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Monday 1 November 2010

Tony Hetherington on Fine Wine Vintnors (sic)

Tony Hetherington exposed Fine Wine Vintnors in his column in the Mail on Sunday yesterday. See here.

Tony kindly mentioned and I have received a number of enquiries from concerned investors. I will reply to all of these queries but it will take a little time. Please be patient.

In the meantime buy only from established companies and certainly never from a company that uses pushy cold calls.


  1. I would not call 15% mark up extortionate are they supposed to sell the wine for the price they buy it for.

    They did however behave in an in correct fashion and behaved very dodgy when it comes to returning money
    Not exactly what I call a lot to jump around about, what have they actually done wrong?????

    There are far worse out their

  2. Making false claims, apparently running a wine fund (a collective investment) without FSA authorisation, and we don't know if they bought all the wine they sold as some of the wine was en primeur.

  3. Jim we have all read your expose's for almost 14 years, I have to say you are yet to be wrong. No one has sued you, no one has ever come out of an investigation and not been proven to be "dodgy." So you may be eccentric at times or a little over zealous, but I believe you have done an amazing job to protect the general public from drinks fraud. Please please keep up the good work!!

  4. Anon. Thank you. Eccentric! Moi? I think it is crucial to always question what you are doing. I try to keep doing that.