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Monday 6 December 2010

Fraud trial@St Albans: closing speeches

Following the disruption last week to transport caused first by the tube strike and then the snow I wasn't able to get up to St Albans to catch up with the case until this morning.

All the evidence has now been given and closing speeches have started. I heard part of Anne Evans, concluding remarks for the prosecution this morning. She was due to continue this afternoon with the first of the defence speeches starting later today. With the court tomorrow only sitting in the morning, closing speeches won't be finished until sometime on Thursday and then His Honour Judge John Plumstead will be summing up and issuing his directions to the jury, which is now down to 11 members. It looks like the jury will retire to consider its verdict from Friday or Monday. Then it will depend upon how long they need to make their decisions, which may be sometime as there are six defendants. Also there are a number of charges for them to consider, so it may be Tuesday or Wednesday of next week at least before the jury decides on its verdicts.  

(I hope to add some detail from Anne Evans' concluding speech as well as from Paul Craven's evidence earlier in the trial.)


  1. any news on the verdict?

  2. Anon. I'm afraid I'm away but hoping to be told when a verdict has been reached, which I think it more probable early next week.