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Tuesday 16 March 2010

Help offered from Grant Thornton's Fraud Insolvency Division

I have been contacted by Paul Pretlove of Grant Thornton's Fraud Insolvency Division. He suggests that it may be possible for this division of Grant Thornton to assist victims in recovering funds that have been lost to fraud.

I'm very happy to post the following details about their service. Obviously anyone interested needs to discuss their situation with Grant Thornton and decide whether this service suits their needs.    

"The Fraud Insolvency Division (FInD) at Grant Thornton UK LLP ( might be able to help you recover your position. Their fees are often conditional upon recovering the money and therefore you may not need to spend further money pursuing it.

FInD concentrate on recovering funds for the victims of fraud, unlike a criminal investigation that aims to secure a conviction. The two are not mutually exclusive and evidence gathered in the course of the civil action is often used in a subsequent criminal prosecution.

FInD is a national team with an international reach with a presence in all offshore financial centres. They have recovered the proceeds of fraud from many jurisdictions and are currently successfully recovering monies for victims of various investment scams, including off plan property developments, mortgage fraud and staged car accident scams, in the UK, Spain, Caribbean, Egypt, Canary Islands, the Middle East and other overseas jurisdictions.

They have a proven track record and sector expertise and are currently running over 600 fraud recovery related cases. They regularly work with various police fraud squads, the Serious Fraud Office and the Crown Prosecution Service.

Please do contact them at with any further enquiries."

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