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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Mr Lewis Samuels and Samuels & Parker Ltd – just the latest joker on the block!

Samuels & Parker say they are specialists in Bordeaux but their home page features a cropped version of a photo of a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc vineyard – see here

'Formed by a group of experienced and successful wine traders, Samuels & Parker are providing an opportunity for our clients to gain a foothold in the thriving and prosperous fine wine market.'

'We are committed to ensuring our clients receive the best market knowledge and access to opportunities that have only been available to a select clique. It is our fundamental objective to ensure complete customer satisfaction with our range of services and products.

Our entire team are extremely experienced and have an exemplary depth of knowledge and performance within the fine wine market – many forming long term relationships with our clients.

 'At Samuels & Parker, we have built a business on the basis ....'

'At Samuels & Parker, we have built a business on the basis that many independent financial commentators believe fine wines deserve consideration as part of a comprehensive collecting strategy. A holding in fine wine is part of the diversity argument.'

The guff on the Samuels & Parker website sounds impressive! Even more impressive when you realise that the company wasn't formed until 9th September 2014. Its sole director is 27-year-old Lewis Samuels (DOB – 7.10.1987). Samuels is also the sole shareholder of Samuels & Parker Ltd with £100 of share capital. The company was initially registered at 16 Rayfield Close, Bromley BR2 8JT.   

The mention of Bromley and investment is so reassuring!!

On 18th November 2014 Samuels & Parker Ltd's registered office changed to 3 More London Place, London SE1 2RE. These are serviced offices and this is given as their trading address.

Addresses in Central London and Hong Kong 
– both serviced offices

Regus serviced office @3 More
Serviced offices at Level 10, Hong Kong

Lewis Samuels and Samuels & Parker Ltd appear to specialise in offering to sell wine for their clients – nothing wrong in that except there is a nasty catch

At the beginning of the year one client (AG) was persuaded to transfer some 36 cases of fine wine, worth some £80,000, that was in-bond to Lewis Samuels. Samuels told AG that he had a client in Hong Kong who wanted to buy the wines in time for the Chinese New Year. The wines went into Lewis Samuels' private account. Samuels & Parker Ltd does not have an account at this bond.

Once the wines were in Lewis Samuels' account they were immediately transferred to another UK bonded warehouse. Very soon AG had doubts and tried to get his wine back/get paid for it. Despite AG chasing for payment to date he hasn't received a penny. And the wine? He was told it was now in Hong Kong but – quelle surprise! – the Chinese client no longer wants the wine! Samuels & Parker Ltd could, however, told AG that they could fly his wine back from Hong Kong at a cost of £9200!

Clearly Lewis Samuels is both a joker and a chancer as it is highly unlikely that AG's wines ever left the UK. Their alleged journey to Hong Kong is as fictitious as the Chinese client.  

Curiously AG received a broking list from Samuels & Parker Ltd called: 'Samuels & Parker Ltd Wine Stock 2015'. However, it is Corney & Barrow's broking list. As agents for DRC and Pétrus among others, Corney & Barrow would have nothing to do with the likes of Mr Lewis Samuels. Doubtless another instance of Lewis' sense of humour!

'Samuels & Parker Wine Stock 2015'
actually no – Corney & Barrow's list!
You might wonder why it is Samuels & Parker. I assume that Lewis added the Parker name hoping for additional gravitas and credibility from the famous American wine critic – Robert Parker. The great man happens to be in London this week. Whether Robert will welcome any linking, however tenuous, with Lewis Samuels is quite another matter – highly unlikely I would have thought.... 

I understand that AG has reported Lewis Samuels and Samuels & Parker Ltd to Action Fraud. I hope the police can intervene before Lewis Samuels turns magician and makes AG's wines disappear.
Clearly Samuels & Parker Ltd is one to watch out for and, as far as I'm concerned, avoid

The moral of this story is clear – do your due diligence properly before transferring your wine portfolio into someone else's account.

Very good to see UK bonded warehouses cooperating here!

Update: 26th February 2016
Samuels & Parker Ltd was dissolved on 23rd February 2016 as its annual return was never filed. I understand that AG died in December 2015. He never received any money for his wine that he transferred. Furthermore in October 2015 he was persuaded to to send money, which I understand also disappeared without trace.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Vine Capital Ltd 'our vast experience' but selling very over-priced 2012 Bordeaux as an investment!

 'Vine Capital, fine wine specialists with years of experience etc.

 'Expert Advice'!!

 'Our vast experience in the wine trade has made us over 
the years the first point of contact for many wine collectors'

'As stock picking is a crucial aspect of building your portfolio,
it is vitally important to identify which wines to buy'

'our in depth knowledge of the market place'

Vine Capital Ltd and 31-year-old Ben Lancaster, their sole director and sole shareholder (100 £1 shares) claim vast experience. So why were they punting out a case (12 bottles) of 2012 Cheval Blanc at £7000 in mid-November as an 'investment' when Justerini & Brooks had this at £3,250?

Clearly Ben Lancaster and Vine Capital Ltd are vastly experienced at thinning investors' wallets!   

Vine Capital Ltd was formed on 2nd August 2010 and changed its name from Vine Investments Ltd to Vine Capital Ltd on 17.11.2010. Ben Lancaster (DOB: 18.7.1983) became the sole director on 1.9.2012. Since 14th March 2011 the company's registered address is 111 Buckingham Palace Road, London BW1 0SR. However, in October 2011 The Vine Capital Ltd placed an ad with Junior Broker for sales personnel to work in Bromley – London's capital of scams. 

Job location: Bromley

'At Vine Capital, we proudly take an active approach 
to research and analysis, offering a continually 
updated insight into the market and market forces... 
The future of the fine wine market is exciting and 
many industry experts are predicting an 
increase of 10% by December 2013 
and expect to see the market growing by 22% by Christmas 2014.' 

Reality check: on 30th June 2011 the Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 stood at 365. By 31st December 2014 the indice had fallen to 239 – a fall of 35%. So much for Ben Lancaster and Vine Capital Ltd's approach to 'research & analysis'! 

I shall be avoiding Ben Lancaster's Vine Capital Ltd – thanks but no thanks!  


Update: 30th May 2016Ben Lancaster resigned as a director on 24.9.2015. He was replaced by Timothy Paul Ashley on 23.9.2015 – DOB 8.1982. Accounts to 31.8.2014 show total assets less current liabilities at £8234 compared to £26,875 in 2013.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Kenneth Jean Pierre Gundlach (Bordeaux Fine Wines Ltd): gets 15-year ban

Kenneth Gundlach gets 15-year directorship ban for wine investment scam  
Will criminal charges follow?

'Insolvency Service press release Bordeaux Fine Wine
20 February 2015

Fine wine scammer gets maximum disqualification
Kenneth Jean Pierre Gundlach, the director of Bordeaux Fine Wines Limited, a company which sold wine to members of the public, has been disqualified from promoting, managing or directing a limited company until 2030 for failing to purchase at least £9.3 million of wine sold to investors.

In the undertaking given to the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills, Mr Gundlach accepted that he had failed to purchase and/or allocate at least 1,750 cases of wine to satisfy purchases made by its customers. His disqualification is for 15 years, the maximum period available.

Investigators noted that Mr Gundlach had received dividends from the company totalling over £10 million and found that this was in excess of the value of the wine the company ought to have purchased for its customers

Commenting on this case Paul Titherington, Official Receiver in the Public Interest Unit, said:
“It was Mr Gundlach and his salesmen who benefited from this company rather than its honest investors.  He continued to sell wine when he knew he had failed to fulfil earlier sales. Anyone showing such blatant disregard for commercial morality should expect to be banned from running any limited company for a lengthy period time.”  

The disqualification follows investigation by the Public Interest Unit, a specialist team of the Insolvency Service. Mr Gundlach used the dividends he received from the company to fund his lifestyle which included payments for performance cars, race horses (including Bunbury Cup winner Field of Dream), private jet hire, and designer clothing and jewellery.  Mr Gundlach continued to market and sell wine to existing investors at a time when he knew or ought to have known that those investors had still not been allocated the cases of wine they had previously purchased from the Company. 

Bordeaux Fine Wines Limited was wound up in the public interest on 26th February 2014 following an earlier investigation by the Investigations and Enforcement Services division of the Insolvency Service.

The disqualification follows investigation by the Public Interest Unit, a specialist team of the Insolvency Service. Mr Gundlach used the dividends he received from the company to fund his lifestyle which included payments for performance cars, race horses (including Bunbury Cup winner Field of Dream), private jet hire, and designer clothing and jewellery.  Mr Gundlach continued to market and sell wine to existing investors at a time when he knew or ought to have known that those investors had still not been allocated the cases of wine they had previously purchased from the Company. 

Bordeaux Fine Wines Limited was wound up in the public interest on 26 February 2014 following an earlier investigation by the Investigations and Enforcement Services division of the Insolvency Service.

Commenting on the case, Vicky Bagnall, director of Investigations and Enforcement Services at the Insolvency Service, said:
“These excellent results show that where the public have been scammed we do not stop at winding the company up, we also pursue the individual directors to ensure that if they wish to trade again, they must do so at their own risk.”
Notes to Editors
Bordeaux Fine Wines Ltd (“BFW”) was incorporated on 18 September 2008. Its trading address was at 3rd Floor, Lansdowne Road, Croydon CR9 2ER

The petition to wind up the company was presented by the Secretary of State for Business, Innovations and Skills in the public interest following an investigation conducted by Company Investigations (Live), another specialist unit within the Insolvency Service. The winding up order was made against BFW on 26 February 2014.

The liquidator has advised that he has received claims from investors and creditors totalling £57,697,885 (including a claim from Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs of £15,875,210 ) which are yet to be adjudicated. 

On 30 January 2015, Kenneth Jean Pierre Gundlach (“Mr Gundlach”) signed a disqualification undertaking for a period of 15 years which means that he cannot promote, manage, or be a director of a limited company until 2030.  The period of disqualification will commence from 23 February 2015.  The misconduct Mr Gundlach admitted to was:

Mr Gundlach caused BFW to trade in a manner which lacked commercial probity in that he caused it to fail to purchase and/or allocate sufficient cases of wine to satisfy purchases made by its customers. In particular between 3 March 2009 and the cessation of trade BFW:

Sold 3,196 cases of wine totalling at least £19,264,388 to members of the public as an investment; and
Failed to supply 1,750 cases of wine to accounts at the bonded warehouse in the investor’s name totalling at least £9,393,373 whilst only having 780 cases stored in its bonded warehouse which were sold by the liquidator for £1,513,150 before costs;
In addition, Mr Gundlach:
Caused BFW to continue to market and sell wine to investors who either had no account at the LCB or when BFW had not transferred the previous purchase into the investor’s bonded warehouse account; and

Failed to monitor and review the position of BFW with respect to the correct allocation of an investor’s wine to a bonded warehouse in their name when he knew from 1 October 2010 that BFW had failed to supply wine, and continued to do so when he admits he was fully aware from May or June 2013.

5.      The result of which is that following the making of the winding-up Order, wine held in BFW’s bonded warehouse account could not be allocated to a particular investor.

6.      At a time when BFW was failing to purchase sufficient wine to satisfy investors purchases and failing to allocate wine to a particular investor’s bonded warehouse account, Mr Gundlach:
Received dividends totalling £10,680,516 as shown in accounts filed at Companies House; and
Appears to have used BFW’s account for his personal benefit

Selected transactions identified in the Company bank accounts and/or records show the following payments:

·        £626,148 to bloodstock companies probably for the purchase of race horses;

·        £553,803 for the purchase and running of motor vehicles;

·        £170,000 to a well known bespoke jeweller;

·        £141,589 for private jet hire and associated costs; and

·        £38,500 for an office Christmas party.

A disqualification has the effect that without the specific permission of the court, a person with a disqualification cannot:
·        Act as a director

·        Take part, directly or indirectly, in the promotion, formation or management of a company or limited liability partnership

·        Act as an insolvency practitioner; or

·        Be a receiver of a company’s property

In addition many other restrictions are placed on disqualified directors by other regulations. Further information on director disqualifications and restrictions can be found at 

All public enquiries concerning the affairs of the company should be made to: The Official Receiver, Public Interest Unit (South), The Insolvency Service, 2nd Floor, 4 Abbey Orchard Street, London SW1P 2HT. Tel: 020 7637 6228  Email:    

David Ingram of Grant Thornton UK LLP was appointed as liquidator of the BFW on 14 March 2014 following a meeting of creditors. As part of Mr Ingram's duties as the liquidator, he is to realise assets for the benefit of the liquidation estate and will investigate the affairs of Bordeaux Fine Wines Limited and the conduct of Mr Gundlach in so far as it assists him in identifying and recovering assets. To date, Mr Ingram has realised the total sum of £1,423,132 for the liquidation estate and his investigations are ongoing.  Investors and creditors who have not submitted a claim in the proceedings should contact the liquidator’s office:

Monday, 16 February 2015

Noble Rock Partners or Claremont Partnership? I'd avoid both!

Home page of Noble Rock (Noble Rock Partners) 
or is it Claremont Partners Ltd?

The following message from TJ was passed onto investdrinks by a wine company:

TJ: 'I have just been approached by an investment company called Noble Rock; a cold call.

I spoke to a Peter James who quizzed me about who had contacted me regarding my wine portfolio and what I had been offered. His reply was "Oh no your portfolio is worth a lot more". Having given some details of my portfolio he telephoned back later and said their company could guarantee a sale around £58,000. Then, he said it would require a deposit of around £5,800 (a management fee) payable to an escrow account. The escrow account, he said, was to act as a safeguard between myself and the company.

I receive the paperwork today. The company has assets of over £2 million.

This all sounds rather risky to me! What do you think? Have you heard of them?'

Although the website is called Noble Rock – the company is actually Noble Rock Partners Ltd. There was a Noble Rock Ltd – apparently unconnected – which was dissolved in 2013.  

Although Noble Rock Partners Ltd was incorporated on 3rd December 2012, it wasn't active until December 2014 as it changed its name from 1st Network Ltd on 10.12.14 – the day after Philip Elman, the sole director was appointed. The previous director Darren Symes resigned the same day. Share capital is £1, which is held by Paramount Properties (UK) Ltd. The company's website was registered on 22nd December 2014.  

 £1 share capital apparently worth: £2,781,743

Parent company: Paramount Properties (UK) Ltd

Healthy balance sheet!!

Northern Rock Partners Ltd offers investment opportunities in oil, gold, capital exchange and wine, except that it is clearly used text from an earlier company called Claremont Partnerships Ltd, whose initial director was Darren Symes and its parent company is also Paramount Properties (UK) Ltd. 

You have to be so careful when you cut and paste! 

 Noble Rock website but 'The investment objectives 
of the Claremont Partnerships is ....

Noble Rock website but 'The Claremont Partnerships..... 

Noble Rock carries logo of World Finance 
Investment Management Awards 2013


CIPA International Investment Awards 
Noble Rock website carries logo of World Finance Investment Management Awards 2013 and the CIPA International Investment Awards. Noble Rock Partners Ltd has not won an award in either of these competitions.  

On 7th November 2014 warned here about The Claremont Partnerships Ltd.  There doesn't appear to be a current website for The Claremont Partnerships Ltd. Instead it would appear that they are now operating as The Noble Rock Partnership. 

Offered £58,951.78 by the Noble Rock Partnership Ltd a look on wine-searcher shows that TJ's portfolio could be bought for around £19,000. Of course if TJ was to sell his portfolio, he could expect to get around £17,000 – assuming a 10% commission charge. Remarkable that Noble Rock is able to offer £58,951.78 – presumably why they charge a refundable 'management fee' of £5895.78.  

Noble Rock Partners Ltd: 'Cancellation Policy 
By placing an order you accept that our mutual dealings are speculative and subject to the financial markets and therefore fall outside the distance selling regulations. Requests to cancel must be submitted by email or post.' 

This is incorrect. Fine wine is not a regulated financial market and is therefore subject to the 2013 Consumer Contracts legislation.

Paramount Properties (UK) Ltd 
Paramount Properties (UK) Ltd is the parent of Noble Rock Partnership Ltd and Claremont Partnerships Ltd. Founded in June 1981 Paramount Properties (UK) Ltd has been dormant since at least 1995. Its sole director is Neil Stuart Cohen born in 1961 and was appointed in March 1991.

Neil Stuart Cohen is currently the sole director 
and has been a director since March 1991  
Noble Rock Partners Ltd – thanks but no thanks!

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) warns against "HKIC Group"

HKIC Group – home page  

False claims: Regulated by: Hong Kong Monetary Authority 
Monetary Authority of Singapore

Press release from The Hong Kong Monetary Authority issued on 4th February 2015:  

'Suspected fraudulent website:

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) wishes to alert members of the public to a suspected fraudulent website with the domain name "".  The website is operated by an alleged "HKIC Group", which claims that it is regulated by the HKMA.

The public should be aware that the alleged "HKIC Group" is not authorized under the Banking Ordinance to carry on banking business or the business of taking deposits in Hong Kong, nor does it have the approval to establish a local representative office.

The HKMA has referred the case to the Hong Kong Police Force for further investigation.  Anyone who has provided his or her personal information to the website or has conducted any financial transactions through the website should contact any local Police Station or the Commercial Crime Bureau of the Hong Kong Police Force at 2860 5012.

Given the global nature of the Internet, members of the public are reminded to verify the status of any organisation making use of the Internet to solicit deposits from the public.  A list of authorized institutions is available on the HKMA's website (  Members of the public may also check the status of any entity in Hong Kong which solicits deposits from the public with the HKMA by calling its public enquiry hotline 2878 8222.

Hong Kong Monetary Authority
4 February 2015'

The HKIC Group also claims to be regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. This claim would appear to be as false as the Hong Kong claim since a search on the MASNET website produces no result for HKIC.

A director of a wine investment company told me recently that the HKIC Group 'approached a client of ours offering to buy a case of Lafite ‘98 and a case of ‘02 for the princely (and sadly unbelievable – in the literal sense) sum of £18,500.  Very nice too!'

A quick check on wine-searcher shows that Albany Vintners currently have the 2002 Lafite-Rothschild listed at £4650 a case, while Cavex – Fine Wine Trading had the 2002 at £4500 on 15th January 2015.  

 Contact information: serviced/virtual offices

 Our services at 31/F Chinachem Century Tower

 Serviced and virtual offices@ 32 London Road, Guildford 

Copyright on website supposed to be 2007
but website registered on 6th January 2015 

I will certainly follow the advice of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and avoid the HKIC Group.  

Friday, 13 February 2015

APW Asset Management Ltd into voluntary liquidation

It was confirmed yesterday (12th February 2015) that APW Asset Management Ltd is going into voluntary liquidation. The creditors' meeting to appoint the liquidator will be held on 6th March 2015 at the Holiday Inn, High Wycombe starting at 10.30. 

Creditors needing further information should contact Caroline Lowes of Quantuma on 01628-478100 or caroline.lowes@quantuma .com

Previous investdrinks story on APW Asset Management Ltd here.  

APW Shareholders
APW Asset Management Ltd has £100 of issued share capital. The parent company is The Big Wine Company, which is not registered in the UK. It's registration number is #0059904. Somewhere off-shore? Is there perhaps a possible clue in its initial letters – BWC?

I hope Quantuma will be able to reveal who the ultimate owners of APW Asset Management Ltd are?  

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

APW Asset Management Ltd headed for liquidation or still administration? (an update)

Although there are rumours that APW Asset Management Ltd, who offered Australian wines as an investment, is headed for liquidation. This has not been confirmed by Quantuma LLP, who are handling APW's affairs.

In response to my asking yesterday what the current status of APW Asset Management Ltd Quantuma LLP replied: 'At this moment we cannot confirm anything regarding the above case'. I'm promised an update when they are able 'to release some information'. 

Clients of APW Asset Management Ltd received a letter in December from Chima Maduabuchukwu, the company’s now sole director, telling them that ‘we will no longer be advising and managing your day to day and will be passing all management of APW affairs to Quantuma LLP of 81 Station Road, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 INS.’

The phones at APW Assessment Management Ltd are not being answered instead there is a message that the mailbox is full.    

Wines for APW clients are stored at London City Bond in numerous sub-accounts. LCB have frozen the whole APW Asset Management Ltd account as substantial storage charges are overdue. David Hogg at LCB’s Vinothèque said: “I’m sure the amount owed will be sorted out but is just a question of playing the waiting game.” 

“A number of APW clients have told us that they paid their storage charges at the end of last year,” said Hogg. “However, APW has not passed these on to us.”

Given that APW Asset Management Ltd appears not to be currently functioning and that the sum owed to LCB is some six figures, liquidation would now appear to be more likely than administration. Furthermore as monies paid over to APW for storage at LCB by their clients appears not to have been passed over, this raises the question of whether all of the wines ordered recently by investors have been purchased.  

Avoid UK Agora Ltd 
At least one APW client has been approached by Jamie Ellis of UK Agora Ltd offering to sell them wine as they ‘are more reputable than APW’. UK Agora Ltd was set up in April 2014. Ellis was previously a broker with APW. On 22nd January 2015 Ellis offered £2500 for six bottles of 2009 Penfolds Grange including a 10% brokerage fee. wine-searcher shows that a six bottle case can be bought for £1560 from Berry Bros & Rudd. Today UK Agora Ltd's website has disappeared. Let's hope it stays down!

Six bottles of 2009 Grange for £2500 from UK Agora Ltd
including 10% brokerage fee 

Other prices for six bottles of 2009 Grange from £1477.60  

April Fools' Day makes early appearance!
From the UK Agora brochure: 
'Since the beginning of 2014, UK Agora Ltd has developed 
a standing as one of the primary fine wine investment businesses.'

 Formerly with APW Asset Management Ltd 
now Nicholas Gibbs is apparently with UK Agora Ltd

If the price of the 2009 Grange is any indication, UK Agora Ltd would appear to be following on with the investment pricing policy of APW Asset Management Ltd. Lionel Nierop of Bid for Wine has told investdrinks of a client of APW who a few years ago invested over £300K in Australian wines but was only able to realise around £60,000. A rule of thumb Nierop says investors can reckon to get back 20p in a £1 on their APW Australian investments at auction. This assumes that the wines are auctioned in bond.     

APW Asset Management Ltd was set up in December 2002. It was originally called Australian Liquid Assets Ltd, changing its name to Australian Portfolio Wines (UK) Ltd in early 2003. In early 2013 the company name was changed APW Asset Management Ltd. 

APW Asset Management Ltd has been run by a number of directors including Arlene King (July 2008 to December 2010), who was also the company secretary from July 2005 to December 2010. King has been a director of The Bordeaux Wine Company, another wine investment company, since January 2005 and is currently its sole director. Both companies have the same registered office in Kenton.  

41-year-old Frederick (Freddy) Achom is the senior partner and major shareholder in The Bordeaux Wine Company and a founder and chairman of The Rosemont Group. Achom has had a chequered career. In 2010 and 2011, according to Wikipedia, Achom was included in the Evening Standard’s list of 1000 most influential Londoners. He has also been listed as one of the UK’s Most Influential Black People. Wikipedia reports that: 'In 2012 his Rosemont Group’s wine asset management subsidiary companies, which span the UK, Australia and China, were reported to have over 50 million pounds of wine assets under management.' 

However, back in September 2000 Frederick Achom was sentenced at Southwark Crown Court, London to a year’s imprisonment for fraud. He, along with Anthony Grant, were barred from being UK company directors from July 2002 to July 2013.  His first wine investment company – Boington and Fredericks Ltd – was closed in the public interest in January 2002.

Chima Madu's Global Bordeaux site 

The Bahamas Connnection    
Chima Maduabuchukwu, also known as Chima Madu, is APW’s sole director (appointed August 2014) and is based in the Bahamas. He also runs Bahamas-based Global Bordeaux, a wine investment company, set up in 2013. Its address is: Suite 1A Regent Center, West Explorers Way, Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas P.O.Box F-40337. Chima Maduabuchukwu's Bahamas address is Centre Suite, 1A Regent Center, West Explorers Way, Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas F-40 393.
Regent Centre Suite 1a Regent Centre, Explorers Wa Freeport Grand Bahama Bahamas F-40 393

Read more at:

Its website claims: 'At Global Bordeaux we use our expertise to successfully navigate the fine wine market for investors seeking growth and stability.' Wines are stored at London City Bond. 

Chima Madu was previously a director of the now dissolved Rosemont Overseas Investments Ltd (formed 5.8.2008). At the time Rosemont Overseas Investments Ltd was set up Chima Maduabuchukwu's address was 28D Fitz John's Avenue, London NW3 5NB. 

His fellow director was 42-year-old Dean Achom (DOB: 9.8.1972). Dean Achom has been a director of several companies including Rosemont Marketing Ltd that was formed in 7.12.2001 and dissolved 17.3.2009. Achom was a director from 22.1.2005 to 17.3.2009.  

Who I wonder decided to appoint Chima Maduabuchukwu as the sole director of APW Asset Management?

APW Shareholders
APW Asset Management Ltd has £100 of issued share capital. The parent company is The Big Wine Company, which is not registered in the UK. It's registration number is #0059904. Somewhere off-shore? Is there perhaps a possible clue in its initial letters – BWC?  

 Share capital: £100 – 5% held by Enzo Giannotta 
and 95% by Big Wine Company Ltd 

  Ultimate parent company: The Big Wine Company Ltd
Not registered in UK. No: #0059904

More to come as story unfolds ....  

See the fine investigation by Neal Baker in The Drinks Business on APW.   

Read more at: