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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Robin Grove (Vintage Hallmark) fraud trial@Harrow

Robin Grove, a director of Vintage Hallmark Ltd, is currently on trial at Harrow Crown Court in North London on 5 counts: two counts of conspiracy to defraud, two counts of fraudulent trading and one of concealing material facts. The charges relate to Vintage Hallmark Ltd, Vintage Hallmark plc and to The Hallmark Partnership.

Vintage Hallmark Ltd sold alcoholic drinks (wines and spirits) as investments to American investors (mainly in the medical profession). Later they were induced to swop their 'investments' for shares in Vintage Hallmark plc, which went bust on 22nd January 2003 owing just short of £80m (US$128m – $158 million at the time). 
The case has been brought by the Serious Fraud Office. The trial started on 31st May and is expected to conclude in early July.

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