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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The London Vines Ltd – action group + some diamond geezers

Some investors in The London Vines Ltd, which appears to have ceased trading and has disappeared, are looking to form an action group. Any clients of The London Vines Ltd, who would be interested in joining such a group, should email me on and I will put you in touch with the organisers.

I'm pleased to report that the action group is growing steadily.


I understand that at least one client of The London Vines Ltd has been cold called by a company called Johnston & Carter Ltd (website registered: 24th January 2013), who offered to buy their wines. Perhaps they would be offered the opportunity to buy coloured diamonds as Johnston & Carter 'is based in the City of London, our speciality is dealing with diamond trades offering our clients a professional and unique service'. Furthermore 'Combining experience, foresight and strategic intelligence of movement in the market here at Johnston & Carter we pride ourselves with speciality in dealing with diamond trades,' – pretty good for a company that was set up on 26th November 2012 under the name Far East Elements Ltd. The company became Johnston & Carter Ltd on 12th February 2013.

During its less than ten month life Johnston & Carter Ltd has had three directors. Firstly 25-year-old Pablo Vega (26th November 2012 - 4th March 2013), then 20-year-old Frank Sullivan (5th March 2013 - 15th July 2013) followed by 43-year-old Bradley Wright (15th July to the present). All I'm sure diamond geezers.

Johnston & Carter's registered office is 45 King William Street, London EC4R 9AN – a serviced office complex. On Duedil this is also their trading office. On their diamond website, the contact address is Westone Business Service Ltd, Unit 36, 88-90 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8PN – a virtual office. 

Although I'm sure that coloured diamonds look stunning on a white knight, I would be very wary of cold calls from unknown companies offering to buy wines that have been bought from The London Vines Ltd. 


  1. With the countrywide cloud looming over them and now the London Vines action group
    I bet Barry Gamble and James Morrison aka Robert Phillips are starting to feel like their in Hitler's bunker in 1945. Never mind chaps with your new drinks importation business I sure they won't miss a crate or two. Drink em while you can ladies

  2. Hi Jim, what's happened to Bolton's Investments? The website no longer works and no one's answering the phone?!? Just a recorded message that has been playing all day ...

  3. Anon. A good question. As you say the website no longer works and although I have phoned during business hours, no-one answered the phone only a message that all the team were busy. I was invited to leave a message, so I have asked them to phone me to let me know if they are still trading. The website is registered through to 2019.

    1. I have heard that Bolton's investments have gone into liquidation and their 'database' has been bought by Vin-X? Have you heard anything about this?

    2. Yes. See post on Bolton's liquidation.

  4. I am a client of countrywide I thought I could move on with my life but I have just been contacted last week asking me if I would be prepared to give evidence in a new trial. Apparently involving a number of other companies and individuals not mentioned in the original trial. I wonder if the other companies involved dealt in wine. Time will tell