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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Persistence is not always a virtue

A message received today about a wine investment company:

'Are  these a reputable lot and what is their performance like in the industry. Their brokers are very persistent.'

Without revealing the name of the company, this was an easy enquiry to answer as the comment that 'their brokers are very persistent' really says it all. I suspect that this enquiry came from someone who had been cold called by one of the staff from this company. Instead of putting the phone down, they decided to listen to the  sales pitch. The result? A spate of phone calls.  

Unfortunately people sometimes feel intimidated into buying from a persistent caller, who stays forever on the phone. Legitimate/ reputable companies don't use this tactic – apart from anything else they know they will alienate their customers.

If you are being troubled by persistent calls, just put the phone down.

My advice
Don't buy from a company that hassles you, whose 'brokers are very persistent'.     

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