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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Fraud trial@St Albans: the jury have a week off

The jury has this week off because Oseghale Hayble, one of the defendants, has gone to the Whittington Hospital in north London as his sickle cell anaemia has apparently returned. The trial is due to resume on Monday 29th November.

I understand that Craven and Cashman have completed their eveidence and that Hayble's barrister has indicated that his client will not be giving evidence. Moruthoane and Linskill have yet to give their evidence. Once they have done so, it will be time for the closing speeches from the prosecution and the five defendants' barristers before Judge Plumstead sums up and issues directions to the jury. My guess is that the trial is now unlikely to finish before the week beginning 6th December.   

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