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Sunday 5 December 2010

Lafite: time to sell?

A couple of interesting articles here:

Andy Xie, an ex-Morgan Stanley: 'Sell Lafite now'

Liv-ex blog: Time to sell Lafite?


  1. A touch telling that you've elected to post these bearish articles but not the countless positive ones that preceded them, me thiniks Mr B...

  2. Strange change of tone from Andy Xie:

    Also MW Sarah Abbot offered a converse opinion last week in her article here:

    Only time will tell i suppose - but if prices did drop even 10-20%, i'm sure there would be a lot of people willing to buy those cases up.

  3. Wine Investment is for Professional Investors, anyone who says otherwise is mis-leading people. Jim keep pointing out the dodgy deals, genuine companies remain unaffected by anything you write.

    Anonymous I challenge you to name one company Jim has named and shamed who successfully sued him, put a stop to him or had his website removed. Just one. Libel and defamation is very easy to litigate in the UK, irrespective of where Jim hosts the site.

  4. Excellent Anon.I was counting on you.

    FYI I don't see it as my role to assist the feeding frenzy that surrounds Lafite and certain vintages of Mouton.

    Thanks you wine merchant. is hosted in Canada to provide some protection for my ISP. I have alsways presumed that legal proceedings could be brought against me in the UK.

  5. The rules for defamation are quite simple, you as publisher could be sued. You are correct, the Canadian IP has no liability, if he was in the UK he could have some. Any solicitor or barrister would tell a client that as long as one person in the UK had viewed the alleged defamatory postings on the site he would be able to sue you. No one has sued you, which kind of means they did not believe they would win, which kind of means you must be telling the truth!! The absolute defense against defamation is the truth, simply demand the complainant to prove the statements are not true! Not seen that happen yet Jim, keep it going and don't get bullied.

  6. Don't worry I have every intention of continuing.

  7. I am from China and I know a little bit about xie, he is always talking about bearish as he has been talking about bearish on housing market in China for years......(PS: the housing martket in China raised about 2 or 3 times in the meantime).

    about the fake lafite, I do not know too much this but I know for some traditional Chinese high alcho. rice wines, the production is 100 times more than lafite, those mass-production rice wines are still 90% fake......however, the point is...both fake and real rice wines are not enough for thier stomach, each of the drinkers usually finishes 2 or 3 bottles in a dinner.

  8. one more thing worthy to be mentioned, the most rare rice wine in China called "maotai", its production is 10000 tones per year, I think the production of lafite including the faked ones should be much much less. For the "maotai",the latest vintage(2010) is priced around 130-160GBP, for 15-30 years old, usually 500-2000GBP.