) has share capital of £100 million
Reports of an elderly man who bought wine through the now bust Encarta Fine Wines Ltd being contacted by London Commodity Exchange Ltd: 'He has been approached by London Commodity Exchange plc, offering to sell his wine if he transfers money upfront for legal fees to a swiss bank account.'
Company now dormant. 
London Wine Brokers Ltd Founded 17.9.08. Dissolved 4.5.10 No return or accounts filed 
London Wine Futures Ltd Founded 17.3.2010. Return overdue 14.4.11. Dissolved 8.11.11.  

London Wine Futures Trading Ltd, Founded 1.9.10. 2 Bath Place, Rivington Street, Old Street, London EC2A 3DR – serviced office. Dissolved: 24.4.2012   London Wine Shop Ltd: Founded 4.8.09. evidence of selling well above the price these wines can be bought from other companies. Richard O'Shea (DOB: 12.1959). Annual return overdue since 7.11.2015. Compulsory liquidation on petition by creditor – 11.1.2016. Liquidators: The Official Receiver London, 2nd Floor, 4 Abbey Orchard Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 2HT; Nigel Ian Fox, Highfield Court Tollgate, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO53 3TZ;
Nedim Patrick Ailyan, 142/148 Main Road, Sidcup, Kent, DA14 6NZ.
LWEX Ltd: founded 20.12.2012. Cold calls. City of London serviced office but contact number in East London. Current director is 24-year-old Frederick Hughes. No accounts filed – so no track record. 25-year-old Chris Vines was initial director, now director of Bordeaux Claret Consultancy Ltd set up on 2.9.2013. (22.2.2015: BCC Ltd – voluntary strike off 2.12.2014)
5.7.14: Annual return overdue since 29.3.2014. Proposal to strike off.
22.2.2015: in liquidation (24.9.2014). No accounts filed, annual return overdue since 29.3.2014 
Lynch & Mullin, LLP: Sophisticated advance fee fraud – details here.
Marquee Vintners Ltd
: Incorporated 16th May 2014. Dr Wei Hu (DOB: 19.11.1963) is the sole director. Contact address is a serviced office in Covent Garden. Nominally a £1 share company – nothing paid yet. Company claims to 'specialise in large vintage wine acquisitions'. 

13th June 2015: first return overdue. 
15 Sep 2015: First Gazette notice for compulsory strike-off. 29.12.15: struck off.  
Matthew Adams Ltd: Incorporated 26.10.2011. Sole director: Matthew Philip Adams (DOB: 6.6.1964). Initial share capital £1 held by Adams. Sells wine and whisky. Several recent complaints including one from a man with terminal cancer. Further details to add but suffice to say I wouldn't buy either wine or whisky from Matthew Adams Ltd.      
Mayfair Worldwide Trading Ltd (first posted 22.11.2013): founded 14.8.2013, sole director 32 year old Adam Edwards (no previous directorship experience), serviced office address in Mayfair. Claims to be 'Trusted Worldwide' – remarkable achievement in just three months. Looks to offer asset exchange for coloured diamonds as well as graphene. Cold calls.
Why coloured diamonds might not be a good investment.
Problems with graphene investments  
Also offering to exchange wine for graphene: 
One potential client phoned out of the blue and offered £6800 worth of graphene for wine being listed for sale on wine-searcher for £3900.The wine had been bought from European Fine Wines. I would hang onto my wine – this deal doesn't add up. Asset exchange or an asset strip? 
Update: 28 Apr 2015 Final Gazette dissolved via compulsory strike-off   
Moncharm Ltd. Although incorporated in 2007, looks like company only became active in April 2010. Name of company and directors changed. Website ( registered 14.4.2010). Cold calls. Unlikely claims on website: 'Moncharm is a leading wine brokerage'. Serviced/virtual offices in London and Hong Kong. 
28.7.2013: Current director is 26-year-old Atalay Mustafa, who is also a director of Liquid Assets Management Ltd.  
Montevino Partners – Montevino Partners Ltd + Spirited Ventures Ltd: Montevino Partners Ltd was incorporated on 17.4.2014. Thomas Roger White (DOB – 18.4.1979) is the sole director. £1000 share capital – £950 Thomas White, £50 David Parker. Accounts for dormant company to 30th April 2015 filed 11.1.2016. Montevino Partners is trading name of Spirited Ventures Ltd. Company was incorporated on 19.7.2013. Thomas White (app: 6.5.2014) is now sole director. Previous sole director – John Ellis Jeffrey, the previous sole director, resigned on 28.5.2014. Share capital £1000 – £250 Thomas White, £225 Bilhar Singh, £250 David Parker, £100 Adrian Nurse, £115 Michael Wilson, £35 Peter Pipe. The website was registered on 9.1.2014. There are no Terms & Conditions on the site.
A Michael 
Although Mr Moore asserts that Manor Rose had no inter-relationship with the other companies such as Dakota, it is apparent this was not so as the provisional liquidator has reported that Manor Rose paid Mr Michael Moore, Mr Moore’s brother who was responsible for the Dakota sales staff, the sum of £224,900.37 on 4 November 2010. Despite requesting an explanation from Mr Moore, through his solicitors, on 12 March 2012, Mr Moore has yet to respond.   
8.8.2016: Voluntary liquidation. Deficiency: £691,326.93
15.8.2016: High Court order to wind up Spirited Ventures on petition by HMRC – uncontested. 

Montevino Partners Ltd started up briefly but went into voluntary liquidation (to be finished)

Montpellier Coates: p: +44 (0)1702 382326  f: 01702 293169 Website doesn't load (14.2.2011). Not a registered UK company. Apparently based at Seedbed Centre, Vanguard Way, Shorburyness, Essex SS3 9QY. Known to have sold 2008 Lafite-Rothschild en primeur to an investor in July 2009. Did Montpellier Coates place an order for this wine? Certainly the investor never received their 2028 Lafite-Rothschild. Likely that Montpellier Coates disappeared around 2010/2011.    
Morgan Aston Ford (struck off and dissolved 15.6.2010 (now Vinance plc: annual return overdue) 8.9.2010)
Update: Vinance PLC in liquidation 
Morgan Taylor Ltd: Cold calls to clients of The London Vines Ltd offering over-priced wine deals. Founded 21.1.2014. See blog post here
24.2.2015: Annual return overdue – should have been filed by 18.2.2015 
Used to have an office at The Chislehurst Business Centre, 1 Bromley Lane, Chislehurst BR7 6 LH. However, they left that some time ago and now just use this as a mailing address.  1.3.2016: Final Gazette dissolved via compulsory strike-off.  
Mortimer House Ltd: 'Mortimer House is part of a group of extremely successful companies' Last company accounts were dormant (made up to 31.5.09). Director: Richard Leahy. A Google search shows Mortimer House, 40 Chatsworth Parade, Petts Wood, Orpington, Kent, BR5 1DE to be a very popular address. 
Murdoch & Chase is not a UK limited company. Does have a glossy but uninformative website  (full of vacuous puffery but no meat) – no mention of who is involved in the organisation etc.. Website was registered on 29th May 2013. Funnily enough Murdoch & Chase Asset Management is also based at Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1HN. They claim to be experts in 'stagnant asset release'! Under investigation by City of London Trading Standards. Have been contacting clients of Worldwide Wine Investments Ltd.
Noble Rock Partners. See:

Noble Vintners Ltd:  
8.6.2011: founded. Initial registered office: 9 The Square, Loughton, Essex IG10 2FE. Office moved to: Fleet House 8-12 New Bridge Street London EC4V 6AL and then Tulip House 70 Borough High Street London SE1 1XF. 
Doesn't live up to its name – colds calls and over-charges on wines plus over-optimistic valuations. Ask for a brochure and you get a call from persistent telesales person demanding details of your existing investments. Serviced office at London Bridge. Website: mainly vacuous guff. Inaccurate information on Capital Gains Tax – some wine is subject to CGT. No mention or directors and no Terms & Conditions.  
Went into voluntary liquidation on 22.6.2017. Nedim Aliyan appointed liquidator on 5.7.2017. Sole active director Kevin Eagling (DOB: March 1962) appointed 2.11.2015. Previous directors: David Cooper (DOB: March 1983) app: 20.5.2015; resigned 27.8.15. Sonny Edward Soper (DOB: June 1983),app: 8.6.2011, resigned 10.7.2013.
Eagling's statement of affairs (15.6.2017) shows a deficiency to 'consumer creditors (I think he means individual investors) of £1,686,785.80 with £10,774 owed to trade creditors and £974 to HMRC. It looks safe to assume that the nearly £1.7 million owed to individual investors is wine that investors paid for but which was never bought.      
Nouveau World Wines Ltd: registered 16.9.2004 as Infinite Rockall Services Ltd with name change on 9.6.2006. First named director was 33-year-old Scott Assemakis, who resigned on 31.8.2006. Daniel Snelling was appointed on 20.5.2006. Assemakis was a director of European Fine Wines Ltd until 28.6.2013. He is disqualified from being a UK company director from 8.7.2013 to 7.7.2024.     
20.10.10: company In liquidation and under police investigation. A number of arrests made, those arrested on bail.  
16.4.2012: five charged with conspiracy to defraud and money laundering. Similar charges for five in Finbow Fine Wines.  
17.5.2012: Trial of four accused started at Southwark Crown Court. The trial covers both Nouveau World Wines Ltd and Finbow. The accused are Daniel Snelling, Dina Snelling, Rebecca McDonald and Simon Dempsey. They face various counts of conspiracy to defraud and money laundering. The trial is expected to last some 10 weeks. 
Update: 22.7.2013 – Daniel Snelling, Dina Snelling and Rebecca McDonald found guilty.  Simon Dempsey not guilty. Daniel Snelling a serial fraudsters involved in other dubious investments – biofuels and diamonds – after his arrest. 
Optimum Fine Wines Ltd, founded 9th July 2012. Sole director 21-year-old Harry Mosley (appointed 1.9.12). Its registered office is New Bond House, 124 New Bond Street, London W1S 1DX but it actually trades from Croydon. Cold calls and aggressive sales tactics reported. No mention of director on website, no registered or trading address shown. Claims to have 150 full time staff and 'several years combined experience in fine wine' – wonderfully vague. 
27.2.14: Optimum Fine Wines Ltd will sell you five cases of wine for £10,000 that can be bought elsewhere for only £6155. Details to follow. Profitable business for Harry Mosley but thins investors wallets!  
19.4.2014: Harry Mosley resigned as director on 15th February 2014. He has been replaced by 18-year-old Liam Garrett (financial controller)!! 
Harry Mosley may have found the secret of eternal youth: a 32-year-old Harry Mosely was appointed director of Prestige Fine Art Collections Ltd on 22nd April 2013. The company was dissolved on 11.2.2014. 32-year-old Harry Mosely's birthday is in December as is 22-year-old Harry Mosely. Could they be the same person, I wonder? 
19.5.2014: Company website has been unavailable for some weeks. Accounts overdue since 9.4.2014.  
29.7.14: application for voluntary strike off.
Accounts overdue since 9.4.14 and annual return since 6.8.14. 
Update (10.12.15): 21 Apr 2015 First Gazette notice for voluntary strike-off 
3.4.2018: dissolved by voluntary strike off. 
Paramount Vintners Ltd: Founded 21.8.2012 (co no: 08186646). Sole director Croydon based Marvin Roberts (DOB: Dec 1985).  Accounts to 31.8.2018: £3559 loss. Accounts to 31.8.2019: £28,500. I employee normally this includes any directors.
Penketh Developments Ltd Penketh Associates is a trading name. Founded December 2002 but dormant company until December 2013. Falsely claiming to have taken over liquidation of Bordeaux Fine Wines Ltd from Grant Thornton. Details here 
16.5.2017: dissolved via compulsory strike off. 
Portcliffe Capital Ltd: Founded 11.12.2012 as 1st Law Ltd. Accounts for dormant company filed to 31.12.13. Share capital £1. Director: Daniel White (DOB: 18.7.1975). Appointed 9.12.2014 of 1 Kingsley Road, Croydon CR0 3NP Previous director Darren Symes. Share capital – £1 held by Daniel White.  Changed name to Portcliffe Capital Ltd on 10.12.14.
'A person called George Harris, claiming to work for LCB, is contacting, in the main APW customers, to recommend that they speak with a Darren Reid of Portcliffe Capital.  Of course this is a scam and we will be sending an email to our private customers  to warn them. (Message from London City Bond 9.4.15) 
15.11.2016 – Dissolved by compulsory strike off. 
The Premier Bordeaux Wine Company LLC - registered in Delaware file number 4753967 – appears to trade as Classic Bordeaux Vintners (see above). Linked to Alpha invest.      

Premier Bordeaux Wine Company Ltd. Same address as now defunct Premier Bordeaux Wines (London) Ltd. Founded 3.12.09. Sole director is 44-year-old Jennifer Scorey. She was also the sole director and company secretary of the defunct Premier Bordeaux Wines (London) Ltd. However, Premier Bordeaux Wine Company Ltd was a vehicle for serial scamster Spyros Constantinos. As Spyros Constantinos is disqualified from being a UK director from 21.7.2008 to 20.7.2017 he would appear to be illegally acting as a shadow director here. 
Update 9.8.2013: Company is under investigation by Tower Hamlets Trading Standards. A first gazette to dissolve the company was published on 6.12.2011 but the dissolution was suspended on 15.2.2012.     
Apparently linked to Sophelna Ltdfounded 2.11.2012; dssolved 9.7.2013. Sole director: Emmett Gerard Joseph Lenaghan. Lenaghan was a director of Parker Knoll Upholstery Ltd and is currently a director of Julian Bowen Ltd (appointed 1.7.2010. 
Update June 2015: Spyros Constantinos was found guilty of fraud and acting as a director while disqualified after a trial at The Old Bailey. Sentenced to eight years.  
Premier Bordeaux Wines (London) Ltd: return overdue from 30/12/10, no accounts filed. Proposal to strike off. Dissolved (12.7.2011)
Premier Red Fine Wines Limited: Founded 10.6.09
Premier Wine Company: evidence of selling well above the price these wines can be bought from other companies. Trading name of CF One Ltd of West Street Bromley. Previously called CF One Investments Ltd. Last filed accounts for a dormant company. Latest accounts overdue since 31.10.10 (posted 24.1.11). Accounts have now been filed (13th February 2011).  Use cold calls. 
Prestige Fine Wine Ltd: founded 5.3.2010. Registered office: Airport House, Purley Way, Croydon CR0 0XZ since 13.10.2014. Current director: Ibrahim Tarkou (DOB 13.2.1991) appointed 22.9.2014. Previous director: Glenn Barrington Ward (DOB: 20.7.1969) of Flat 6, 20 Spencer Road, South Croydon CR2 7EH, appointed 5.3.2010 resigned 22.9.2014. £1 share capital: Glenn Barrington Ward
Winding up petition presented by Insolvency Service in High Court on 13.10.2015 and appointed as provisional liquidator. Hearing in High Court: 16.12.2015. 
(earlier entry: Prestige Fine Wine Ltd (incorporated 5.3.10): serviced office@100 Pall Mall, London SW1, cold calls, uninformative website ( 'profits are free from Capital Gains Tax as long as the wine is kept in bond'.
24.2.2015: long history of late filing at Companies House. Accounts overdue since 31.12.14
Prestige Wine Collections: Not a limited company so no indication of who is running company. London address is a serviced office.   
Prime Trading 5 Ltd: Cold calls and apparent failure to supply wine. Château d'Yquem is a favourite investment offer. Inaccurate claims that there is no 'cooling off' period for wine ordered at a distance. Nonsense only en primeur orders are excluded from The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 which replaced the 2000 Distance Selling Regulations in June 2014. Although founded in May 2006, the company was dormant up to at least May 2012 and probably through to October 2012 when the current director 25-year-old Aaron Scott Britten was appointed (23.10.2012). So claims on the company website that the company has been operational since 2006 are misleading. Registered office is Onega House, 112 Main Road, Sidcup, Kent DA14 6NE – a branch of Dyer & Co a firm of chartered accountants. Share capital is £100 and Britten is the sole shareholder. 
Update: Company changed its name to Wynn XS Ltd on 6th May 2015. 4.6.2015 Aaron Scott Britten (DOB: 18.5.1989) added hypen to his name now: Aaron Scott-Britten
Update: 30.5.2018: I continue to receive complaints from investors who have apparently been over-charged or who have not received in full the wines they have ordered. They also allege bullying tactics by the sales staff during phone calls. 
1 May 2018: First Gazette notice for compulsory strike-off 
Anyone contacted by Wynn XS Ltd should read these posts first before investing:
Andrew Penman:

The secret tricks of wine cold callers revealed - and how boss bottled it when confronted
Tony Hetherington:

I invested nearly £2,000 but have I been stung by a wine investment scheme?

Who calls me:  Samuels & Parker Ltd: Lewis Samuels is sole director and shareholder.  See:
4.11.15: annual return overdue since 7.10.2015  
8.12.15: First Gazette notice for compulsory strike-off
Also Samuels & Parker Wines Ltd: Lewis Samuels is sole director and shareholder.  
23 Feb 2016: Final Gazette dissolved via compulsory strike-off. No return or accounts ever filed.   
Rosevelts of London Ltd:  Founded 11.10.16. Registered office: 67 Westow Street, London SE19 3RW – offices of Thornton Springer LLP accountants. Directors: Harrison Russell Braxton (DOB: March 1991) address in Bexley on incorporation doc; Bertie Cummings (DOB June 1991 address in Chislehurst on incorporation doc. £100 share capital – 50 Braxton, 50 Cummings. Rosevelts offered wine investments using cold calls. Link with Wines Premier Cru Ltd. One confirmation statement filed, no accounts filed. 28.5.2019 Dissolved via compulsory strike-off.    
Sanderson Forbes Ltd: company founded 27.4.2010 – £1 capital. Dormant accounts to 28.2.2011. Website created 28.1.2011. Incorrect claims that profits from wine investment are invariably tax-free. Lack of track record. 'Flying pig' claim of 15% average annual return. Highly unlikely in falling market and anyway Sanderson Forbes Ltd has only be operating for a short time. Linus Hornsey-Pennell is head of operations and the sole active director. He was previously broker with Boltons Investments.  
29.4.2013: the company appears to have disappeared. Website domain up for sale and phone number not recognised. 
24.6.2014 Final Gazette dissolved via compulsory strike-off. No accounts ever filed 
SAWA Wines Ltd: formerly European Fine Wines (2012) Ltd. Founded 6.6.12. Name change 20.9.12. Directors: Gregory Niall Assemakis (DOB: 25.6.1985), Jonathan Ross Barr (DOB: 18.7.1981) Previous directors: Scott Assemakis, David Evans – both disqualified from acting as a UK director.
Share capital: £1 - Scott Assemakis  
29 Jul 2014: Final Gazette dissolved via voluntary strike-off 
Seale Wines Ltd (accounts overdue 30.6.10; proposal to strike off). Under police investigation. Compulsory liquidation 23.11.11. Dissolved 12.1.2016.
Select Bordeaux Ltd: Founded 28.10.09. Registered office is virtual – a telephone answering service.
17.1.2014: Sole director is is 29-year-old Salman Rahman. Both the accounts (since 31.12.13) and the annual return (25.11.13) are overdue. 
27 Jan 2015 Final Gazette dissolved via compulsory strike-off 
Select Money Tree – for en primeur no track record 
SJB Trading Ltd: company founded 12.12.12, 38-year-old Stuart John Barnes sole director, share capital: £1. Claims 'wealth of experience' plus 'Location: We are the leading independent fine wine investment company located in the United States. Although our services are open to foreign investors, our location within the United States allows us to meet the unique needs of American investors.' 
24.2.2015: Proposal to strike off. Accounts overdue since 12.9.14 and annual return since 9.1.2015
Update 30.5.18: 10.11.2015 Final Gazette dissolved via compulsory strike-off. No accounts ever filed
Speed Associates Ltd: founded 9.12.2002 but dormant at least until 31.12.2013. Steven Dhadda sole director and shareholder (£100,000 capital). Company cold calling creditors of Bordeaux Fine Wines Ltd – with false claims of selling wine to BFW and have taken over liquidation from Grant Thornton, who have declared Speed Associates Ltd 'a scam'. See: 
Spencer & Elstein Ltd set up on 23rd January 2013. Its address is Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1HN – a serviced office/ accommodation address. The sole director is 24-year-old Aaron Sandford. They have a glossy but vacuous website. Contacting clients of Worldwide Wine Investments Ltd. 
Any complaints should be registered with Action Fraud.
12.4.14: Annual return overdue since 20.2.2014. Dissolved: 9.9.2014.
Stanford Barclay Ltd: founded 19th September 2013. Sole director 28-year-old Billy Stevens. In addition to wine brokering offers investments in gold and natural rubber and previously graphene. Stevens is also a director of Brinkmann-May Ltd. The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) issued a warning against Brinkmann-May Ltd in February 2013 for unauthorised trading. Further details on Stanford Barclay Ltd here.  
Compulsorily dissolved: 5.5.2015. No returns or accounts ever filed.
Strategic Wine Acquisitions Ltd (dissolved 21.9.10). Appears to be trading as Strategic Wine Acquisitions.
Templar Vintners Ltd (accounts, annual return overdue, proposal to strike off). Benedict Moruthoane found guilty of fraud and imprisoned for 7.5 years. 10.8.10: Compulsory strike off. 23.11.10: dissolved.
The London Vines Ltd: founded 26.1.2010. Barry Gamble (DOB: 19.7.1980) director from 26.1.2010 - 9.4.2013. Robert Phillips (13.11.1970) 9.4.2013 - present. Phillips is also known as James Morrison (DOB: 13.11.1970) a director of wine investment company Henry Talbot's of London Ltd – founded 20.9.2002 and dissolved in 12.6.2006. Morrison may have changed his name to Phillips as he was aopparently banned from acting as a director at the time. £800 share capital @£1 a share (as of 26.1.2013): Barry Gamble (100), Sylwa Phillips (400), Amanda Kennedy (now Gamble) (100), Karen Richardson (100), Bridget Richardson (100). 
First accounts due 26.10.2011, accommodation address, unlikely website claim: 'London Vines are a leading wine brokerage company offering brokerage and bonded storage.' 14.6.11: offering case of 2007 Mouton-Rothschild for £5510 apparently with assurance that it will 'nearly double' by Jan/Feb 2012. Can be bought elsewhere for around £3500-3700 a case.July 2011: aggressive sales tactics. Invoice for wine sent when potential client asked for information. Told cancellation wasn't possible – nonsense and contrary to the Distance Selling Regulations. 
25.6.13: London Vines Ltd has a book value of £2748 according to Duedil 
13.12.12: Now at 13 Holywell Row, London EC2 4JF.  A google search notes that: 535 companies also use this postcode, this is probably a mail forwarding service address. 
31st July 2013: The London Vines Ltd seems to have disappeared, apparently having failed to buy all of the wine that its clients ordered. 
For much of the company's 
The London Vines Ltd has two directors: 33-year-old Barry Michael Gamble (appointed 26th January 2010) and 42-year-old Robert Phillips (appointed 9th April 2013) – Phillips was a director of Arlington Wine Portfolios from 15th March 2012 to 14th May 2013. Gamble was a director of Imperial Wines of London Ltd from 21st May 2008 to 1st January 2010. investdrinks understands that Gamble and Phillips are blaming each other for the collapse of the company and the failure to buy sufficient wine.  
In liquidation (31 October 2013) with remarkable unhelpful liquidator: Alisdair James Findlay, Findlay James, Saxon House, Saxon Way, Cheltenham, GL52 6QX. Joanna Wallace, who is dealing with the liquidation even rebuffed offer of assistance from The Insolvency Service.   
There would appear to be a number of clients who have not received their wines. At present it is not possible to say what the final deficit will be. A number of companies have contacted clients of The London Vines Ltd offering to sell their wine. investdrinks suggests that these offers should be treated with care. How, for example, did these companies get hold of the address details of clients of the The London Vines Ltd? 
The liquidator's first report (17.12.2014) detailed that one of the causes cited/claimed by Robert Phillips for the failure of The London Vines Ltd was that 'he was unable to access any of the client information from the computers held at the trading premises as the passwords had been changed by Barry Gamble'.
Misfeasance claim: The liquidator reported that 'large sums of money had been paid to the shareholders and relatives of the shareholders for which there were no records to substantiate the payments. Despite writing to each of the individuals involved, none were able to provide satisfactory responses and as such I instructed solicitors to commence recovery proceedings 

At a date unknown (latter part of 2014?) a judgment in default against Barry Gamble was handed down in the High Court of Birmingham for £741,647.45. Gamble described the case and judgment as 'fraudulent'. On 17th September 2015, however, Gamble failed in his attempt to have the judgment overturned. Confirmation of a similar Court of Judgment in default against Amanda Gamble for £179,263.61 was awaited.  
8.12.2015: Barry Gamble in Croydon Court at 11.30am for 5 minute creditor's application. 
8.12.2015: Barry Gamble declared bankrupt. See:     
The London Wine Shop Ltd: evidence of selling well above the price these wines can be bought from other companies 
Update 30.5.18: Company in liquidation (11.1.2016) on petition from creditors. Liquidators: Ned Ailyan and Nigel Fox.
Creditors' Claims to the Official Receiver totaled £4.4 million excluding any money due to HMRC. However, by 9th March 2018 the liquidators had only reeceived claims totaling £1,040,331 exc HMRC.   
13.3.19: Update to add 
Turner-Belgarde Ltd: company founded on 13th June 2013). Its contact address on the website is given as Glen House, 125 Old Brompton Road, London SW7 3RP. These are serviced/virtual offices. The registered office is 113 Winnipeg Way, Canada Fields, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, EN10 6FH with 41-year-old Stephen Turner as the sole director. Although founded just five months ago, Turner-Belgarde Ltd claims to be 'a specialist fine wine wholesaler' with a 'global network of contacts'. Have been contacting clients of Worldwide Wine Investments Ltd. Despite the company's claims, Turner-Belgarde Ltd does not have an account at London City Bond.  
Update (2.12.15): 20 Jan 2015 Final Gazette dissolved via compulsory strike-off 
UK Agora Ltd:(further details to add)
Comment from potential investor: 
'I would like to suggest adding U.K. Agora to the list. Again it began with a cold call and has progressed to offering wines at silly prices. The first was a case of 1990 d'Yquem at £4K (listed on Farr Vintners site at £2.5k and why would I buy a 26 year old case of wine that has probably appreciated as much as it's going to). The sales guy couldn't pronounce d'Yquem properly which speaks volumes about this company (and they claim to have a combined 60 years experience). The second was 2009 Cos d'Esournel at an eye watering £7.3k (Farr have this at £2.5k). I am enjoying my continuing dialogue with a certain morbid curiosity and in the knowledge that if they are talking to me then I am stopping them calling someone else who may get ripped off.' 
Now called Viticult Ltd – name change 5.9.18. Sole director: 37-YO Jamil Harris. Also deals in whisky.
UK Fine Wine Investments Ltd – : Company founded on 5th January 2011.
Sole director: Kirsty Britten (London SE1 – DOB: 2.1970)  
'Here at UK Fine Wine Investments we are a brokerage specialising in premier cru (meaning First Growth) wines from the Bordeaux region of France. We pride ourselves in delivering of a congruent, first-classed tailored service to each and every client. Not only do our established, select team of brokers and market analysts work perpetually to ensure our client demands are satisfied, they also go that extra mile to embellish a long-lasting positive relationship.' Claims wine investment of 'tax-free returns'. 
Changed name to UK Fine Wines Ltd. Brief life as dissolved on 5.1.2011. No returns or accounts filed.  
UK Vintners (of London) PLC (09508939) Incorporated 25.3.2015. Directors: Peter Anthony Solle (DOB 15.1.1956) and Charles Brodie Agutter (DOB: 8.6.1982). At incorporation Solle the sole shareholder (£50,000 with 25% paid up). 18.7.2016 statement of share capital £50,000 (£37,500 unpaid) held by Anthony & Son Acquisitions & Holdings. Registered and trading office: Amp House, Dingwall Road, Croydon, Surrey, United Kingdom, CR0 2LX. Cold calls.
Company featured in an article by Andrew Penman in the Mirror (5.3.2016).
In the last three accounts filed (to 31st December) for 2016, 2017 and 2018 the auditors have issued warnings of 'material uncertainty related to going concern' as the assets of UK Vintners (of London) and less than their liabilities. The accounts to 31.12.18 show a turnover of £6,903, 541 with a gross profit of £1,261,275 this compares to a loss of £580,616 in 2017. However, payments due to creditors in one year amount to £1,425,202, so liabilities exceed assets giving a net loss of £599,963. This compares to a net loss £833,238 for 2017. 

In his notes (2.2) on the 2018 accounts (dated 4.10.19) Solle expressed confidence that 'the financial performance of the Company in the twelve months following the approval of these financial statements will be strong enough to support the the Company's cash flows.' The auditors were not convinced: 'Our opinion is not modified in respect to this matter' – 'may cast significant doubt on the Company's ability to continue as a going concern.'

It remains to be seen whether Convid-19 has affected the financial performance of UK Vintners (of London) PLC. Certainly it will have been impossible to run their fine wine dinners in central London. If and when they restart there will presumably still be social distancing that will limit numbers.  

There is now an associated company UKV International AG based in Zug, Switzerand with 'support office' at Amp House, Croydon. 
(See also Vintage Bordeaux Ltd based at Amp House – sole director Michael Joseph Solle (DOB: 12.1981).
Update 26.1.2021: 13.10.2020 Company in voluntary liquidation. Directors have declared that there are sufficient assets to meet debts.

UKV International AG was formed on 20.1.2016 with Italian Paul Constantin Gheorghieu as the sole director. Gheorghieu is the president of STAX AG, a company formation, company adminstration and tax advice business based in Zug at Bahnhofstrasse 21, CH-6300 Zug, Switzerland. Share capital:
Share capital: CHF 100,000.00. Payment of share capital: CHF 50,000.00. Shares: 100 registered shares at CHF 1,000.00. On 10.12.18 Gheorghieu resigned with Andrea Elia replacing him. Elia from Bremgarten, which is a little to the north of Zug. She is involved with a number of other companies including Libra Trust AG and Swiss Global Trust AG. On 3rd February 2020 it was recorded that Peter Anthony Solle had become the chairman of directors with Elia remaining in post.
Their website uses reviews dating back over a year or more so clearly relating to UK Vintners (of London) PLC and not UKV International. Michael Solle (director of Vintage Bordeaux Ltd) features in a number of the reviews. There is no mention of Peter Solle. Bahnhofstrasse 21, CH-6300 Zug, Switzerland is given as the company's head office with Amp House in Croydon as the trading office or UK Support.  

UKV International AG claims that profits on wine investment are not subject to capital gains tax. The true position is not quite so simple. See HMRC advice and this article by Philip Whitcomb

See also UK Vintners (of London) PLC and Vintage Bordeaux Ltd.  

United Wealth 
Vanguard Trading UK Ltd founded 18.6.2012 Shan Wang (DOB: 9.2.1973) sole director £100 share capital (Shan Wang)

Registered office: Unit 2 Southside Hurst Street, Birmingham, B5 4TD. Frtom website: Head office Address: Unit 2 Southside, Hurst Street, Birmingham B5 4TD

Trading Address: 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AB
See London City Bond scam letter – Vanguard Trading UK Ltd and John Gough.
See other comments on Vanguard here. Recovery room scam – wine and carbon credits 
Veblen Wines Ltd: Over optimistic tax advice (from their brochure*):  
*: The quote below comes from an old brochure. The current Veblen brochure makes no such claims.
'Tax Benefits
Another of the incredible advantages of this market is that in the UK there are no taxes on profits made and there is no upper limit to investments made in fine table wines.  This equates to TAX FREE PROFITS. Fine wines are also considered to be ‘wasting assets’ which therefore are not subject to capital gains tax.  Investments in fine wines therefore are CAPITAL GAINS TAX FREE.  This makes an investment in fine wines different from many other investments, allowing you to keep your profits.'
Wines with an expected life span of more than 50 years at the time of purchase are subject to CGT. A 'wasting asset' has to have a life expectancy of less than 50 years. For example, many top Bordeaux wines bought young, especially en primeur, have a predicted life span of well over 50 years. Most wines for investment are bought when they are young. After all there is no suggestion that the 1961s from Latour or Palmer are now no longer drinkable!  

Duedil currently lists the company's book value as  - £68,871 GBP Its sole director is 32-year-old Lazare James Morel.    
Vinance plc (formerly Morgan Aston Ford): annual return overdue) 8.9.2010. Return now filed. 25% upfront commission. Accounts overdue since 31.12.2010 (11.7.2011). 
17.10.12: latest accounts again overdue since 30.6.2012. 
21.10.12: Charge well above going rate for First Growths from lesser vintages. 
16.11.12: went into administration. Herron Fisher appointed. Deficit not yet known.
17.5.2013: went into voluntary liquidation. Herron Fisher appointed, who kept me informed of progress.
Update from Chris Herron (23.10.14):
'As regards general progress, Vinance PLC went from Administration to Liquidation on 17 May 2013.  This is normal where there is money to pay to creditors and the liquidation facilitates that distribution.  We have paid creditors 15p in the pound so far and expect to pay a second, smaller distribution in the new year.  The total creditor figure is approximately £15M.
Completely separately from this, we have returned perhaps £20M worth of wine to investors, having followed the audit trail and established that they owned it rather than the company.  We remain puzzled as to why other insolvency practitioners appear not to have always taken this approach in other cases, where they have sometimes simply sold all the wine, even that owned by third parties, to put “in the pot.”'
Director Simon John Ford (current address: Ontario, Canada) banned as UK director from 29.1.2015 to 28.1.2023. 
Company dissolved: 6.12.2016.   
Vin & Co:
Trading name. Director has poor track record. Previously
H&R Vintners Limited and City Wine Traders Ltd. Details to add.  
Vin Vende Courtier: website says based in London and Hong Kong but no contact details listed for either location.   
Vine Capital Ltd: Founded 2.8.10. Previous name Vine Investments Ltd (changed on 17.11.10). Registered office 111 Buckingham Palace Road Victoria, Westminster, London SW1W 0SR – serviced office 16.6.11 ‘Vine Capital Ltd, one of the leading Fine Wine Commodity Brokerage's in South East London & North Kent is now recruiting sales personnel’s to join their fast and expanding team.​’
We expect all candidates who wish to apply to be; Target Driven, Money Hungry and Hard Working
. ​ Experience in telephone sales is essential, however training is provided.​ Candidates with a proven sale's track history will have a much greater advantage in being successful.​’ (Knowledge of fine wine not mentioned but previous experience of cold calling presumably an advantage.)
Positions available: Opener's (Junior Broker) /​ Closer's - Loaders (Senior Broker's)
  • Opener’s duties include: calling up and pitching new prospective clients explaining the benefits to investing within the fine wine market, start to build a trusting relationship with the client.​
  • Closer’s duties include: calling up prospective clients who have expressed an interest to invest in the fine wine market from the conversation with the opener, explaining the market in more depth and closing the deal.​
  • Loader’s duties include: up selling and maintaining clients as well as informing them of any market trends and movements within this arena.​
Brokers will be based at BR6 7SA – Charmwood Lane, Orpington. 

28.11.13: appear to be more efficient at selling wine to their clients than selling wine for them.  
24.8.16: Change of name to VCL Vintners Ltd  16.7.2016.
25.7.2016: Change of registered office from St Clements House, 27-28 Clements Lane, London EC4N 7AE to 107-11 Fleet Street, London EC4A 2AB.
Current directors (as of 11.8.2017): Timothy Paul Ashley(DOB: August 1982) appointed 23.9.2015. Stuart Mcleod (DOB: Oct 1990), appointed 301.2017. 
13.3.2019: now VCL VINTNERS LIMITED - name changed 16.7.2016
Vino Bay Assets Ltd: cold calls. 
28.7.2013: currently two directors: 71-year-old Norma Elizabeth Stone and 69-year-old Yohai Abraham.  

Vin Bordelais Ltd: Formed 4.5.2011. This appears to be the son/daughter of Bordeaux UK. Using the same logo on its website as Bordeaux UK and the same contact telephone number and employing the same staff. Trading address is a Regus serviced office block in Reigate. Sole director (as of 17.11.2011) is Douglas Lawrence Adams of Douglas Company Services Ltd.
Update 8.9.12: Laurence Adams resigned as a director on 29.8.2012. On same day Grant Burberry was appointed as director. Octavian has closed Vin Bordelais' bonded warehouse account. Vin Bordelais is now using EHD bond.
Went into voluntary liquidation on 18.2.13. Liquidators Nedim Allyan (Sidcup) and Alexander Kinnmouth (Eastleigh).
Vintage Bordeaux Ltd (07093434): set up 2.12.2009. Initially registered at Kings Parade Lower Coombe Street Croydon CR0 1AA. This was changed to Imperial House, 21-25 North Street, Bromley, Kent, BR1 1SD on 17.12.12.   The company did not trade during ys/e 31.12.10 and 31.12.11, so started trading in 2012. Registered office changed on 15.9.14 to Amp House Dingwall Road Croydon CR0 2XA. According to Duedil Vintage Bordeaux Ltd has a book value of minus £1,024. Michael Joseph Solle is the only director and the sole shareholder – £100. He is also a director of M.J.S. Consultancy (London) Limited. Solle is believed to have worked at Bordeaux Fine Wines Ltd, where apparently he preferred to be called Joseph Stanley. The East Croydon address is conveniently close to BFW's former trading premises, so a number of old friends may have been reunited. Company cold calls, offering a case (12 bottles) of 1995 Mouton-Rothschild at £4620. Apparently no website.
Update June 2020:  Proposal to strike off company for non-compliance has been suspended since 15th February 2019. Accounts to 31st January 2018 have been overdue since 31st October 2018. Confirmation statement due 1st April 2019 overdue since 15th April. Accounts filed for 31st January 2017 and 31st January 2016 show losses £288,385 and £280,120 respectively. Company appears to be in suspended animation. See also UK Vintners (of London) PLC (09508939) and UKV International AG.
Vintage Bordeaux London: not a registered company. Address: Portland house Bressenden Place London SW1 (likely to be accommodation only with firm based elsewhere). Charged an investor £40,465 for a portfolio of wines that could have been bought elsewhere for £21,960.
Vintage Bordeaux Wines Ltd:Incorporated 18.3.2011.Registered office: 68 King William Street, London EC4N 7DZ. No accounts filed – overdue since 18.12.2012. Annual return overdue since 15.4.2013. Proposal to strike off with First Gazette issued: 27.8.13. Sole director is 34-year-old Mark Oscar.  
Update: compulsory strike off suspended: 24/09/2013.  25th Nov 2014  company dissolved via compulsory strike-off. No accounts filed.
Vintage International Ltd: Director: Ofosuhene Ofori Duah of Romford (DOB: May 1979. Cold calls, serviced office/accommodation address, evidence of selling well above the price these wines can be bought from other companies – despite claim: 'We design all portfolios in fine wine to suit your needs.' No details on website of who runs the company or their experience. Wine investment is 'Totally Tax Free' claims their website – er what about inheritance tax? Company founded on 22.8.08. Although the website suggests that the company is based in Paris, New York and Hong Kong as well as Canary Wharf, London no details are given on the website.
6.11.12: liquidator appointed. Liquidator's first report (28.11.13) noted that creditors' claims received totalled £923,320.58. Liquidator did not anticipate making any payment to unsecured creditors. Liquidator took successful legal action against Ofori Duah for wrongful traiding – £775,000. Ofori Duah was made bankrupt on 9.11.2015 as couldn't pay debt. Liquidator then claimed £791,744 but was informed by Insolvency Service that there was no prospect of any payment. Company dissolved 28.5.17
Vintage Vines Ltd: Founded 13.10.2010. Share capital £1. Cold calls. No track record. Website under construction. 
Update (18.8.2015): Sole director Daniel Paul Robinson of 37 Bushey Way, Beckenham BR3 6TA. Sole shareholder: The company's sole shareholder is Michelle Jane Hogben – £1 – the company's entire share capital. Michelle Hogben has been a director of a number of companies: Clarets Consulting Ltd (dissolved), MJH Acquistions Ltd (dissolved) registered office was 228A High Street, Bromey, Kent BR1 1PQ, SJ Wine Matters (dissolved), Fine Wine Portfolios Ltd (dissolved).
One of her addresses is 37 Bushey Way, Beckenham, Kent BR3 6TA – an address shared by Daniel Paul Robinson. 
37 Bushey Way Beckenham Kent United Kingdom BR3 6TA

Read more at:

Read more at:

Read more at:
Vintage Wine Investors: highly unlikely claims (50% profit in three months) and offers from a company that is not registered in the UK with no indication on its website if it is registered elsewhere. Virtual office/accommodation address. Website registered in Canada. Appear to be linked to Classic Bordeaux Vintners – another scam to be avoided.   
Vin-X Ltd: 'Vin-X was formed by a team with backgrounds in stockbroking, wine investment and retail, with the aim of introducing and educating private individuals to the benefits of investing in wine.' (About us – Vin-X Ltd website)

The company founded on 10th July 1989 as Nerigrass Ltd, changing its name to Safety Watch Ltd (11.10.89), to Kestral Holdings Ltd (20.12.91) and to Vin-X Ltd on 10.3.2010. It has been run since 1990 by Peter Shakeshaft. The company's accounts were dormant until 31.3.95 with the first full set of accounts covering the period to 31.3.96.

The background in 'stockbroking' is unfortunate as a number of those involved in Vin-X Ltd were also involved in Wills & Co Ltd (fullname: Wills & Co Stockbrokers Limited), which was censured by the FSA and later closed in the High Court.
Walter Chase Ltd: details to be added. Reports of very aggressive sales pitch. Also Chase & Walter. Matthew Boatwright director of both companies. 
Update 10.3.17: Walter Chase Ltd compulsorily dissolved: 27.12.2016. Chase & Walter Ltd also compulsorily dissolved: 1.11.16 – no accounts or returns filed. Matthew Boatwright's Investment Broker London Ltd has also been dissolved compulsorily 29.3.2016. Boatwright does not appear to have the magic touch with companies....     
Wellington House Collections Ltd. Founded 20.9.2013. £1 company with sole director 46 year-old Steven Allum – also a director of Prestige Wealth Collections Ltd founded 19.9.2013. Wellington House offers investments in art and wine. Graphs on wine section of site stop at December 2011, so don't show recent fall in prices. Both companies registered at 124 New Bond Street, London W1S 1DX  – a well known accommodation address. Neither Wellington House Collections Ltd nor Prestige Wealth Collections Ltd has a track record to date (11.3.2014). 
Update: Wellington House Collections Ltd dissolved via compulsory strike off 12th May 2015. No returns or accounts filed. Directors: Steven Allum and Frederick Hempley. Prestige Wealth Collections Ltd dissolved 5th May 2015 – no returns or accounts filed.
Westminster Fine Wines Ltd:  Recently formed company – 7.11.2011 with a serviced/virtual office address and no track record. No mention of directors on website. Not a company I would buy from, especially en primeur. 
28.7.13: Accounts overdue since 7.7.13. No accounts have been filed. 33-year-old Jeff Berrill is the sole director and sole shareholder (£10).50 Broadway, London SW1 is a Regus serviced office block.
Update 9.7.14: Company went into liquidation on 27.6.2014. Liquidator Nedim Ailyan. Deficit £232,326. No accounts ever filed.  
Update 1.3.16: Jeff Berrill disqualified as a director for 12 years. 
Winchester Associates Ltd: Although founded on 21.8.2006, company (£2 share capital) was dormant at least until end of 2014 – last accounts filed are for a dormant company. Probably remained dormant until around late February/March 2015. Current director is Christopher James Brummitt (appointed 24.2.2015). Website  was registered on 13.3.2015. Serviced office address. Despite this history website gives impression that Winchester Associates Ltd has been active in the fine wine trade since 2006. 
Update (10.3.17): company struck off compulsorily - 20.9.2016.

Wine Asset Ltd: Amazingly high prices for ordinary Bordeaux wines with no investment potential. See warning on This is Money Company registered in Belize. 
Wine Direct/ Hailsham Cellarspart of Neulin Trading Ltd. Appear to be seriously incompetent. Client, who ordered six bottles of 2010 Latour in July 2011, is still awaiting delivery, despite having sent a solicitor's letter. Recently has been promised his wine but after 19 days Wine Direct/ Hailsham Cellars still cannot raise an invoice to cover transport etc. even though they acknowledge that they have the wine in bond. Client has been palmed off with a series of lame excuses. 
Details of associated company – Wine Direct International Ltd now in liquidation to add. 
Wine Traders International (Assets Vin Rouge Ltd) + Bradshaw & Karr: closed in public interest now under police investigation 
Update: Assets Vin Rouge Ltd disssolved 23.7.2013.
Wine Wholesale Ltd: cold calls, (annual return overdue since 19.7.2010) - now filed. Dormant company until 30.6.08. 'Our team has many years experience within the fine wine investment market and have managed portfolios for a wide audience, from first time investors through to wine connoisseurs.'  'even more so as there is no Capital Gains Tax on the profits you achieve'. Accounts overdue since 31.3.11 and the annual return since 26.11.2011. Proposal for complusory strike off issued 3.4.2012 but suspended 31.5.2012. Might be an objection from Customs & Revenue or a customer. It would appear that at least some of the wine ordered is not in the warehouse.
Update: 24th Dec 2013 Final Gazette dissolved via compulsory strike-off
Wines World Wide Ltd: incorporated 1st July 2013. Registered office: 23 Admiral House, Rivergate, Peterborough PE1 1ES, United Kingdom – given on 192 as an address for Paul Freeman but not on Electoral Roll. Sole director: 48-year-old Paul Freeman (DOB: 9.9.1964). Paul Freeman also is the sole shareholder with 100 shares@£1. (May well be the return of Peterborough's favourite son after spells in Rotterdam, Monte Carlo and Tamarin in Mauritius.) 
In 2012 a court in Tennessee found that Paul Freeman had been a ring leader in a fraudulent scheme: 'involving the sale of unregistered, worthless securities'. The shell company, the British Medical Trust Company Ltd., was based in Mauritius.  Another company – Global Biohealth Solutions Ltd, based at 1st Floor, Block B, Ruisseau Creole Complex, La Mivoie, Black River, Mauritius was also cited in the case. The fraud also involved Beth Maria Freeman, his wife, and Carly Freeman, his daughter, Ryan Ferreira and Daniel Bartlett. 

Wines World Wide Ltd should not be confused with Worldwide Wine Investments Ltd.  
Update (17.8.2014): annual return overdue since 29/07/2014.  
Company dissolved on 10.2.2015 – compulsory strike off.  
Sole director – Paul Freeman (DOB: 9.9.1964) declared personally bankrupt on 21.5.2015. Last known address: 1 Oswald Road, Peterborough PE2 9RY. Lately of 23 Ave Des Capitaives, Mauritius 

Winnington Fine Wines Ltd: set up 23.1.2012 but claims already (7.3.12) to be a 'leading wine broker' with 'a long term history of impressive returns'. Claim an storage account with London City Bond – no account with LCB (7.3.2012). 
June 2013: company disappeared some time ago. Proposal to strike off – First Gazette published 21.5.2013. Appears to have bought some but not all of the wine ordered by its clients. See post here: Dissolved: 12th November 2015
Woolf Sung Ltd: Company founded 29.6.2012.The sole director is 33-year-old Sebastian Joseph Woolf. Woolf learnt his craft with European Fine Wines Ltd – now bust with debts of £2 million. He was one of two senior managers at Europeans Fine Wines Ltd – with Sean Dineen responsible for running the trading teams. See story in The European 10.2.2012.
Woolf Sung Ltd cold called a number of clients of the disappeared The London Vines Ltd. Many of these people would have been elderly. Rather different from what he told The Drinks Business in August 2014.
“A six bottle case of the 2002 Salon Cuvee is currently worth £1,650 and we are predicting a 10% growth in the next 12 months,” said Sebastian Woolf founder and CEO, Sebastian Woolf, who set up the company in 2012 with the aim of targeting young fine wine investors via under the radar wines and vintages.'
How did Sebastian Woolf and Woof Sung Ltd get their contact details?
Update August 2014: now touting Champagne as the next wine investment – covered by The Drinks Business and wine-searcher magazine.
29.6.2020: Company name changed to Woolf Drinks Ltd. 

World of Wine Ltd – from the same stable as bust En Primeur Ltd. En Primeur Ltd, sole director Marco Correia, went bust with debts that eventually totalled £2.4 million. World of Wine Ltd was founded on 3rd December 2015. Ana Sebastiao is the sole director and shareholder. Same registered and trading office as En Primeur Ltd. Marco Correia is the registrant for the new website.    

Uses same wording as En Primeur Ltd to promote advanatges of buying en primeur.  
See: rearing a phoenix. 
Update 30.5.18: 07 Nov 2017 First Gazette notice for compulsory strike-off, cancelled 6.1.18. Micro accounts to 31.12.16 show debts of £9341.
29.2.2019: Dissolved through compulsory strike off 

Worldwide Wine Investments Ltd (dissolved 28.9.10 on voluntary strike off)
Worldwide Wine Investments Ltd (Mark 2): Founded 28.3.2007 as Clearpoint Trading Ltd. Changed name 15.10.2010. Dormant company accounts made up to 31.3.2010. Milton Keynes address is virtual office. Cold calls, no track record for en primeur sales. 'These so called "investment-grade wines" from the Bordeaux region are finite as the 1855 French regulation restricts vineyards expansion.' What '1855 regulation' would this be?

'Therefore it is viewed as a perishable commodity with a shelf life of between 30-50 years. So as long as you don’t hold your wine for over 50 years you are completely exempt from CGT, meaning it's a tax free investment and you keep all your profits,'. Suggest you read HMRC's Bulletin 42 on wines & spirits tax treatment and, while you are at it, take a look at the implications of inheritance tax. 
'During the course of the lifetime of your investment World-Wide Wine Investment will liaise with London City Bond and Vinoteque (sic)'. Currently Worldwide Wine Investments Ltd has no account at London City Bond (LCB). Update: 28.3.2011: still no account at LCB. However, they told a putative client who they cold called that they will be 'opening an account there this week'.
4.5.11: Company now has a private account at LCB but no trade account.
28.7.2013: Proposal to strike off for non-compliance: accounts overdue since 30.6.12 and annual return since 8.3.13. Company has had a number of directors including 43-year-old Geraint Jones and 46-year-old David Nicol (14.11.2013 - now 47 years old).
23.10.2013: Police arrest three people (including one 47 year-old man) in Essex in connection with their over a year old investigation into the company. Arrests made on suspicion of fraud and money laundering. Suspects on police bail. Clients of Worldwide Wine Investments Ltd have been contacted by Murdoch & Chase and Spencer & Elstein Ltd.
Dissolved: 1st July 2014    
Worldwide Wealth Collections Ltd: founded 11.7.2011. See Mirror investigation here. In liquidation – liquidator appointed 5th March 2013. Sole director was 44-year-old Nicholas Jones.  
Liquidation: Abbot Fielding and Grant Thornton
Company dissolved 9.8.2018
Wynn XS Ltd: (co no: 05827238) new company name for Prime Trading 5 Ltd (5.5.2015) – still at same address in Sidcup.  Aaron Scott-Britten (DOB: May 1989) sole director. Threats of compulsory strike-off action from July 2017. 
Update: 17.7.21 – may have ceased trading. Accounts overdue since 29.2.2020, confirmation statement since 20.5.2021. London office: Office 156, 155 Minories, London EC3N 1AD is a branch of Mail Boxes Etc. Contact number on website – 0800-1303239 is 'suspended'. considerable delays in supplying en primeur with some clients still waiting for 2003s, 2004s, 2005s, 2006s and 2007s. Over 501 cases outstanding (estimate value 297,657€ – 6.3.11) and shocking tales of serial promises broken. Was probationary member of Fevad. Rated 19/100 by creditsafe (solvabilité enterprise) – 'company in debt status (Social Security preferential right)' France's most successful on-line wine merchant fraud.
22.11.2013: now in administration but this doesn't stop the frauds.

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