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Sunday, 6 March 2011

CB Vintners/ CBV Publishing: 'Don't risk it' says Tony Hetherington

Tony Hetherington (MailOnline) looks at CBV Publishing/ CB Vintners:

'B.S. writes: I am sending you the mailshot I have received from CBV Publishing. I would really like to have the 15 per cent return that it offers, but in these days of low interest, how on earth can this company pay it? Am I missing out on a great deal? 

His conclusion?

'So, are you missing out on a great deal? Yes  -  a great deal of worry over the next year as you realise that you have handed over your money to a company whose name is nothing like the one it uses, and which is not even in the same country as the only two addresses it gives out. Don't risk it.'
The bin is the best place for Stephen Miles' mailshots. 


  1. Is mR Miles even his real name???? no way to know!

  2. Anon. Another reason for steering clear.