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Saturday, 5 March 2011

VinVende Courtier – 'false' bonded warehouse partnership claims

VinVende Courtier, which appears to be based in Hong Kong, claims to have a partnership with London City Bond, one of the UK's leading bonded warehouses. I was told yesterday by LCB that the claims of a special 'partnership' below are 'false' and 'untrue'. The company does, however,  have an account there.

'Vin Vende Courtier has partnered with London City Bond (“LCB”) as part of  our ongoing goal to maximise the security of clients’ wine investments.
Our aim is to give our clients the maximum comfort ininvesting in wine, for example when you buy a case of wine from Vin Vende Courtier yourproof of purchase will include confirmation of London City Bond holding with unique rotation number, certification of ownership and photoconfirmation of your physical wine with  reference numbers that correspondwith all the above  paper work, this is revolutionary within the marketplace and we believe this  is now the only way wines should be traded.'

I don't know how active VinVende Courtier is as both links for their contact details on the website are broken.

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  1. I would be interested to hear whether there are any updates on this case?