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Thursday, 23 April 2015

London City Bond (LCB) issue warning on Portcliffe Capital Ltd

 'Portcliffe Capital is an active asset manager'
active only since company changed name on 10th December
'long term performance responsibily' Grade 1 rubbish

Filings with Companies House – Daniel White appointed 9.12.2014, 
company named changed on 10.12.2014

Below is a letter recently emailed by LCB Vinotheque to their customers warning about a George Harris (doubtless not his real name) and Portcliffe Capital Ltd. Harris is claiming to work for LCB and Portcliffe Capital Ltd is just another scam company claiming to be able to sell wine for investors. Instead once the wine is transferred they make the wine disappear leaving the all too trusting investor empty-handed.
Other companies playing this popular scam include Lewis Samuels' Samuels & Parker Ltd and Leon Brown's Bordeaux Exchange Ltd. Both companies target ex-clients of bust European Fine Wines Ltd.       

'Dear Customer

I wish to update you further regarding our recent communications concerning attempted scams being experienced by some of our customers.

We have recently received reports that some customers have been contacted, by telephone, from an individual claiming to be a George Harris who works for LCB, recommending they sell their wines through a company called Portcliffe Capital.  They claim the contact at Portcliffe Capital to be Darren Reid, who can be contacted on 0203 633 3174. Please be aware that LCB are not making these calls and would never approach our customers to offer to buy wine or act as an agent in such matters.

Furthermore, another wine investment company to avoid - DSL Fine Wines Ltd, based in Bromley, Kent, and the Director is Daniel Southey.  We wish to confirm that we have not, and will not, have any dealings with them.  For more information please visit Jim Budd's blog

Again, we would encourage you to be extra vigilant, and if in doubt about any matter relating to your account, our dedicated Customer Services team, here at LCB Vinotheque, can be contacted on 0843 659 3617 or


David Hogg
Sales Director'

Portcliffe Capital Ltd has a share capital of all of £1. The sole director is Daniel White (DOB: 1975) of 1 Kingsley Road, Croydon CR0 3NP.
1 Kingsley Road Croydon England CR0 3NP

Read more at:
1 Kingsley Road Croydon England CR0 3NP

Read more at:

Below the only part of Portcliffe Capital's website that you need to read:

Portcliffe Group is a limited Company. Registered in England and Wales Company no (8327546). Trading financial products entails a considerable risk factor and is therefore not suitable for every investor. You should carefully consider your financial situation and understand the risk (seeking independent advice if necessary) prior to making any investment. Portcliffe Group is not Authorised or Regulated by the FCA.*

 *FCA: Financial Services Authority


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