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Friday, 17 February 2012

Beaumont Vintners Ltd: Police advice – contact action fraud

Police advice is that anyone who has made an investment with Beaumont Vintners Ltd should make a referral to Action Fraud, who have been notified by the Police to expect more reports to follow. As they are reported the national fraud desk will start to assess the reports and make a decision about who it should be referred to for investigation if that is the decision they reach. If there is to be an investigation, Action Fraud will be able to assess which police force/agency will be best placed to investigate. So it is very important to file a report on Beaumont Vintners Ltd with Action Fraud rather than a police force.     


  1. I did complete an Action Fraud report on November 29th and my complaint to the Trading Standards was referred to the Metropolitan Police's Crime Unit on December 1st but as yet I have not heard anything from either yet except the original acknowledgement! The fraud was already rather obvious 3 months ago so is there the need for further reports for an investigation to be launched? I do hope it is well on its way and the fraudsters will be stopped before they catch any more people!

  2. Thanks Eric. You are right the more complaints the more chance of action. Equally those who complain need to some some evidence that complaints are dealt with, otherwise the system loses credibility.

  3. Has anyone had a letter from Abbott Fielding regarding Beaumont Vintners ltd going into voluntary liquidation

  4. I saw Beaumont a mile off as the scam it was.First,the name;second the sales techniques;third the glossy brochure,with its myriad grammatical flaws and poor english.For example,under FAQ we find the phrase :thereby protecting the providence(!)of the wine.Also the repeated and slavish references to Robert Parker.All in all it just screamed FRAUD.

  5. Anon. Sadly a number of people were not as wise as you. It looks like they will have lost all their money.