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Sunday 22 February 2015

Vine Capital Ltd 'our vast experience' but selling very over-priced 2012 Bordeaux as an investment!

 'Vine Capital, fine wine specialists with years of experience etc.

 'Expert Advice'!!

 'Our vast experience in the wine trade has made us over 
the years the first point of contact for many wine collectors'

'As stock picking is a crucial aspect of building your portfolio,
it is vitally important to identify which wines to buy'

'our in depth knowledge of the market place'

Vine Capital Ltd and 31-year-old Ben Lancaster, their sole director and sole shareholder (100 £1 shares) claim vast experience. So why were they punting out a case (12 bottles) of 2012 Cheval Blanc at £7000 in mid-November as an 'investment' when Justerini & Brooks had this at £3,250?

Clearly Ben Lancaster and Vine Capital Ltd are vastly experienced at thinning investors' wallets!   

Vine Capital Ltd was formed on 2nd August 2010 and changed its name from Vine Investments Ltd to Vine Capital Ltd on 17.11.2010. Ben Lancaster (DOB: 18.7.1983) became the sole director on 1.9.2012. Since 14th March 2011 the company's registered address is 111 Buckingham Palace Road, London BW1 0SR. However, in October 2011 The Vine Capital Ltd placed an ad with Junior Broker for sales personnel to work in Bromley – London's capital of scams. 

Job location: Bromley

'At Vine Capital, we proudly take an active approach 
to research and analysis, offering a continually 
updated insight into the market and market forces... 
The future of the fine wine market is exciting and 
many industry experts are predicting an 
increase of 10% by December 2013 
and expect to see the market growing by 22% by Christmas 2014.' 

Reality check: on 30th June 2011 the Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 stood at 365. By 31st December 2014 the indice had fallen to 239 – a fall of 35%. So much for Ben Lancaster and Vine Capital Ltd's approach to 'research & analysis'! 

I shall be avoiding Ben Lancaster's Vine Capital Ltd – thanks but no thanks!  


Update: 30th May 2016Ben Lancaster resigned as a director on 24.9.2015. He was replaced by Timothy Paul Ashley on 23.9.2015 – DOB 8.1982. Accounts to 31.8.2014 show total assets less current liabilities at £8234 compared to £26,875 in 2013.

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