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Sunday 19 December 2010

1855 – wines still outstanding

As of this afternoon I have details of over 76 cases (915 bottles) of Bordeaux en primeur that have yet to be received by clients of 1855. There are 37 bottles missing from 2003, 18 from 2004, 581 from 2005, 187 from 2006 and 96 from 2007.

Email correspondence with 1855 reveals a succession of promises that the wine will arrive next month but for some next month never comes.

I'm still concerned to collate as comprehensive list as I can of wines that have not been delivered by 1855, so if you are still awaiting wine ordered from this company please email me with the details at Please be assured that your name will not be published. 


  1. do you mean this one, Jim??

    I was shocked about what you said as I thought this company should be highly trusted. I actually tried to buy some 2009 en primeur from this company but I did not buy anything after the prices released.

    good job, Jim !

  2. In my opinion no one should buy from 1855 ( especially not en primeur as there are far too many instances where the wine ordered has not been delievered.

  3. I am still awaiting a case (12 bottles) of Lafite 07 and have been playing tag for c. 5 months. I (think I)have some traction after getting Christian Brocheton from DIRECCTE (part of the French goverment that looks into Wine Trade issues) but no delivery as yet.

  4. Hi Simon could you send me details of this order please? Order number and when ordered please.Email

    Many thanks Jim

  5. Do NOT buy from "Next month you'll have your wines"... I've heard it now many times, in writing. Zero credibility, zero integrity, and probably zero cash.


  6. Paul. Have you sent me details of the wines 1855 have yet to deliver to you? If not please do and I'll add these to the growing tally of wines.

    Thanks Jim