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Friday, 18 September 2015

Barry Gamble (ex-director of The London Vines Ltd) declared personally bankrupt

The Marshalsea – famous as a debtor's prison (London)

Yesterday (17th September 2015) Barry Gamble (ex-director of 'wine investment' company The London Vines Ltd failed in his attempt to get the default judgment for £741,647.45 handed down by the Birmingham High Court in late 2014. The judgment related to action brought on behalf of the liquidator of The London Vines Ltd against Gamble and the company's other director and the shareholders for trousering money from the company without justification. Enriching themselves at the expense of the unfortunate investors. 

I assume that Barry Gamble's attempt to have the default judgment overturned was in response to the liquidator move to make him personally bankrupt in order to recoup the £741,647.45 sum from judgment in default. Clearly Gamble failed to convince the Birmingham Court and the bankruptcy order was passed.

Hopefully this will be good news for the creditors as now that Barry Gamble has been made bankrupt he is obliged to answer questions posed by the Insolvency Service. Hopefully the Insolvency Service will be able to ascertain what happened to the money when the Gambles sold 6 Rowan Close, Banstead on 16th September 2014 for £631,000.    

investdrinks understands that the Gambles are currently living in a large 5 bedroomed house in Highview Close, Tadworth, Surrey. 

Update: 12th December 2015
Although the above information was from a very reliable source, it became apparent that while Gamble had lost his attempt to overturn the default judgment against him, he wasn't made personally bankrupt on 17th September 2015. Therefore I removed this post.

Barry Michael Gamble was made personally bankrupt on Tuesday 8th December 2015 at a brief hearing at Croydon Court. Please see:   


  1. So Barry Gamble made bankrupt! It couldn't have happened to a nicer chap. But what about Amanda, his wife, wasent there a claim about her also?

  2. Anon. Correct but I don't know what happened to the claim against Amanda Gamble. Will post when I find out.

  3. Jim if Gamble has no money or it cant be found is this not a waste of time the bankruptcy i mean

  4. Now that he is bankrupt Gamble has an obligation to answer questions posed by the Insolvency Service. Gamble is believed to be living in Tadowrth having sold his house in Banstead.

  5. Jim,

    Do you know about the London Wine Cellar as my relative was thinking of selling wine through them?

  6. London Wine Cellar is part of Hatton and Edwards, a relatively new company run by two young guys. They seem to be doing okay.

  7. Edited comment from anon: 'Well its just great Gamble is obliged to answer all questions put to him, But and its a big But ill give odds he wont. And as for Amanda, when will she face bankruptcy, or is she now have the funds in her possession?'

    1. Hi Jim, Any news on Amanda Gamble bankruptcy yet. Is it strange or normal that the liquadators wont follow up on Amandas bankruptcy? Also any news on monies being recovered from B. Gamble?

    2. It is disappointing that the liquidators - Findlay James - appear to be singularly unhelpful.

    3. Something to hide maybe? Or just giving up the ghost as they may have hit a brick wall? I would have thought they would only be to willing to pass on information, and be as fortcoming with info as much as possible!! If its in the public intrest how the process works and needs to be seen to be done, surley?

  8. You would have thought they would be prepared to pass on information provided it wasn't prejudicial. Not the case at all. Even an offer of assistance from the Insolvency Service in respect to Gamble's failed attempt to get the default judgment overturned was ignored by Findlay James.