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Monday 16 February 2015

Noble Rock Partners or Claremont Partnership? I'd avoid both!

Home page of Noble Rock (Noble Rock Partners) 
or is it Claremont Partners Ltd?

The following message from TJ was passed onto investdrinks by a wine company:

TJ: 'I have just been approached by an investment company called Noble Rock; a cold call.

I spoke to a Peter James who quizzed me about who had contacted me regarding my wine portfolio and what I had been offered. His reply was "Oh no your portfolio is worth a lot more". Having given some details of my portfolio he telephoned back later and said their company could guarantee a sale around £58,000. Then, he said it would require a deposit of around £5,800 (a management fee) payable to an escrow account. The escrow account, he said, was to act as a safeguard between myself and the company.

I receive the paperwork today. The company has assets of over £2 million.

This all sounds rather risky to me! What do you think? Have you heard of them?'

Although the website is called Noble Rock – the company is actually Noble Rock Partners Ltd. There was a Noble Rock Ltd – apparently unconnected – which was dissolved in 2013.  

Although Noble Rock Partners Ltd was incorporated on 3rd December 2012, it wasn't active until December 2014 as it changed its name from 1st Network Ltd on 10.12.14 – the day after Philip Elman, the sole director was appointed. The previous director Darren Symes resigned the same day. Share capital is £1, which is held by Paramount Properties (UK) Ltd. The company's website was registered on 22nd December 2014.  

 £1 share capital apparently worth: £2,781,743

Parent company: Paramount Properties (UK) Ltd

Healthy balance sheet!!

Northern Rock Partners Ltd offers investment opportunities in oil, gold, capital exchange and wine, except that it is clearly used text from an earlier company called Claremont Partnerships Ltd, whose initial director was Darren Symes and its parent company is also Paramount Properties (UK) Ltd. 

You have to be so careful when you cut and paste! 

 Noble Rock website but 'The investment objectives 
of the Claremont Partnerships is ....

Noble Rock website but 'The Claremont Partnerships..... 

Noble Rock carries logo of World Finance 
Investment Management Awards 2013


CIPA International Investment Awards 
Noble Rock website carries logo of World Finance Investment Management Awards 2013 and the CIPA International Investment Awards. Noble Rock Partners Ltd has not won an award in either of these competitions.  

On 7th November 2014 warned here about The Claremont Partnerships Ltd.  There doesn't appear to be a current website for The Claremont Partnerships Ltd. Instead it would appear that they are now operating as The Noble Rock Partnership. 

Offered £58,951.78 by the Noble Rock Partnership Ltd a look on wine-searcher shows that TJ's portfolio could be bought for around £19,000. Of course if TJ was to sell his portfolio, he could expect to get around £17,000 – assuming a 10% commission charge. Remarkable that Noble Rock is able to offer £58,951.78 – presumably why they charge a refundable 'management fee' of £5895.78.  

Noble Rock Partners Ltd: 'Cancellation Policy 
By placing an order you accept that our mutual dealings are speculative and subject to the financial markets and therefore fall outside the distance selling regulations. Requests to cancel must be submitted by email or post.' 

This is incorrect. Fine wine is not a regulated financial market and is therefore subject to the 2013 Consumer Contracts legislation.

Paramount Properties (UK) Ltd 
Paramount Properties (UK) Ltd is the parent of Noble Rock Partnership Ltd and Claremont Partnerships Ltd. Founded in June 1981 Paramount Properties (UK) Ltd has been dormant since at least 1995. Its sole director is Neil Stuart Cohen born in 1961 and was appointed in March 1991.

Neil Stuart Cohen is currently the sole director 
and has been a director since March 1991  
Noble Rock Partners Ltd – thanks but no thanks!


  1. Where do these iffy companies get the details of people who hold wine portfolios?

  2. Anon. A very interesting question!