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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Winchester Associates Ltd – a recently active charitable institution?

 'Winchester Associates was founded in 2006 and 
has an extensive amount of commodity trading between it's (sic) brokers'

Companies House: nature of business: market research 
and public opinion polling
Last accounts made up to 31.12.2013 (Dormant) 

'Who is?' details of Winchester Associates website: registered 13th March 2015 

Winchester Associates Ltd's contact details are:
St Clement's House, 27/28 Clement's Lane, EC4N 7AE 
Serviced offices and meeting rooms   

Winchester Associates Ltd have recently been active contacting a number of wine investors and offering very attractive prices for clients in Dubai and China. Its website trumpets that the company was founded in 2006 and has 'extensive experience'. This impression is highly suspect.

Although Winchester Associates was indeed set up on 21.8.2006, the company with a £2 share capital was dormant at least until end of 2013 – the last accounts filed are for a dormant company. Probably remained dormant until around late February/March 2015. Current director is 33-year-old Christopher James Brummitt (appointed 24.2.2015 and their website  wasn't registered until 13.3.2015. Serviced office address. Despite this history website gives impression that Winchester Associates Ltd has been active in the fine wine trade and commodity trading since 2006.   

AC was recently contacted by Winchester Associates Ltd who made a very generous offer for their portfolio of wines. This offer included £1434 for a case of 2005 Lynch Bages, which can be purchased elsewhere in the UK for £928, £10,894 for 1996 Lafite (case) and most generously £689 for a case of 2012 Château d'Yquem. Doubtless Winchester Associates priced the Yquem on its rarity value as the château did not release any wine under its name in 2012 as the conditions during the vintage were so atrocious for making sweet wine. Distributing such largesse makes me wonder whether Winchester Associates Ltd is a registered charity.

AC was told that Winchester Associates Ltd don't normally trade wines and instead deal in other commodities for corporate customers (oil and gas, diamonds, stones, gold etc). They claim to have a specific customer referred to as an "International Hotel Chain" with office is Dubai and Shanghai who they help source wines for from UK stockists. They stated that they had POs from them and could offer Live-X +25%.   

Winchester Associates Ltd's web pages on energy, metals and gold bear considerable similarity with the pages on
--> and --> while the fine wine section has similarities with an established wine merchant.

Here as an example is Energy:
'Winchester Associates  provides products and solutions to a broad customer base across the energy sector. Traded energy products include natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), natural gas liquids (NGLs), power, crude oil, coal and other refined products.

In addition, the division is active across all physical energy products: natural gas, power, LNG, oil, NGLs and coal. Energy Markets also provides storage and transportation services, and commodities based financing.'
I have to admire Christopher Brummitt's energy as the sole director of a £2 company on having established 'a broad customer base across the energy sector' in just five months since his appointment in February 2015. 

However, despite this I will steer clear of Winchester Associates Ltd and their amazingly generous wine offers – wine deals in Dubai and Shanghai can go sour....   


An aside 
I am indebted to anon for this research. On 2nd June 2005 The Hertfordshire and Essex Observer reported that a Chris Brummitt – 22 years old and living at the Spinney was jailed for three months for assaulting two police officers, while drunk. Read the story here. This may well be another Chris Brummitt and an entire coincidence. However, Christopher Brummitt (director of Winchester Associates Ltd) does come from Hertfordshire and as he was born on 13th June 1982, he would have been 22 when he was sentenced.  

Update: 27th August 2015  
investdrinks understands that Winchester Associates Ltd applied to EHD and London City Bond to open a trading account at these bonded warehouses. Both companies declined to do business with Winchester Associates Ltd.   




Christopher Brummitt holds 1 appointments at 1 active companies, has resigned from 0 companies and held 0 appointments at 0 dissolved companies. Christopher began their first appointment at the age of 32. Their longest current appointment spans 0 years and 5 months at WINCHESTER ASSOCIATES LIMITED.

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  1. Excellent blog, Jim. Thank you. I've ignored several calls from a London number over the last few days which, on investigation, turned out to be from this lot. I'd love to know how these people know that I've got a wine portfolio, data protection and all that, but in the meantime they're getting added to my blocked calls list...
    Kind Regards

  2. Definitely suspect, let his bromley/essex accent slip through a few times... they called me recently. Is there no way for trading standards or police to investigate these people BEFORE they fleece honest trusting people out of their hard constructively-earned cash?

  3. Thanks Anon. The problem I suspect for the police and trading standards is that there are so many scam companies offering wine and other alternative investments that it is difficult for them to keep up. However, Spyros Constantinos getting eight years prison does send out a signal that white collar fraud is not risk-free.

    1. Thanks Jim,
      I had a call from these people last year in their mode of gas/oil commodity traders offering huge interest returns on a monthly basis for investment with them which I declined. I was recently approached again when they told me their records """"" showed I was a wine investor and they offered to provide a quotation. As other replies have related to it was some 250% higher than reputable companies such as CRU would offer for the same stock. ... same modus operandi ... Dubi/China ... they collect my wine and it goes straight to purchaser and they pay me (of course !!!!) in 28 days.

  4. They owe me over £5000 for wine they have taken from Bond.

  5. According to the location of their emails IP address they are actually working from Great Dunmow in Essex not central London as they claim on their website.