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Thursday 24 January 2013

Vinance plc: details of directors' conduct wanted

Herron Fisher, the administrators of collapsed wine investment company Vinance are asking creditors for information about the directors' conduct:

'Directors' conduct
There are several matters which we are investigating in relation to the directors' alleged conduct and if you are aware of any matters which would assist us in this then I should be grateful if you would advise us as soon as possible.'

Herron Fisher can be contacted on 020-8688 2100/ 01323-723643 or


  1. Not just Vinance go back to Morgan Aston Ford ltd

  2. It has come to my attention that Vin- Borderlaise has gone into liquidation and using abbot fielding as the liquidator dear Jim can you confirm this

  3. Anon. I cannot confirm this at present – no details of this on Companies House although the annual return has just come overdue – 4th February. Will follow this up next week.

  4. Hi Jim

    I have just spoken to Abbott Fielding, that have admitted the following

    a notice has gone out to creditors that the directors of Vin Borderlaise have instructed Abbott Fielding to be the liquidators

    The girl there seem rather disturbed by my call