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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The very persistent 'George Richards' of Prime Trading 5 Ltd

A message from AT about Prime Trading 5 – a company I would avoid at all costs not least because it breaks the 2013 Consumer Contract Law.
'I came across your blog as I was searching the web for information on the above company. I wondered whether you would want to learn of my recent experience of them. I have had persistent phone-calls from 'George Richards' trying to convince me what a profitable investment fine wines would be were I to engage with this company.

Always wary of unsolicited phone-calls from unknown sources, I asked him whether he had any information which he could send to me to confirm that he and the company were genuine. This information did arrive in the post, but as I didn't find it to be very convincing, I tried to find the company via the internet. Instead, I only found your blog with its warnings about this company.

'George Richards' is still phoning several times per day. Sometimes he calls from phone number 07795817103. At other times the call is identified as "withheld". I've stopped answering when the number is displayed. When "withheld", I have answered and when he has revealed his identity I hang up.'


  1. I've just had a call from this number from a company called Wynn Wine - so a name change but the same desire to make money by investing in fine wine. No thanks!

    1. Received a call from same number several times, extremely persistent man. Trying to take a small fee each and every time to 'lock in' a very special price for a wine. When told no, becomes quiet demanding - very uncomfortable situation. Please George Richards, if you are reading this, stop doing this to the Public, it is an extremely uncomfortable call to receive.

  2. Same observations as Anonymous 14th July. Very persistant...won't take no for an answer. Avoid at all costs unless you have some money you don't know what to do with

  3. I did fall for this companys patter and invested £1600 in a case of wine in 2014, I have emailed, rang and have attempted to get them to sell my case of wine to get some sort of return on my 'investment' to no avail. I am at loss as to what to do next, if anyone has any ideas could you let me know how to proceed? You can get me on Many thanks.

  4. Anon. I'm afraid this article from The Mirror will not be great comfort: The secret tricks of wine cold callers revealed - and how boss bottled it when confronted

  5. Anon. Nor this one from Tony Hetherington of This is Money, The Financial Mail on Sunday: TONY HETHERINGTON: I invested nearly £2,000 but have I been stung by a wine investment scheme?

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