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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Beaumont Vintners Ltd: a class action?

I'm very happy to post this message from a client (HT) of Beaumont Vintners Ltd and have agreed to pass details of those interested in exploring this possibility. I can also pass on, if wished, clients' details to a lawyer who works with Grant Thornton. 

'Unfortunately I was one of those taken in by Beaumont Vintners and in particular Anthony Jones and as a result, stand to lose a considerable amount of money.

Having spoken with a close family friend who is a Partner in a City law firm, we are looking at the feasibility of taking legal action. Legal opinion, so far, is that the more people I can bring together, the much better prospect of success.

Jim Budd has told me that he has been contacted by a number of individuals who have also been affected by Beaumont’s disappearance and if they would like to make contact with me, via Jim, we can look to pool resources.

The earlier you can make contact with me, the earlier we can get the wheels in motion.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.'


  1. Can I urge Jim Budd and any individuals who have been affected by Beaumont Vintners or any other successor companies, whether they are trading or not, to report the complaint to the Insolvency Service. I am reliably informed that these and other companies are on their radar but complaints of losses suffered by investors will assist in getting the case investigated.

    Please visit this website in order to file a complaint.

  2. i am speaking on behalf of my father, and he has also been victim to this scam, he would very much like to get this matter resolved and maybe get together to discuss and make action with jim budd. please get in contact via email

    Thank you
    miss pain

  3. Thanks Anon. have forwarded you the details of those organising action to try to recover monies/wine from Beaumont.