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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Fraudster Spyros Constantinos guilty!

Excellent breaking news!

43-year-old Spyros Constantinos was found guilty this afternoon at London's Old Bailey of defrauding investors for around £1 million. The jury found him guilty on all ten counts – six relating to fraudulent trading including running a fraudulent business and intent to defraud and four offences of acting as a director whilst disqualified.

Sentencing will be in around 28 days time – hopefully Spyros Constantinos will receive a substantial prison sentence.

More to follow shortly.  


  1. I've been one of his victims and gave evidence at the old bailey and after seeing the smug, fat fraudster in person, its great to see he has finally got his comeuppance.Doubtful we will ever see our money again, but hopefully all the people who were conned, will take some consolation from this guilty verdict. Yes hopefully a lengthy sentence will follow

  2. I agree, and though my exposure seems small in comparison with some, at least he has been stopped. Is there lightly to be some compensation,or has he hidden all the assets? John Kerr

  3. John. Very likely that an order will be made to recover assets whether there are assets to be recovered is another matter.

  4. Hello Jim, this is great news, With respect to recovering assets, do the courts have any jurisdiction in Spain ... there might be a nice villa or some vehicles. Before he closed his account, I'm sure his Facebook profile stated he was in Spain and the picture showed him in a nice pool in the sun. Can they recover any items that are proceeds of crime/fraud regardless of who is currently in ownership? Some wine I sold in part payment for the Chateaux Rothschild Mouton 2009 should be traceable as it went from Octavian vaults to EHD according to the POS sheets Octavian emailed me ... therefore the guys at EHD should be able to help seize any assets there, but then I doubt he set up an account in his name. As the transfers are from one bonded warehouse to another do cases have to be couriered by an official licenced company or can anyone do it?