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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Assets Vin Rouge Ltd/ Wine Traders International Ltd

I see there was a Mongolian Charity Rally in 2009. Once of the entrants were Gobi Taxis Co who entered a van and succeeded in driving it to Mongolia to raise money for charity. One of their sponsors was Assets Vin Rouge Ltd described on the Gobo Taxi Co site as 'a small but experienced boutique wine investment company and they have kindly decided to sponsor us with a monetary contribution towards our fuel and vehicle costs.'

Assets Vin Rouge Ltd of 1st Floor Midas House, 62 Goldsworth Road, Woking, Surrey GU21 6LQ was founded on 7th July 2006. Its website ( was registered on 26th March 2008. It is 'currently under construction'. It does, however, appear to have an uncertain future as UK Companies House shows that it faces the threat of being struck off, presumably for non-compliance as the accounts are overdue from 31st May 2009 and their latest return should have been filed on 31st August 2009. 

Another wine company, Wine Traders International Ltd, may also be in danger of being struck off for non-compliance. Although Companies House has not started the process the company's accounts are overdue since 30th July 2009 and their latest return should have been filed on 7th October 2009. 

There is a posting on Wine Traders International Ltd on the Other news section of 


  1. Looking for some advice. My Dad has investments in wine with Wine Traders International Ltd. He can't get hold of them via phone and no one returns his calls, he is worried he is going to lose his money, what can he do?

  2. Anon. If you cannot get hold of Wine Traders International I suggest you contact the bonded warehouse where the wines are supposed to be stored and check whether your father's wines are there. Check what sort of account they are in and I would suggest you consider setting your own account, which will be completely independent from Wine Traders International or any other wine merchant.

    You may need to ask Wine Traders International to transfer the wines to your new account.

  3. Thank you for your advice. We are new to wine investments.

  4. Please keep me informed of how you get on.

  5. These are companies run by Steve Boyd, (aka Steve Gordon )who hides behind other people and has done a runner to France, probably with your fathers money so sorry to say!
    We found this out via a wine company in London who now employs some of the staff from Wine Traders International.
    They worked out of Guildford offices,near the station, but had left before the company closed. A Mr Lucas Strauss was one of the directors and our sales person was Iona Scott who we are led to believe was Mr Boyds girlfriend who sold us ( scammed us ? )our fake investment.

  6. That's true, Wine Traders International was a complete con and never purchased the wines, they would just take the money and spend it on houses and cars etc. It was bound to fall at some point.