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Wednesday 1 December 2010 – awaiting en primeur deliveries?

I have been contacted by several people about outstanding en primeur orders from If anyone is waiting for an order for Bordeaux en primeur wines (vintages: 2003, 05, 06 and 07) ordered through, I would be very grateful if you could send me the details of any outstanding orders including when it was ordered and the price paid.

Please email me through


  1. In France we call this website the Wine Madoff. I know several persons who want to punch his CEO Emeric Sauty.
    Read this forum with only 73 pages of complains :,261752,515329#msg-515329

    1855 just announced the acquisition of , a leader in wine private sales.


  2. it is my understanding that 1855 were a derivative i.e. ex salesman from Bordeaux UK

  3. are you sure you do not mean

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  5. Anon. Many thanks but I don't mean Eighteen55 Clarets. I'm referring to a French company that sells wine over the internet. I wouldn't buy wine from either company.

  6. I bought one mixed case of 2003 EP wines from them. Spent four years chasing after them but nothing received to date. The email reply always says that "the wines will be available next month" and then nothing happens.

  7. Anon. If I don't already have the details of what you ordered and when, I would certainly be interested to have them as I'm collating a list of outstanding wines and am happy to raise your case with Fabien Hyon, the COO of Hyon has contacted me hoping that these outstanding wines can be sorted out.

    I'm not making any promises of success but will be happy to bring your case of 2003s to his attention.

  8. I had an email from M. Hyon in December promising me he would get in touch personally in the first few days of January. Still no response