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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A recent message about Worldwidewine Investments

From: AD

Dear  Jim,
Thank you for your reply.

Worldwide Wine Investments contacted me saying that in anticipation of 2010 release they were eager to clear final 2009 lots. These were Lafite Rothschild at GBP 14000 and Mouton Rothschild at GBP 6800.

The prices seemed good and I gave credit card details for the Mouton. However, alarm bells rang when they gave some reason for wanting a check rather than Credit Card. (Apparently they have such a high turnover that only a certain percentage can be Credit Card.)

I read your comments and stopped the Card payment and told them I was not happy and would not proceed. I did not mention your site but they immediately told me that you were the only negative publicity that they had ever receive. They named you and said that you were banned from all UK websites.

Yesterday I received another cold call from a company European Fine Wine. I will not deal with them but wonder where they all get my name from.


My earlier response to AD:

Thanks for your messages and my apologies for the slow reply. For the reasons given on my investdrinks blog I would not buy from this company. I would be interested to know what business they were proposing.

The prices for the 2009 Lafite and Mouton are certainly keen. wine-searcher shows that the Lafite is available from £13950 with most merchants listing it at £14,500 and above. The cheapest price for the Mouton is £7400 a case with most merchants listing it between £7500-£8000.

Worldwidewine Investments Ltd changed its name from Clearpoint Trading Ltd on 15th October 2010.  Given their short trading history as an wine investment company, I'm a little surprised that they have access to these two wines at such keen prices. The 2009 is still at the châteaux and not due to be delivered until the end of this year or early next year.

As for me being banned from all UK websites this is meaningless nonsense.

I welcome any comments from the directors of Worldwidewine Investments Ltd.  

Regarding other companies contacting AD it may be that they agreed for their name to be passed onto 3rd parties. If this was not the case the Data Protection Act may be being contravened here. 

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