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Friday 12 March 2010

Global Fine Wine Ltd - yet another meteoric rise!

From their website (

'As one of the UK’s leading fine wine traders we are ideally positioned to assist clients to identify and acquire wines with the greatest potential to appreciate. We combine financial discipline, market insight and wine knowledge to optimise returns.'

If this looks familiar you'd be right as it is identical to this – Fine Wine Vintners Ltd.

This text, however, has an older provenance than this as it has been lifted from the site of Bordeaux Index Ltd. Bordeaux Index Ltd was established in November 1996 and is well established as one of the UK's leading fine wine merchants and one of Europe's largest fine wine traders. 

I understand from Geriant Carter, who is in chrage of wine investments at Bordeaux Index, that both Global Fine Wine Ltd nor Fine Wine Vintners Ltd have used text from Bordeaux Index's website without the company's permission and knowledge. Bordeaux Index Ltd are currently taking steps to get the copied text removed from the two websites. Naturally the text is Bordeaux Index's intellectual property. 

Statement from Geriant Carter:
Our position:
We have not given Fine Wine Vintners or any other company permission to reproduce the material of Bordeaux Index. We have instructed FWV to remove all plagiarised text from their website and brochure, and that if they fail to act accordingly we will take legal measures to force them to do so.  

Similar action is being taken in relation to Global Fine Wine Ltd.

The company's brief history
Global Fine Wine Ltd was incorporated on 4th August 2009 as DC Trading Co (London) Ltd with its registered office at 117 Dartford Road, Dartford, Kent. The company name changed to Global Fine Wine Ltd on 6th January 2010 with the registered office address changing to 60 Cannon Street, London EC4N 6NP on 8th December 2009. Ross Tony Peters is the sole director. 60 Cannon Street is a serviced office address. Although the company is registered as Global Fine Wine Ltd, the website is called Global Fine Wines. 

My advice
As Global Fine Wine Ltd has no track record and appear to have used Bordeaux Index's intellectual property without permission I certainly would not buy wine from this company.


  1. Please could you let us all know of any other UK businesses that you would like to bring down as a result of your findings?

    It is a shame that people like you prey on companies that may need to find their way by looking at other businesses in the same field, even if it does mean learning from other businesses - oh by the way, just in case you do not realise - this is how business works!!

    Your comments are ideal for UK businesses (sarcasm rules), perhaps you should study every kind of UK business and compare them all, after all, you must be the expert?

  2. Anon. You appear to think that plagiarism is an acceptable business practice. I don't.