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Wednesday 1 February 2012

I wouldn't buy from Alexander Barclay Wines Ltd

Lafite: cases of 2004 and 2005 ordered from Beaumont but have not been delivered

Beaumont Vintners Ltd disappears – Alexander Barclay Wines Ltd rises
A client of Beaumont Vintners thought he was making a smart investment buying a series of Lafite from 2004 through to 2007. Unfortunately the cases of the 2004 and 2005 never arrived at Lancashire EWGA bonded warehouse used by Beaumont Vintners Ltd.

It is now impossible to contact Beaumont Vintners Ltd, a wine investment company set up in June 2010 with a registered office in Fulham. EWGA Ltd has received a number of calls from concerned Beaumont clients, who have not received their wines.

30 year-old Samuel Philips is the sole director of Beaumont Vintners with an address in London SE18. Philips is also the sole director of another wine investment company – Alexander Barclay Ltd. Alexander Barclay Ltd was formed in August 2011 and its registered office is in London’s Knightsbridge.

Its website – – bears a startling resemblance to that of Beaumont Vintners. The introduction is identical:  ‘Alexander Barclay is formed by a group of experienced and successful businessmen and traders, Alexander Barclay’s are providing an opportunity for our clients to gain a foothold in the thriving and prosperous finer wine market.’

So similar are the two sites that Beaumont Vintners Ltd appears on the Alexander Barclay site: ‘Beaumont Vintners uses relative pricing, industry supplied information,…’ 

Alexander Barclay claim to store wine at EWGA Ltd. However, EWGA Ltd told Jim’s Loire that they have no account for Alexander Barclay Ltd, will not be opening one and have made a complaint to The Trading Standards Authority.         


  1. I have the same problem, Samuel Philips will just not respond from numerous letters and emails .I am still waiting for 2 cases purchased over 4 months ago.

  2. What wine was you waiting for and when was it purchased? Used to contact FSA in London on 020 7066 1000 and report it, the more people that do this the greater the chance to regain your lost money!ANYONE READING THIS WITH SAME PROBLEM PLEASE DO THE SAME! NAME AND SHAME!!

  3. I have been trying to contact Charles Given senior broker at Beaumont Vintners since yesterday. All my phone calls are going unanswered. Is this a scam and they have cleared off with the money. I would appreciate anyones help please in tracking them down.

  4. I have reported Beaumont Vintners to Action Fraud as they relay information you supply them with to the Police fraud office. I would urge anyone who has been scammed to do this. Also if anyone is interested in forming an action group please let me know on this site. It is the only way to fight them

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