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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bordeaux UK Ltd: curioser & curioser – a tale of three companies

This morning when I posted the news that Bordeaux UK Ltd had gone into liquidation it all looked relatively straightforward. However, during the day complications have emerged: there are three companies involved not just one. 

These are: Bordeaux UK Ltd, NS & IV Ltd and Vin Bordelais Ltd

Bordeaux UK Ltd (2002 version) – Companies House record

Bordeaux UK Ltd (company number – 04540202) founded on 19th September 2002. Registered office: Crown House, 72 Hammersmith Road, Hammersmith, London W14 8TH. 32-year-old Ian Van Der Hook is the director.

This is the original company and the one that has been placed in voluntary liquidation. On the 7th October the company changed its name to NS & IV Ltd and then on 26th October changed it back to Bordeaux UK Ltd. 

Although the total deficiency is not known, it is already clear that a number of clients placed orders for en primeur Bordeaux from the 2009 and 2010 vintages. The wine trade will start to ship the 2009s from the end of this year with the majority being delivered in the first half of 2012.  

Having spoken this afternoon to the liquidator, Nedim Ailyan (Abbott Fielding), the news on the en primeurs appears to be rather more postive than initially feared. Ailyan has been in contact with Octavian Vaults as well a merchants and brokers such as Farr Vintners, Wilkinson and Bordeaux Index and from replies so far received it appears that Bordeaux UK did place en primeur orders and had made payments. One unnamed broking company told him that of £135,000 ordered payments totalling £120,000. However, Octavian Vaults have been swamped with phone calls over the last two days, while Ailyan has taken over 100 calls. It is likely to take some time before it can be fully established whether what clients ordered to matches the orders placed by Bordeaux UK Ltd.  

Regarding the estimated deficiency Ailyan believes that this may be less than £250,000 but obviously this could change once all the figures are in. "We were approached some six or eight weeks ago when initially the idea was to go for a solvent liquidation (Members' Voluntary Liquidation) but the continuing fall in the value of top wines made the company insolvent on paper."   

NS & IV Ltd

NS & IV Ltd (co number: 07496940)
Company founded on 18th January 2011 with the same registered office address as Bordeaux UK Ltd – Crown House, 72 Hammersmith Road, London W14 8TH – a Regus serviced office. On 7th October 2011 the company's name was changed from NS & IV Ltd to Bordeaux UK Ltd. The name was changed back to NS & IV Ltd on 26th October 2011. Ian Van Der Hook is also director of this company.

Vin Bordelais Ltd

Vin Bordelais Ltd (company number: 07620869)
Company founded on 4th May 2011 with a registered office at 44a The Green, Warlingham, Surrey CR6 9NA. This address is one made available to companies as a registered office made available to companies by the Registered Office Service based at Regent House, 316 Beulah Hill, London SE19 3HF. Laurence Douglas Adams is the sole director of this company. He holds 3301 directorships. Vin Bordelais Ltd has an account at Octavian Vaults. Vin Bordelais Ltd's trading address is Castle Court, 41 London Road, Reigate RH2 9RJ.

It is instructive to compare the websites of Bordeaux UK Ltd and Vin Bordelais Ltd. It is noticeable that the logo is identical as is the telephone number – 0800-0854468.  

Staff, who previously worked for Bordeaux UK Ltd, have contacted Octavian Vaults on behalf of Vin Bordelais Ltd saying that they have an interest in acquiring the stock held in the name of Bordeaux UK Ltd. Once appointed it will be one of the tasks of the liquidator to either dispose of the Bordeaux UK stock or allocate where title can be established to customers of Bordeaux UK Ltd.  

Bordeaux UK Ltd website: front page (above)

Bordeaux UK Ltd: 'about us' page

Vin Bordelais Ltd: web page – same logo and phone number as Bordeaux UK Ltd

Updated@16.30 8.11.11.



  1. it seems that there might be a connection between Moncharm and Bordeaux UK, funny how one ends and a new one begins using the same accountants

  2. Anon. Could be but accountants are unlikely to have but one client.

  3. I understand Vin Borderlais are contacting Bordeaux UK clients saying they have bought them over, then if this is the case can you confirm that they have bought the liabilities and stock of Bordeaux UK 2009or is this just a ploy to keep clients quiet before they are liquidated and take even more money.... please look into this

  4. Anon. Many thanks. As far as I'm aware Vin Bordelais Ltd has not acquired the stock, although it does have an account at Octavian. Staff who worked at Bordeaux Uk Ltd have been contacting Octavian on behalf of Vin Bordelais Ltd.

    I would urge you to contact Nedim Ailyan (insolvency practitioner), who is the proposed liquidator. Telephone: 020-8302 4344 with any information you have.

  5. could the change of name be due to shifting of stocks so that it would not be noticed by Octavian and of course the auditors

  6. Bordeaux UK Ltd: Curiouser and curiouser ....... and curiouser! – a tale of THREE Ian Vanderhooks!

    Have you read this?-
    So, Bromley boy Ian Vanderhook has 3 separate identities-
    1. Ian Paul Vanderhook – Director ID No. 908532283
    2. Ian Paul Van Der Hook – Director ID No. 912097293
    3. Ian Van Der Hook – Director ID No. 913757241
    Note also that Nedim Patrick Ailyan, sole practice insolvency practitioner at Abbott Fielding Ltd, 16 Hatherley Road, Sidcup, Kent, DA14 4BG has curiously been appointed sole Liquidator for:
    as well as for these investment scam companies -

    Yet again familiar names associated with landbanking and wine investment companies continue to crop up, i.e., MW Douglas, 316 Beulah Hill, South East London & 44a the Green, Warlingham, Croydon, Surrey and SBC Accountants, High Street, Bromley.

    1. We would like it be known that SBC Accountants Ltd had only a brief association with one of the names mentioned above, Bordeaux UK Ltd during the period June 2007 and March 2008, as their Registered Office, when we advised the company that they should make alternative arrangements due to our concerns about the way the company was operating.

  7. Anon. Thank you for these further details. The proposed strike off of Bordeaux UK Ltd was suspended on 10th November. I trust Nedim Ailyan will be demanding a full explanation from Van Der Hook/Vanderhook.

  8. Douglas Nominees Ltd
    Regent House
    316 Beulah Hill
    SE19 3HF
    Bordeaux UK, Countrywide land,and Abbott Fielding,
    the plot thickens and a pattern emerges ?

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Anon. Could you expand on or clarify this comment please?

  11. I, feel like a fool. I put a lot of money including my children's from my retirement lump sum into this. I am feeling more of a fool each day. I don't have much confidence in the liquidators as i have not heard from them since mid November. I suppose they are used to "fools" and treat them as such. Thanks Thomas Howard

  12. Thank you Jim Budd for keeping us posted. Wish i had found your website before i became a "fool"

  13. Corsham Eddie: Thanks for your comment but I need evidence to back up your claims before I post it please.

  14. Just had my mother over for Christmas. Unfortunately she is a victim of this businesses failure & is quite distressed over the situation. Whilst discussing her situation I was browsing the web & found you. She also has had minimal contact from the Liquidator & knew nothing of the other businesses you mention. She is very concerned about her substantial investment. Apparently there are no records with Octavian Vaults about some of her investments. Can she activley do anything or does she just have to await correspondance from the liquidator.

  15. Oh dear,I too got involved with Countrywide Land Holdings as well as Bordeaux UK.Countrywide have "stolen" a large part of my retirement funds which they assured me would make me extremely comforable and pay off my mortgage. I have done quite well with Bordeaux up till liquidation. Anyone out there know if anything can be recovered from Countrywide

  16. I invested in Bordeaux UK and have heard nothing from Abbott Fielding since before Christmas. I have just tried phoning Abbott Fielding to find out what is happening but their number is 'temorarily unavailable'! Do you know anything about this?

  17. No sorry I don't. Will check on Monday but could be just a BT or telephone fault.

  18. PS You can always check by phoning BT and get them to check the line.

  19. Comment edited for legal reasons:

    Bordeaux UK was hands-on run by James(editor's note: surname deleted for legal reasons), who was one of Andrew Dunne's puppets. Andy Dunne was the head behind many land, wine and carbon credit scams (and probably still is). Ian Vanderhook was just the paper director, he lacked the brain power to run a scam company or actually any company, but 'Jim' (James – editor's note: surname deleted for legal reasons) the so called "brains" behind the scam couldn't be the director because he is a banned director for previous scam companies. After Bordeaux UK liquidated, Vin Bordelais set up and were exposed very quickly as exactly the same company after a few very pathetic errors on their website (well spotted Jim). I understand that they are now trading under with another gullible nobody as the paper director. You will probably be contacted shortly by their solicitors demanding you to remove this post, but hopefully you will be able to work your magic and stop further innocent investors losing their money to scum-bags like Andrew Dunne, James (editor's note: surname deleted for legal reasons) and Ian Vanderhook. Good luck.