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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Making a complaint to the police

I received this message on Thursday from FG who invested some £20,000 with Finbow.

'I went home last night, I rang my local police who were extremely disinterested to say the least and told me that if a company has gone bankrupt, it’s nothing to do with the police. I also rang Clare Bracher and left a message, and I rang the Trading Standards number and spoke to a lady who said there was no record of any other complaints regarding Finbow. She took all the details from me, but basically just told me to contact my solicitor.
I intend to ring Scotland Yard later today when I can access a phone with some degree of privacy. However, all the other people writing on the blog seem to have been a lot more successful with their complaints than I have been – so where am I going wrong????'


Although it is disappointing that FG's local police were 'extemely disinterested' it is perhaps not surprising as they may well not have had any complaints about Finbow Wines Ltd before. The fraud alert advises you to contact your local police but it may well be worth contacting the police where company you are filing a complaint about has its registered office and its trading address. In many cases this is likely to be either the Metropolitan Police or the City of London Police. 

Fortunately FG did later contact the Met he was put through to a policeman who knew about the investigation and so when FG goes back to his local police station to file a complaint they will be more up to speed.

It is crucial not only for people who think they have been victims of a scam to be able to make a complaint to the police and get proper attention but for the police too so that they are aware of the scale of the problem. Unless reports are collated the police will not be sure whether there is the odd isolated incident or that there is a widespread problem. Clearly, however, from comments that have been made by David Cross about Operation Iceman the Met are aware that this is a subtstantial problem. 

Given that companies like Nouveau World Wines and Elite Wine Portfolios are likely to have had clients in various parts of the country it would surely make sense if there was central website where complaints could be filed. 

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