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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Marshall Wineries: a forgotten investment

This afternoon I received the following email headed Marshall Wineries:

I have just remembered that I invested in some wine with this firm years ago and had forgotten about it until I found some papers at the very back of my desk.

I paid by Barclaycard at the time for whisky, and I think some port, and for storage.

Do you know, please, if there is any possibility of my being able to claim anything from anyone - or has it just gone into the 'sinking fund'?

Any help would be appreciated, please - I was recommended to you by the SFO.

Hopefully, and with best wishes,

My response:

I suggest your only option is your credit card company. Stephen Jupe was found guilty of fraud on 23rd April 2004. You need to check the rules of how long you have to make a claim, which will depend upon I think when you knew it was a fraud.

You could also contact Paul Smith of the Malt Whisky Buyers' helpline.

Kind regards


Fantastic response - very many thanks, I will try.

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