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Wednesday 13 January 2010

United Wealth Pte Ltd

Message received today:

'How about this firm seems promising, as it would! Do you have any background on this investment company or should I just ignore:

United Wealth
Admin Department
27 Old Gloucester Street,
London WC1N 3AX

020 7193 0081

Seems too glossy but still not sure if they are legitimate all started form a cold call!'

My response
I agree a cold call is not a good start.

From a look at United Wealth's website the company is called United Wealth Pte Ltd and is based in Singapore. It is either closely related or part of Assetton Pte Ltd, whose site is: Assetton is another company registered in Singapore offering a similar range of investments in wine, land and art. As far as I can see neither site tells you who runs these companies nor what experience they have in the investment areas they are suggesting.

Nor can I find any prices against the wines they have listed in their 'Current offer'.

United Wealth's website is registered in the name of Maria Avendano, Querandies 230, Libertad 1716, Argentina.

27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX the address of United Wealth's admin department appears to be an accommodation address.

Asseton's website is registered with Domains by proxy Inc based in Arizona. Their Singapore address – 77A Boat Quay, Singapore – may also be an accommodation address.

My advice

I would ignore United Wealth's offers until you have more information about the company which would help you to decide whether the company is legitimate or not and whether it would be wise to invest through them.

I have emailed United Wealth Ltd inviting them to respond and asking for details of directors and their experience.


  1. To whom it may concern,

    Assetton Pte Ltd is a legitimate Singapore based company and we focus on real (tangible) assets for wealth and passion, such as Bordeaux most sought-after wines. Our main market is Asia.

    We are not in any way connected to United Wealth Ltd. We are appalled how someone could completely hijack our website and just change the logo and contact details. We just found out about it and we are looking at how we can stop this unscrupulous people. Our contact email is , if anyone have any information on this unscruplous people , please let us know.

    Thank you,Amos

  2. Amos. Thank you for letting me know about this apparent problem and please keep me informed on progress in resolving this.

  3. I had a cold from a man called John Wright working for United Wealth trying to sell me land in Brazil. The land is used for Forestry and is managed by a company called Thomson Forestry in Brazil. In return you get a fixed payment of 6.5% for the land annually and 70% variable payment of profits generated in your farmland. I have been trying to find out more about this company but with no joy. Can you please help me to investigate into this company.
    Having read the comments above there is still no evidence to suggest this company is legitimate.

  4. If I was you I would say no to John Wright's proposal.

  5. I too have had many calls from a Ken Francis (posh Scottish accent) from United Wealth also relating to the above.

    Because I showed a degree of interest he has pesisted and have spoken to him about 6 or 7 times. He is trying to sell me 1 hectare of brazilian rainforest land for £4,120, the deal is as posted by anon on 14 august.

    Each time he calls I try to get a little more information from him. I think they may be using Thomson Forestry (probably legit) as a front. the united wealth website is clearly a fake based on Assetton Pte Ltd content.

    I have notifed the FSA consumer help line about this scam.

    Is there anything else we can find out/do about this company other than NOT invest in them?

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  7. I have perhaps stupidly invested heavily in united wealth and cannot get in touch with them.Please avoid!!!

  8. To the above poster.

    United Wealth, are under going a corporate re-brand and all of our clients have been contacted and given the information on the changes we are making to the business. We have recently changed our telecoms provider and are having our website redesigned as it was plagiarised by another company which has been discussed here before. If you are a client of United Wealth you would have been informed of this information however some of the comments above do not make sense to me such as....

    If as you state you have invested heavily in United Wealth, which is impossible as we do not accept funds directly, then please state who you are. If you have a credible complaint then why post under "Anonymous". If you leave you name then we will be in contact as soon as possible or if as I suspect you are a disgruntled ex employee or a rival company then I will expect no response.

    Simon Ash

  9. Afternoon all
    I have been following this closely as i received a number of calls from a Tom Macintosh with a strong Scottish accent from Britannia Wealth also selling land in Brazil. After a great deal of investigation it was revealed to me that they use this address in London
    The Gherkin
    30 St Mary Axe
    The City Of London
    EC3A 8BF
    Which is just actually a mail box.
    Another interesting twist is that the company is actually based in Spain, the company is not registered in either Uk,Spain or Luxembourg so i think that says it all about companies like this, i have posted this here as United Wealth is now Britannia Wealth, if you contact the company they are using the name of Thomson Forestry they will inform you this as they did with myself.