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Thursday, 22 January 2015

European Fine Wines Ltd (EFW): warning scammers very active!!

 The former premises of European Fine Wines Ltd in Bromley
– now in liquidation

There are currently a rash of white knight scams linked with European Fine Wines Ltd, which went into liquidation on 25th June 2014, when Nedim Ailyan of Abbott Fielding Limited was appointed as liquidator. 

The scams include letters, using a European Fine Wines Ltd letterhead, sent   to clients of European Fine Wines Ltd as well as phone calls from people claiming to work for Abbott Fielding or to have been appointed by them or in the instance below from someone claiming to be the ex-financial director of European Fine Wines Ltd.  

Comment received for investdrinks yesterday (21.1.2015):
'I've just received a call from European Fine Wines ex financial director??? They are back in business and trying to sell me insurance to protect me from the company brought in as liquidators from only giving me 5p for every £1 invested. I actually own the wine and have it stored, is this true or a scam - help feeling very confused as thought I was one of the lucky ones?'

investdrinks understands that Rothstein Capital & Partners are among the companies contacting clients of European Fine Wines Ltd. I understand that Grant Thornton as well as Abbott Fielding have previously reported the activities of Rothstein Capital & Partners to the Police.  

All these are scams as Nedim Ailyan, the liquidator, explains:        

'In recent weeks, a company has been writing to the creditors on European Fine Wines letterhead alleging that they are the company and trying to obtain money from them.
In addition, a third party has been ringing creditors alleging he works for my office and that for a small payment, he can get people's wine.
Needless to say, anyone who passes any money to both these parties receives nothing. European Fine Wines Limited is in liquidation and any and all correspondence, that clients receive will be received from Abbott Fielding only.'

Don't fall for these advance fee frauds, they will only increase the losses you suffered through European Fine Wines Ltd.

If you have the slightest doubt contact:  
Abbott Fielding Limited, 142/148 Main Road, Sidcup, Kent DA14 6NZ  
Tel: 020 8302 4344

Fax: 020 8309 9178


  1. Jim

    I note you say that Grant Thornton have reported the activities of Rothstein Capital & Partners to the Police. But just what has this to do with Grant Thornton? After all, they are not the liquidators.

    There is definitely the stench of a rat with this story.

    Those from whom the scammers of European Fine Wines Ltd took money in exchange for these fake investments should ask director Jonathan Ross Barr to convey to them the details of his pivotal role and his deep involvement in the Property Partnership scam, as well as his work with Dhugal Robertson and Christopher Shipton at Complete Building Sytems Ltd. All these shared the same office building in Bromley as European Fine Wines Ltd. All of them also instructed the ex-solicitor Dale R Walker, who is shortly to go on trial for fraud and money laundering.


    2. Thanks Anon I have been meaning to post this on investdrinks for a few days. Will do so soon.

  2. K. McNaught. Many thanks. You are correct – Grant Thornton – are not the liquidators. I was referring to previous complaints to the Police filed by both Grant Thornton and Abbott Fielding in regerence to dubious activities by Rothstein Capital & Partners Ltd.

    We should note that Dale R Walker has pleaded not guilty to the charges. The cae is already famous for the challenge over legal aid that nearly derailed the whole case.

  3. The funny thing is that Mr Micheal Doohan and Stephen Sulley also worked for the property partnership in fact if you scour the bbc website you'll be able to hear Mr Doohan's handy work or evil techniques whilst in the phone to Mr Mcnaught it used to be at this link but I'm sure you can find it. Have these two scammers got a wine company Jim ?? And haven't they just been named in another high profile land scam when are people like this going to be stopped. ?!!

  4. Have Grant Thornton and Abbott Fielding reported the activities of European Fine Wines Ltd to the Police, and the activities of all the many other Bromley based fraudulent wine investment companies they are currently liquidating?

  5. Anon. Sorry I don't know. They are required to submit reports to The Insolency Service who may pass on reports etc to the Police. It is well possible that the Met is already looking at some of these companies as part of Operation Falcon. I would hope, for instance that both European Fine Wines Ltd and Bordeaux Fine Wines Ltd are looked at by the Police. Whether there will be arrests and trials will obviously remain to be seen and clearly depend upon what any investigation uncovers.

  6. Also

    Christopher Shipton