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Friday 26 February 2010

Bordeaux Wine Company: Anthony Grant and Frederick Achom

Recently received enquiry from a potential investor 
I have been looking at your site and reading that Anthony Grant of Boington & Fredericks was convicted of fraud some 10 years ago  -  I am just wondering whether this is the same Anthony Grant that runs this company -

My response
To the best of my knowledge Anthony Grant (DOB: 8.3.1963) and Frederick Achom (DOB: 22.1.1974) are partners in The Bordeaux Wine Company Ltd. They were directors of wine investment company Boington & Fredericks Ltd, which was wound up in the public interest on 16th January 2002. In May 2002 the Official Receivers summary showed an estimated total deficiency of £228,747. No wine was allocated to clients after October 2001. Turnover for October 2001 was approximately £147,000. B&F may also have failed to buy wine to cover some clients’ purchases in October 2001.

Frederick Achom and Anthony Grant were convicted of conspiracy to defraud following a trial at Southwark Crown Court, London that lasted from 5th June 2000 to 7th July 2000. They were sentenced to one year in prison on September 1st 2000. Achom and Grant were two of five defendants committed for trial at Bow Street Magistrates Court on 2nd July 1999. I understand hat the pair were released in early 2001.

Achom and Grant are both disqualified from holding UK directorships from 23.7.2002 to 22.7.2013.

The Bordeaux Wine Company was founded on 17th January 2002. Its annual return is currently a little overdue – it should have been filed on 14.2.2010.
(13.4.2010: The annual return has been filed.)

I have invited Antony Grant and Frederick Achom to comment.

Please click here for Anthony Grant's response.

investdrinks has been asked for the source of this information.

Boington & Fredericks – compulsory liquidation:

Details of disqualified directors are also held by Companies House. 

Details of the court case were obtained from Southwark Crown Court, 1 English Grounds, London SE1. 


  1. Yes, it's the very same person - Anthony/Boington Grant. Also linked to a company called The Wine Index.

  2. i am a client of and i am worried about my investment?

  3. he is the director of the company .

  4. Anon. Grant can only be a shadow director as he barred from being a director of a UK company until July 2013. I believe that The Bordeaux Wine Company Ltd has become a partnership, which can be run by people who are disqualified from being company directors.

  5. Anon. If you are concerned about your investments you should speak to BWC but you can also contact London City Bond where I understand the wines are stored and ask if LCB has your wines. I would suggest you check what type of account are they in – a company umbrella account or your own personal individual account.

    If it is in a company umbrella acount the company can move wine out of your account without your permission and you need ther company's permission to move your wine. I would recommend that you set up your own individual account and get BWC to transfer your wine to this account. With your own account you have full control over your wine.

  6. Read up on Frederick Achom's latest business venture

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  7. Jim, I accept that I am Anonymous but I would like to ask a simple question about BWC - on your site I read about BWC and many other companies where you say that you would or would not invest with them.

    Assuming I have an account with LCB would you consider BWC a reliable source?

  8. I have received a number of enquiries about BWC over the years. In my experience their prices are not competitive, so I would not buy from them.

  9. the bordeaux wine co (bwc) sold me 2 cases of Carruades de Lafite 2003 in Oct 2009 at a total of £4,225 for 2 x 12 btl cases.
    They then traded me this plus another £698 (£5,348) for one case of Latour 2004 in November 2010.
    Despite their claims that this was a good deal, having investigated further since, by looking at the buying and selling price at the time, my maths shows that I have in fact lost about £3,000 by this trade.
    Maybe they meant to sell me 2 cases and forgot the second one?
    In short, they seem to sell top price and trade at bottom price and then charge another premium on top for storage etc.
    Quite a nifty operation as it is all hidden until you can spend more time figuring out the profit and loss to yourself.

  10. It's these types of practices that keep this company in operation.

  11. I received a very pushy call from someone in this company yesterday which prompted me to do a search on them. It led me here and I am so glad i did not fall for it. Can you reccomend any reliable companies for this investment?

  12. Seems like Achom has spent a lot of time and money creating and posting vanity websites on the internet, presumably hoping to nudge these investdrinks articles outside of the first page google listings. He needs to update many of these sites though - they fail to mention how his oyster bar Bennetts went spectacularly tits up.

  13. I have been called by Bordeaux Wine Company and I've decided to invest. I am very happy with the assistance that I have received from them.

    In my opinion if you are looking for negative things on the internet they will always be there to see.

    Do not forget that this is just a blog. They are just opinions. I've done my research and asked my broker questions in response to my initial concerns. He was able to answer all of my concerns and re assured me - ie the company has been in existence for 12 years in the same location in that period of time. My broker even went to the extent of offering me to contact London City Bond (LCB) in my own time to ask them about the Bordeaux Wine Company, their legitimacy & if I would own the wine (which I do).

    Almost everything will have negative publicity and you will see it wherever you look. In my opinion go with what you think and believe to be true. I am a conservative investor and again, I have had great assistance and look forward to seeing what the next five years bring.

  14. Yes they are calling around again - no idea how they got my details... the sales patter is certainly of the ilk you'd want to swerve. As always - say no to cold-calling.