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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Are you serious about wine investment?

If you are, then I'd start with a pro subscription to Wine-Searcher that costs $29.95 a year. This amazing wine search engine gives you prices of wines available around the world. The Pro Version gives you more complete price listings and lets you compare price movements over the past three years.

If someone offers you a case of fine wine, this is the ideal way to check whether the price is reasonable. There are a lot of sorry investors who wished they had first checked the price of the expensive wine some smooth talking, snake oil salesman pestered them into buying.

(NB I have no commercial interest in wine-searcher, although I do receive a complimentary pro subscription.)

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  1. Hi,

    I've been building a portfolio in the last few years complete with SEA stocks, CIS in oil drilling and now that my annual royalties have kicked in. i am looking to find something a lil bit less rocky.

    Recently, its come to my atention that wine investment as not lost investors money and also been the overall best investment in the last 10 years. is thsi correct?

    can anyone recommend a contact or as had good experience with investing in wine?

    thanks before.