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Monday, 10 September 2012

Stephen Cleeve: Commercial Land and legal action

I have been contacted by Jason Marshall, collections director at H&J Recovery Services on 07753-421136,, Marshall represents a client who invested £61,000 in one of Stephen Cleeve's land banking schemes through Commercial Land and saw no return. An out of court settlement has been offered but this has been judged as too low and County Court proceedings have now been launched. 

Marshall is very keen to hear from other clients of Stephen Cleeve, who have invested in his land banking schemes, with a view to taking legal action to recovery money lost. 

I shall be interested to see if following this post I get hassled by one of Stephen Cleeve's expensive legal firms claiming that I am harassing him and invading his privacy. See this 2011 post.

Stephen Cleeve is a formerly banned company director (an 8 year term) and was briefly UKIP's parliamentary candidate for the 2010 General Election until they found out about his past. 


  1. Anon. Thanks for your messages. Please send me the url for the Facebook page. Thank you.

    1. Anon. Thank you for your message. Could you please identify the photos of JF and PR?

      Thank you


  2. Anon. Yes I see that the folder of photos has disappeared and a friendship terminated, which I noticed when I looked earlier. I have not idea why this has happened.

    I have subsequently emailed the company concerned for comment and would be very grateful if you could email me copies of the screenshots. Many thanks. Jim

  3. Hi Jim,

    I think the reason why is clear. The person concerned looked at the above mention of facebook, saw the initials, realised it was them being discussed and deleted the evidence. Having been up on facebook for three years, there is no coincidence why that album has suddenly been removed. Yes, I will send you screenshots to (unless you stipulate otherwise) later today

    1. Anon. Thank you – yes probably incautious of me to use the initials! I do have some screenshots but yours would be much appreciated to my bt email. Many thanks.

  4. I had similar problems with EPLS and Commercial Land what is the current situation?