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Friday, 12 March 2010

Fine Wine Vintners Ltd – an update

Regarding my previous post on Global Fine Wine Ltd and the unauthorised use of material from the site of Bordeaux Index Ltd by GFW and Fine Wine Vintners Ltd, I am glad to see that FWV's site is down for maintenance:

'This site is currently down for maintenance.
Please contact us should you need any further information:
Fine Wine Vintners,
1 Berkeley Street,'

I assume this action is a result of the strong complaint from Bordeaux Index Ltd and trust that, if and when, the site is back up it will accurately portray Fine Wine Vintners Ltd as a recently formed company.

In contrast the site of Global Fine Wine Ltd regrettably is unchanged. 

22.3.2010: The Global Fine Wine Ltd site is also down for 'maintenance'.

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  1. I understand that fine wine vinters are trading 20008 en primeur wines as if they were a stock
    and sellimng 2008 Mouton Rothschild for 4200 and then contacting the client and reseeling it for 4600 telling the client they have mad 10% profit

  2. Thanks for this anon. There are a number of merchants offering 2008 Mouton the lowest price is around £3100 for a case of 12.

  3. Interesting stuff, however, if I went to a car dealer in London and one in Manchester, would you also be comparing prices on that too? Please let me know the difference in prices of a VW Golf in NE England and one in SE England - I'd love to know!! Oh, I forgot, please add your findings to any blog as well so that each company may contact you for deformation character and for you, their breach of trading standards.

    I realise that you may have some homework to do in terms of basic sales and reseller ethics before you comment and these obviously escape you, of which are used throughout the world today and indeed since time began.

    Perhaps you should build a "Fine Wine Supermarket" to alleviate your concerns rather than attack the UK sales industry of which you are clearly totally inexperienced.

    You have every right to air your views but the ultimate test is the long term value of the "Investor's" purchase, which will ultimately win through.

    This is just an anonymous post from someone who feels that the internet is too final and judgemental as a result of people who do not know what they are talking about and are too quick to comment based on their lack of knowledge and their limited experience just by "surfing the net".

  4. Anon. Thanks for your comment. There is a clear difference between selling retail and offering something as an investment. If you claim to be offering a good investment and you know you are charging considerably more than the general market price that could be one indication of a possible fraud. Price featured in all of the cases bought by the Serious Fraud Office.