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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Marquee Vintners Ltd – recently formed but annual return already overdue

Marquee Vintners' website home page 

New Burgundian estate with an Italian flavour: Roma nee-Conti

From their home page: 'Marquee Vintners Limited is a privately owned vintage fine wine merchant specialising in large wine acquisitions. Working to provide fine wines globally to a closed network of buyers and sellers. To join our network you must have a proven record of buying and selling fine wines in excess of 2000 cases per annum.' 

Marquee Vintners Ltd was set up on 16th May 2014. Its sole director is Dr Wei Hu (DOB: 19.11.1963). He is also the sole shareholder – the company's share capital is all of £1. Marquee Vintners Ltd's registered office is 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JG – serviced offices and company formation. 

Unfortunately Dr Wei Hu is late in filing the first annual return for his young company – the return was due to be filed on 13th June 2015.  (See below).

Dr Wei Hu – director details 

 71-75 Shelton Street

 First annual return overdue + nature of business 
– 'to be provided on next annual return'

Given Dr Wei Hu's the failure to file the first annual return on time, the £1 share capital and the registered office address it is difficult to view Marquee Vintners Ltd as a serious wine company. 

Update: 16th February 2016
The company was dissolved via compulsory strike-off on 29th December 2015. No accounts or returns were filed so the directors were in breach of UK Company Law.  


  1. Have you heard of Vintage Vines Jim?

    They are another Bromley based company who are harassing my father and offered him Lafite 2008 at £12,000 which is well over wine searcher price? The person is Scarlett Jones, Have you heard of her?

    What should I do?

  2. Anon. Penalties for unsolicited nuisance calls have recently been increased. Details from OfCom here: Scarlett Jones is almost certainly not her realy name. The company's sole shareholder is Michelle Jane Hogben – £1 the company's entire share capital.

    I suggest you write to the sole director – Daniel Paul Robinson of 37 Bushey Way, Beckenham BR3 6TA telling him to stop harassing your father and that if your father receives any more calls from Vintage Vines Ltd you you file a complaint.

  3. Edited comment:

    Your right Jim!

    Michelle Hogben worked at Fine Wine Vintners or "Vintnors" and got arrested for fraud. Also Bordeaux UK and now as an alias at her own company

  4. Anon. Many thanks for your tip. Clear that Michelle has been a director of several wine companies.

  5. Anon. Thanks for your query about another wine investment company. As far as I know they are not in administration and as I am on a remote Scottish island without a landline or mobile signal can't check the company's phone. Will let you know if I get any news.

  6. Wine investment companies where Michelle Jane Hogben has been a director: Fine Wine Portfolio Ltd and SJ Wine Matters Ltd. Both dissolved.

  7. Jim maybe you should set up a blog page for this company as she called my Father and he was taken in by Bordeaux Fine Wines too. They keep calling him but he lost money and his wine!
    Scarlett Jones is a massive pain in the arse!

    1. All part of the Bromley – Croydon scam corridor.

  8. Anon. I need to add them to my page of companies from whom I would not buy.

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