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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

ADT Brokerage: not for me thanks!

Introduction to ADT Brokerage 'a privately-owned 
and operated wine merchant' from their home page

I recently came across ADT Brokerage – sometimes called ADT Brokerage Ltd and decided to do a spot of due diligence on the company. So first a look at the website ( 

'ADT Brokerge is a privately-owned and operated wine merchant, involved in the buying and selling of fine and premium wines from traditional European wine regions as well as South America and South Africa for sale primarily to our Asian client base.

The majority of our staff are wine experts with a plethora of working experience within the Fine Wine Industry, as well as having a team of regional specialists from most of the major wine producing regions of the world. When sourcing En Premier Wines for our clients, we aim to present rare, interesting and ultimately, wines that will become investment must-haves.' 

ADT Brokerage's site has plenty of guff but little substance. I assume by En Premier they mean En Primeur, which is correctly spelt in the explanation.  

A Paul Morrison is said to be the Business Director of ADT Brokerage Ltd. But hang on the picture of a bald chap purporting to be Mr Morrison appears familiar. A search on Google Images shows that the same Mr Morrison is apparently involved in many companies such as Krapf Chiropractic Associates, AEC Factory, Injury Demands, Assurity Staffing Group, Chodosh & Chodosh, Pipsco, Matik Financial (where he is called Scott Neve, international sales manager, and many more. 

Although doubtless Paul Morrison is multi-talented, this is a stock photo for businesses as are other photos on the ADT Brokerage site. 

The ADT Brokerage site does not include Terms & Conditions. The contact address: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX is a mailing address. No contact details are given for Asia although the company claims that its sales are 'primarily to our Asian client base'. 

ADT Brokerage Ltd is not a registered UK company. Copyright on their website is dated 2012 but the website was registered very recently – on 5th October 2014 in Denmark. ADT Brokerage Ltd's website registrant is Jason Chambers, 191C Seven Sisters Road, London N4 3NG. 44-year-old Jason Chambers became the sole director of Viprix Solutions Ltd (described as a 'Software Consultancy') on 5th June 2014 – this is Chambers' only directorship.   

Registrant: Jason Chambers   

Given the lack of solid information about the ADT Brokerage including whether the company has any track record or expertise in fine wine, ADT Brokerage Ltd is not for me thanks! 




  1. Jim, after the Vinance debacle am stupefied to see that Simon Ford has set up a new wine investment firm

    Words fail.

    1. Anon. Thanks. Report from Vinance's liquidator here:

  2. The Electus wines office at 33 St James's Square is a virtual office, by the looks of things. Has anybody tried to visit them? Same old scam by the looks of things.

  3. So we have Simon Ford setting up a new wine investment firm with millions apparently still owed to his clients from his last failed company, and a so-called wine investment association (the WIA) which can boast,out of a total of four members, one company which has gone bust (Culver Street Trading) one which hasn't passed the membership audit (Amphora Portfolio Management) and one which is now overdue with its annual accounts by over a month (Provenance Fine Wines). How's the world of fine wine investment looking, Jim? Robust?

    1. Anon. Thanks. I suspect you have already answered your question.

  4. Jim,

    I work in the trade and can confirm that today alone two private clients have been contacted by 'ADT Brokerage' with the company purporting to have buyers for their specific wines in the Far East, willing to pay over and above the general valuations for the wines.
    It looks like another blatant attempt to fleece people out of their wine portfolios and strikes as a remarkably similar model to the now defunct Mayfair Worldwide Trading, which scammed private individuals out of at least a six figure sum during their 3-6 months of trading around this time last year!


  5. please can you check out Arrin Solutions!!!

  6. Thanks anon. Arrin Solutions founded 7.3.2013. Minimal information on website. One director.