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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Seale Wines: message from the Met

I understand that the Metropolitan Police are investigating Seale Wines Ltd. They would welcome details from any clients of Seale Wines Ltd. In the first instance the investigating team would like to know from clients the date of any transactions and how much money they paid.  

I'm happy for any clients of Seale Wines Ltd to contact me and I will forward your emails to the Met. You can be assured that I will not publish them. My email is budmac@btinternet .com


  1. First I would like to appriciate you for the valuable information sharing with us. Thanks for making informative blog.

  2. Yes thanks for this. We invested £5000 and seems like this has disappeared (cold-called) and I guess we fell for it like mugs. The BBC recently contacted us because it sounds like they have obtained details of clients, and are planning to get this group together. Not sure whether this will do anything to help recover the money lost.

    The reason we were cold-called I presume was because we already held an account with another company and still do. We have invested a lot more with this other company, but I am now worried because I see it is listed in your 'i wouldn't buy' from them column.

    The reason we feel a bit more secure with the company is that they give us not only the certificates of ownership, but also the rotation numbers of the wine as proof of where it is stored in Octavian storage facilities.

    We are still now worried and edgy about all this - does anyone know whether we still could end up losing this investment even if we have rotation numbers with Octavian (but the account with Octavian is via the broker company, rather than an individual direct account)?

    Any advice would be welcome....