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Friday, 26 October 2012

Warning: don't swop your Lafite for carbon credits!

There is a new scam around: wine investors being told that the bottom has fallen out of the fine wine market, so it makes sense for you to sell you Lafite, Latour etc. for Carbon Credits. 

Actually it does not make any sense as your Lafite is always likely to be more valuable long-term, even if its value has fallen over the last 18 months or so, than a carbon credit that may well not be worth the paper it is printed on.  

I expect to be able to post more details soon.   

Friday, 12 October 2012

Nouveau World Wines and Finbow Fine Wines: trial date

The trial of the defendants in the Nouveau World Wine and Finbow Fine Wine case has been set to start on 7th May 2013. The trial is expected to last 8-10 weeks. The defendants have pleaded not guilty to all counts. 

Nobles Crus Wine Fund: are the Burgundy valuations realistic?

In the cellars of Patriarche (Beaune)

Yesterday I posted on Jim's Loire an extended and updated version of the news report, which was published on on Monday 8th October. It includes more details on some of the Burgundies that form part of the fund. Although I have only looked at a small sample of the Burgundies in the fund, it does suggest that the questions raised on the valuation of this fund extend beyond Bordeaux. 

The controversy over the valuation of the Nobles Crus wine fund certainly points to  the need for an agreed way of valuing wine funds so that investors can judge and compare their respective performances using a valuation that is both robust and independent. 

Link to post on Jim's Loire  

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Grand Thornton fraud recovery section: change of contact details

Contact details@Grant Thornton fraud recovery service have changed:

You should now contact David Martin on 020 7865-2878

Message from James Kehoe:   
I have been receiving regular calls regarding wine fraud however I will be participating in new projects going forward. In future Hannah Davie will be managing these cases along with David Martin.