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Monday, 6 December 2010

London City Bond: collapsed roof@Purfleet

As has been reported elsewhere the roof at LCB warehouse at Purfleet collapsed on Thursday evening. It is believed that snow was a contributory factor. Fortunately the collapse happened at 4.45pm  30 minutes after the facility had closed and staff had gobne home, so no one was injured. It is highly probable that the bad weather saved lives here as around Christmas time staff frequently work overtime but the decision was taken to close the warehouse on time (4.15) that day due to the bad weather and poor road conditions, otherwise it is likely that staff would have been working overtime there when the roof collapsed. 

Only merchants store at Purfleet, so private reserves are not affected. However, of the 100,000 cases stored there it is estimated that certainly 70% of the stock has been lost and possibly as much as 80-90%. This is through bottles smashed and then subsequent weather damage. Companies using Purfleet tend to be the small to medium players and, of course, a sudden loss especially at Christmas time can have very serious implications for businesses.

Companies known to store at Purfleet include High Spirits, Patriache, HG Wines (the wine company of the St Johns group) and Peter Watts.   

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